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Churches Cathedrals And Chapels



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Gordon Mooneyhan

Myrtle Beach, SC

United States

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This group was started on December 7th, 2018 and currently has:

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Churches Cathedrals And Chapels

About This Group

Show us your views of magnificent Cathedrals, and beautiful Churches, Mosques, and Temples anywhere in the world. Or even a local neighborhood church, or a chapel of ease. Any religious structure is welcomed here.

Photographs ONLY! Interiors, exteriors, color, black and white. Show us the size and splendor of the world's Cathedrals, and the beauty of the preserved or forgotten Church, and the intimacy of the small, neighborhood church.

Three images per day, please. If you see work here you think is worthy of comment, then let's help promote it!

Note: This group is intended for photographic images of cathedrals and churches only - other religious iconography, individual statues, cemeteries, etc. are not the subject, and must unfortunately be removed unless they're really intrinsic to the architecture. Paintings or non-photographic media will be removed.

NOTE: This group is architectural in theme. The cathedral or church must be the subject of the image, not just a background element. It should be identifiable as religious architecture - not simply a wall, door, or window. NO superimposed text or graphics. NO collages will be accepted.

Some photos may be declined due to basic photographic issues - especially if out of focus or blurred throughout the image. Photos scanned or copied from slides or prints are acceptable as long as the quality is there (e.g. sharp focus, good composition, etc.)

*Photographs of churchyards, lone statues, and items that are not specifically architectural in nature will be removed.* No close-up stained glass details, free-standing crosses, isolated statuary, or iconography. Thanks for understanding.

Featured Images

Bill Gallagher - Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral

Bill Gallagher

Joseph C Hinson Photography - Train Goes to Church

Train Goes to Church

Joseph C Hinson Photography

Andrew Wilson - Sheviok Church

Sheviok Church

Andrew Wilson