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Ciel Mon Paris- Paris Glorious Welcome to the ' PARIS GLORIOUS PHOTOGRAPHY' Group in FAA, Welcome photographers and artists, painters! world wide.

'CIEL MON PARIS' is my version to the French populor spoken Phrase CIEL MON MARI !! ( it could be translated to ... GOD!!! MY HUSBAND !! that's the reaction of a mistress get caught up by husband by surprise, in a mischief . ) Paris is a always a place of awesome and surprise.

Submit your first qualified image when you join the group.

Please participate in group discussions or promos often. We have a Feature thread and also special themes for features:
Cityscape street and social, environment portraits, cafes , riverside walks, photos of Black and White and Colour. paintings and in and watercolour drawing in any mixed medias of colouring and etc etc.
Through the vision of skilful photographers and many artists,I look forwards to revealing the awesomeness of this EVER GROWING PHOTOGENIC CITY OF PARIS.
Among all the known master photographers, 'Paris was nick-named and known as 'THE CAPITAL OF THE PHOTOGRAPHY' ( Paris, La Capital de la la photographie )
I am sure this is one of the best ' photogenic Cities' always well under lenses. We are here to put together some of the best contemporary photo, art work of Paris to reflect that image again.

I have decided only on photography exclusively but I might give a chance to add other medias like Canvas paintings and water colours etc. It is to decorate our gallery with some other medias and around.
----------------------'They must be the icing on the gateaux'' ------------------to get that place!!!

*All your work could be ...in colour, black and white, sepia, macro, long exposure, abstract.
Cityscape , architecture street and ,social, environment photos and portraits, Black and White and Colour. also paint and drawing.

*Images must have have a TITLE and a DESCRIPTION. FULL RESOLUTION PREVIEW must be enabled, so images can be studied closely.

*Remember to participate in the group discussions as often as you can so we can increase our group visibility and increase the visibility of your work.
This is also a group to promote the work among the contributors and continues sharing and activeness within the group is recommend to help integrated well into the group.

*By joining the group, you approve the group rules. The admin reserves the right to reject any submission that he feels does not meet the group rules. As administrator, I reserve all the right to delete any member or reject any submission at my discretion from this group.

*We are FAA committed artist group, and ask that you are also.

FAA rule:
*No Spamming the Group. no political religious or social conflict photography. That is, adding work that is not suitable for the group as per our image acceptance rules. If you do this, your membership from this group will be terminated without warning.

*Your submission must show contents of B&W or colour photos , well-composed. They should be accompanied with right details of descriptions. Incorrect titles, incorrect or missing descriptions, etc. will prevent photos from being included or featured. and tagged appropriately to understand your image,your painting or any media art work.

The photography is a language and it is talked by many more with different accents or here we call it aspects. So the photography we represent here is a vivid vision and in all aspects of medias like analogue and digital photography. I am sure some pen, ink, and watercolour drawings too will add a diversity to the gallery that is our next level.
I apperciate the best quality in photography composed processing and well conceptualised will lead to best results. So they could be easily find it place to be saleable as piece of wall art.

I welcome the diversity and uniqueness and the originality in all your submissions.
You are all welcomed to join this group to share and show your best work in your portfolios.

Thank you for joining and be a contributor to the group.

Wishing you all great success and many many sales!!

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Cyril Jayant

London, London

United Kingdom

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This group was started on May 26th, 2021.