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Collectors GalleryNote of Thanks to the Collectors:

I would like to thank you for stopping into our group and invite you to the group anytime for the various Artists that you find to make your home be as charming as the ones featured in Artistic magazines like 1stAngel Arts Magazine. If you dont see one that you like in the Home Page list check out the ones in the Discussion tab for this group. Enjoy and ya'll come back anytime..

Artist Information to join group:

Promotions: To aid all in having a changes to be seen by Collectors I ask that you add ONE artist to your list of artist you are following from the group each year. Artist are not featured until they have added one member for the group to the following page on their profile. So, make sure you add one.

Also, Share your info discussion thread from art you sold to ones you purchased and other info that is just for fun or art business related is nice.

Features are picked randomly like pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Button up my sleeves and Press Dough... Please only post your images that are needing a group icon on your pages. There is only room for three on each image.

Images can be added to the group 3 per day...

Featured Artist is: Kay Novy

Have always been interested in art in one form or another. Started out as a hairdresser, then oil and water color Artist.

Artist Statement:
'Have taken many art classes, but it was a series of photography classes that I knew I was hooked! Love it.'

Kay Novy is a published Photographical Artist, in the local newspapers and for a local calendar, plus having a photo published in 'Birds And Blooms' magazine.

An awesome addition of art perfection for the home or office.

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Dear Collector, you can also see our groups works under the Discussion Tab Click on 2019 Newest Art Works

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Michelle Reid

Arlington, TX

United States

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This group was started on November 5th, 2014.