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Creation Photography



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JD Grimes

Annapolis, MD

United States

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This group was started on December 17th, 2011 and currently has:

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Creation Photography

About This Group

If you are a nature photographer and a born-again Christian, then this is the group for you!


This group is as much about the people as it is about the images. My hope is that it will be a place where we can share the beauty of God's creation through our images, and build up one-another in the Lord through our discussions.

Here are the rules:

For now anyway, I am limiting this groups to photographs only.

Obviously there will be no nude, etc. images allowed.

Please do not submit any snapshots or digitally altered images (editing such as tweaking the exposure is fine, just nothing to make the subject look different than in real life). Images converted to black-and-white or sepia tones are acceptable.

Also, in order to maintain the exclusivity of this group (no offense to anyone), I will only accept images from you if you state your Christian faith in your biography. (If you are unsure what I mean than you can see my biography for an example).

Any nature photos which fit these criteria are welcome. Close-ups, landscapes, anything that displays the beauty of the Creator's handiwork (but no people photos). You are welcome to submit images with Bible verses or other text added as well.

Members can submit as many images as they please, as often as they want, just please do not submit actual or virtual duplicates.

Please do not submit any photos unless all of the criterion above are fulfilled, because I will have to reject them and we will both feel bad.

I look forward to seeing the photos and glorifying God for His many wonderful works!

As the Psalmist says in Psalm 104:24; 'O LORD, how manifold are thy works! in wisdom thou hast made them all; the earth is full of thy riches.'

Featured Images

Travis Truelove - IMG_2415 - Sunflower

IMG_2415 - Sunflower

Travis Truelove

Michael Peychich - Time of Reflection

Time of Reflection

Michael Peychich

Steve Lipson - South Beach 12996

South Beach 12996

Steve Lipson

Kathy Clark - In The Pink

In The Pink

Kathy Clark

Kathy Carlson - Icicle Focus

Icicle Focus

Kathy Carlson

Doug Norkum - Burgundy


Doug Norkum

JD Grimes - Treecicle


JD Grimes



Tikvah's Hope

Michael Bartlett - Carnival Flags

Carnival Flags

Michael Bartlett

Angela Tice Gunn - Dew drop in

Dew drop in

Angela Tice Gunn

Rick Furmanek - Sudden Splendor

Sudden Splendor

Rick Furmanek

Debbie Nobile - The Mustache

The Mustache

Debbie Nobile

Debra Straub - Wings of Glory

Wings of Glory

Debra Straub

Bob Christopher - Into The Depths

Into The Depths

Bob Christopher

Gina Levesque - Sterne


Gina Levesque

Rosemary Legge - Sitting Up Tall

Sitting Up Tall

Rosemary Legge

WALL Photography and Design - Spring In Full Bloom

Spring In Full Bloom

WALL Photography and Design

Carolyn Rauh - Aspen Tree

Aspen Tree's

Carolyn Rauh