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Creative Collaboration



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Group Site Promotion Ideas


Posted by: Wingsdomain Art And Photography on 03/25/2011 - 12:34 AM

Please help each other here and share ideas to promote this group site to bring in patrons that hopefully will invest in your art and photography. If I am able to update this first message beyond the 24hour limit as imposed on the general faa forum, I will do so below (I have not moderated a group before and so don't know if the same 24hr rule in the general faa forums also apply here in the group discussions).


I have created a subdomain that links to this group site's artwork which makes it easier to use and looks better in printed material than does the url used for this group site:

Feel free to use the above subdomain in your promotions or create one on your own registered domain, or just use the given faa url. But the main thing is to put the link to this group site anywhere online you have access to or on printed material. Get the word out, share in the responsibilities, and all members of this group will benefit. We will get out what we put in.

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Posted by: Videletevian DeleteRSON on 03/25/2011 - 1:09 AM

This is just sensational, Wing, thank you most sincerely for this opportunity. I've read some but not all of the info, but joined immediately, and will take it from here, under your fine stewardship, and you have my 100% sure lots more to discuss, will look in again shortly. Thanks again.



Posted by: Wingsdomain Art and Photography on 03/25/2011 - 2:10 AM

Thanks V, you're too kind!

One thing I generally do with photographs I like is to make postcards fom and put my website address on them. Vistaprint is really inexpensive if you know how to play their game. Vistaprint sends out almost 2-3 promotional email out every week once you join. The trick is to wait for the one promotion that gives you FREE uploads and FREE postcards! The email says it will expire at a certain date, but I've kept and used mine for about one year after it was supposed to have expired, so basically, you can use it forever. And I believe you can forward the email to others and they can get the same promotion if they have an account with Vistaprint. You end up paying only for shipping and the trick here is to use their least expensive but longest shipping time. They advertise 3 weeks for the longest shipping time but I usually get mine in about 1-1/2 week though you should still plan for 3 weeks especially around the Holiday season. I usually get both the free 100 standard size postcard set as well as the 50 large size postcard set. Shipping for the 100 std sive postcards is about $6.75 but the beauty is, adding the 50 large postcards brings the total to only about $8.00 (sorry V, don't know what this would mean in Australia). Just watch out for the additional cost "landmines" which appear everywhere during the ordering process, just avoid them or your total will start to add up. And you can't order 2 sets of the same size at the same shopping session; if you do, the 2nd set will be at normal prices. But you CAN order both the std and large size sets at the same time, then go back to your promotional email and pick on the promotional item again and get that same promotion.

Leave the postcards with your local shops and restaurants, they are usually more than happy to take them for their customers. Give them to your friends and families, etc.

I will now add the link to this group site on future postcards and may create one just for this group at a future time depending on how things go. Below is how my postcards usually look:






Posted by: Wingsdomain Art and Photography on 03/25/2011 - 2:57 AM

Like I mentioned in the Japan Aid 2011 discussion (shameless plug! LOL), most local online newspaper sites will offer free online classified ads. But no one still goes to these ads, they simply use search engines like google to get their information! The beauty is, these free online classified ads are also searchable by these same search engines, so they WILL be found! I've added an ad that has links back to this group site to one of my local online newspaper sites:



Posted by: Wingsdomain Art and Photography on 03/25/2011 - 1:59 PM

I've now added this group site to Stumbleupon. Don't know if SU does much in terms of sales nor do I know just how sincere the traffic from it is, but one thing I do know, it does add traffic.




Posted by: Wingsdomain Art and Photography on 03/25/2011 - 7:36 PM

I've added the below button that links back to this group on my faa/artistwebsites page Anywhere you can think of to link back to this group site will help bring patrons to this site.



Posted by: Wingsdomain Art and Photography on 03/26/2011 - 6:33 AM

Well, it's 3:30am here in the Pacific Coast, time when I get most of my work done! I've added an FAA press release:

"The Creative Collaboration Art and Photography Group Offers Creative Diverse Unique Artwork and Photography Prints From Around The World For Collectors and Patrons"

Yes, long-winded! LOL But there is a science to this madness! The title of the press release becomes part of the url/html name and so are like magnets to search engines!




Posted by: Gwyn Newcombe on 03/27/2011 - 11:40 PM

Thanks W ... impressive and very professional work you do!



Posted by: Wingsdomain Art and Photography on 03/29/2011 - 2:55 AM

Thanks, Gwyn! :-)

Hey all, I've now add a page in my blog introducing this group site:



Posted by: Beth Akerman on 03/29/2011 - 8:57 AM

I shared the link on my Facebook page and have promoted it there, as well as, your continued efforts to help the people of Japan. Hope that helps bring some more viewers and potential buyers.



Posted by: Wingsdomain Art and Photography on 03/30/2011 - 8:41 PM

Thanks Beth, Facebook is a great place for exposure!

I've just added a Craigslist ad, they're free but sometimes a viewer will tag your ad and it will be removed --- Out of about a few dozen ads, I had this happen once ---just add it again! lol I know it gets people to my site, my googles analytics said so!

Here's the Craigslist Ad under Arts+Crafts in the SF Bay area



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