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Let's Make A Collective Wish!


Posted by: Tina Marie on 03/21/2012 - 12:27 PM

I believe that there is power in "intention"....there is even MORE power in collective intention....let's all gather for a collective thought, desire, wish, dream, etc....let's all believe we will sell one image/artwork this week....Let's put those thoughts out in the world and "act as if" we sold our artwork. Let's all think we are checking our computer and FAA notified us with a sell, let's feel that excitement, feel that hope, feel that appreciation....and then believe it. Let's all say and feel, "I am thrilled I sold my artwork"....I believe "feelings are the language of the soul" and the soul seeks love, truth, joy, happiness, but it is up to us to feel what our soul seeks......let's start now....I am!
Cheers, Tina


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