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Cupcakes Art Gallery



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Robyn Geranis

Binghamton, NY

United States

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This group was started on January 6th, 2019 and currently has:

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Cupcakes Art Gallery

About This Group

Hi! Welcome! This Group celebrates the beauty and deliciousness of cupcakes! If you love cupcakes, this Group is for you. Let's promote each other. Let's have fun!

To join, please submit one image of your cupcake art per day (all mediums accepted). To qualify, please make sure you have an avatar or profile picture. ABSOLUTELY NO images of nudity, death, cruelty or violence in this Group. Acceptance of an image to this group is at the discretion of the group administrator.

No Spamming the Group. That is, adding work that is not suitable for the group as per our rules. If you do this, your membership from the group will be terminated without warning.

You are invited to scroll down and view the latest featured artwork, and click on the Images tab for the most recent additions.

Group logo artwork by Robyn Geranis

Featured Images

K Thompson Paul - Cupcakes Petit Gateau

Cupcakes Petit Gateau

K Thompson Paul

Greg Kopriva - Cupcake


Greg Kopriva

Robyn Geranis - Wonder-mint


Robyn Geranis