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Daily Promotion



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Bukunolami Olamilokun

Ece, Abuja


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This group was started on October 6th, 2017 and currently has:

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Daily Promotion

About This Group

Welcome To Daily Promotion !

This group is for MUTUAL DAILY PROMOTION of photographs and pieces of artwork.


Optional : Social Media PROMOTION.

Please go to the discussion thread Daily Promotion #3, post a reply of the link to an image that you would like to PROMOTE then PROMOTE every work above yours, those who post after you will PROMOTE yours too.

You may post an image a day both to the group and the Daily Promotion #3 discussion thread.
Kindly keep this group family-friendly and controversy-free.

Every medium is welcome.

Collectors, please take a look at Artists' Slideshows for a quick glance at what beach of this group have to offer.

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Holidays by Jutta Maria Pusl

Holidays by Jutta Maria Pusl

Kiki The Siamese Kitten by Peggy Collins

Kiki The Siamese Kitten by Peggy Collins

Roosevelt Lake Autumn Scenic Edison New Jersey by Geraldine Scull

Roosevelt Lake Autumn Scenic Edison New Jersey by Geraldine Scull


Artist Of The Month - December 2018 JAMES SCHULTZ

Puppy Basket Drawing by James Schultz Baby With Scarf CloseUp Drawing by James Schultz
Crater Lake Oregon by James Schultz
Astronaut Aki Hoshide EV Selfie On ISS Drawing by James Schultz The Messiah Is Born by James Schultz

Art by James Schultz

Featured Images

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - A Blue Indy Night

A Blue Indy Night

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Samuel Zylstra - Rattlesnake Totem

Rattlesnake Totem

Samuel Zylstra

Alana Judah - Snow Day

Snow Day

Alana Judah

Panos Pliassas - Colorful Sun - 6015

Colorful Sun - 6015

Panos Pliassas

Ian Mitchell - Bulldog


Ian Mitchell

Christina Ford - Surf Pleasure Point

Surf Pleasure Point

Christina Ford

Yuri Lev - The Volva

The Volva

Yuri Lev

Steve Luther - The Learning Curve

The Learning Curve

Steve Luther

Jaylyn Moody - Bloom the Bloom

Bloom the Bloom

Jaylyn Moody

Isabela and Skender Cocoli - Southern Magnolia on Blue 2

Southern Magnolia on Blue 2

Isabela and Skender Cocoli

Mandy Sowell - Essence


Mandy Sowell

DiFigiano Photography - White Sands

White Sands

DiFigiano Photography

Carrie Armstrong - The Christmas Kitten

The Christmas Kitten

Carrie Armstrong

Doc Braham - Finally Peace

Finally Peace

Doc Braham

Lori Moon - Believe


Lori Moon

Tina LeCour - Ballerina Girl

Ballerina Girl

Tina LeCour

Kim Lessel - Amber Sunset

Amber Sunset

Kim Lessel

Bee-Bee Deigner - Flashlight


Bee-Bee Deigner

Debbie Oppermann - Autumn Arbor

Autumn Arbor

Debbie Oppermann

Jaroslav Buna - Touch of Light

Touch of Light

Jaroslav Buna

Debby Pueschel - Under the Limbs

Under the Limbs

Debby Pueschel

Masha Lince - The reader

The reader

Masha Lince

Norma Brandsberg - Westendstrasse Sunrise

Westendstrasse Sunrise

Norma Brandsberg

Guillermo Lizondo - Fog in the Albaycin

Fog in the Albaycin

Guillermo Lizondo

Michael Panno - Elephants


Michael Panno

Hartmut Jager - The  Golden  Angel

The Golden Angel

Hartmut Jager

Jim Hatch - Steam Punk 2

Steam Punk 2

Jim Hatch

Grace Iradian - Stacked  Color Cubes

Stacked Color Cubes

Grace Iradian

Alana Judah - Hot Choc o lat

Hot Choc o lat

Alana Judah

Difigiano Photography - Against The Wind

Against The Wind

Difigiano Photography

DiFigiano Photography - Appalachia Monet

Appalachia Monet

DiFigiano Photography

Geraldine Scull - Ready for my close up

Ready for my close up

Geraldine Scull

Carel Schmidlkofer - Lizard


Carel Schmidlkofer

Flying Z Photography by Zayne Diamond - Morning Sun, Hot Air Balloon

Morning Sun, Hot Air Balloon

Flying Z Photography by Zayne Diamond

Giorgos Karampotakis - Skogafoss Waterfall

Skogafoss Waterfall

Giorgos Karampotakis

Jim Hatch - Alice is Kinky

Alice is Kinky

Jim Hatch

Carl Gouveia - Shine


Carl Gouveia

Ian Mitchell - Porsche 911

Porsche 911

Ian Mitchell

Leif Sohlman - Orange trio #h5

Orange trio #h5

Leif Sohlman

Cheryle Gannaway - Whooey Dooey Looey

Whooey Dooey Looey

Cheryle Gannaway

Daniel Thompson - Carefree Falls FBM

Carefree Falls FBM

Daniel Thompson

Masha Lince - On the edge

On the edge

Masha Lince

Brad Allen Fine Art - Midnite Run

Midnite Run

Brad Allen Fine Art

Eva Lechner - Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

Eva Lechner

Michael Panno - Dahlia Flower

Dahlia Flower

Michael Panno

Carel Schmidlkofer - Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations

Carel Schmidlkofer

Lyuba Filatova - Palm and Sunset

Palm and Sunset

Lyuba Filatova

Natalia Leigh - Carolina flowers 1

Carolina flowers 1

Natalia Leigh

Noa Yerushalmi - Intense


Noa Yerushalmi

Mary Ann Artz - Feeder Frenzy

Feeder Frenzy

Mary Ann Artz

Isabela and Skender Cocoli - Ginkgo Grove

Ginkgo Grove

Isabela and Skender Cocoli

Ian Mitchell - Bono


Ian Mitchell

Carel Schmidlkofer - Inception


Carel Schmidlkofer

Johanna Hurmerinta - Yellow Roses Art Design

Yellow Roses Art Design

Johanna Hurmerinta

Brad Allen Fine Art - Prehistoric Flow

Prehistoric Flow

Brad Allen Fine Art

Grace Iradian - Beautiful  Moments

Beautiful Moments

Grace Iradian

Norma Brandsberg - Decapitated Clock

Decapitated Clock

Norma Brandsberg

Jim Love - Winter


Jim Love

Marie Louise Anhalt - Celebration of Light

Celebration of Light

Marie Louise Anhalt

Debbie Oppermann - Signs Of Old Age

Signs Of Old Age

Debbie Oppermann

Lavender Liu - Snow-capped Fence

Snow-capped Fence

Lavender Liu

Norma Brandsberg - Reflections of a City

Reflections of a City

Norma Brandsberg

Grace Iradian - Blue Abstract

Blue Abstract

Grace Iradian

Michael Panno - Owl


Michael Panno

Rob Corsetti - Peace on Earth

Peace on Earth

Rob Corsetti

Allen Beatty - Afternoon Snooze

Afternoon Snooze

Allen Beatty

Leif Sohlman - Scottish waves #i2

Scottish waves #i2

Leif Sohlman

Steve Henderson - Alpine Spring

Alpine Spring

Steve Henderson

Galina Lavrova - Delicate


Galina Lavrova

Difigiano Photography - Brokedown Palace

Brokedown Palace

Difigiano Photography

Masha Lince - Enlightented


Masha Lince

Phil Sadler - Drive


Phil Sadler

Kim Lessel - Winter sun

Winter sun

Kim Lessel

Brad Allen Fine Art - Chinook Arch

Chinook Arch

Brad Allen Fine Art

Christina Ford - My Happy Place

My Happy Place

Christina Ford

Nilu Mishra - Rainbow bird

Rainbow bird

Nilu Mishra

Carel Schmidlkofer - Aile de Papillon Bleu

Aile de Papillon Bleu

Carel Schmidlkofer

Paul Wear - Texas Lone Star

Texas Lone Star

Paul Wear

Carl Gouveia - Lakota


Carl Gouveia

Daniel Thompson - Branch  Web and Dew

Branch Web and Dew

Daniel Thompson

Bill Dunkley - Pentatonix


Bill Dunkley

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Monochromatic Riverfront

Monochromatic Riverfront

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Tanya Gordeeva - Don

Don't look back

Tanya Gordeeva