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Digital Art And Resources



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Digital Art Cafe

Henrico, VA

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This group was started on December 5th, 2009 and currently has:

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Digital Art And Resources

About This Group

Hello Digi Artists,
This is Angela, your new group leader.
I am a digital artist, and i run a series of art websites, blogs, social groups and shops. For now I am leaving Roseann's original description below, but I would like to change things up just a little to support more digi art, such as posers, scrap artists, etc. as well as get a few more activities going on here that members may like and think fun. Therefore, I am asking all members to please consider coming up with some new ideas and suggestions to make this club more active and fun for all. This can anything from contests or challenges, to givaways, freebies, or even an upcoming Secret Santa type game being the Holidays are nearing. Feel free to make those suggestions n the discussions area, and start any new ones you like.

Okay fellow digital artist, here's the idea with this. Let's keep a running tally of as many of the digital resources as we can. Granted we may have to pick and choose if it gets too big. 2D, 3D, hardware, software, anything you think would be a good resource, bring it to the group. We can then upload the link(s) and any other information.

Submissions to this group include any art created using Digital Resources suchs as 2D programs, 3D programs or digital photography.

PLEASE NOTE: Photographes of art created with traditional media will not be accepted into this group. There are plenty of groups already for traditinal media. We are looking for works created with digital media.

Thank you!

Featured Images

Anthony Caruso -  City Scene

City Scene

Anthony Caruso

Anthony Caruso - SF Landmark

SF Landmark

Anthony Caruso

Lynda Lehmann - Rise of Trees

Rise of Trees

Lynda Lehmann

Bliss Of Art - Rural Life

Rural Life

Bliss Of Art

Marian Voicu - Oldsmobile


Marian Voicu

Brian Wallace - Glorious Morning

Glorious Morning

Brian Wallace

Bliss Of Art - Togetherness


Bliss Of Art

Shadowlea Is - Cleo Reflections

Cleo Reflections

Shadowlea Is

Louis Ferreira - Reflections


Louis Ferreira

Jack Zulli - Bubblie 2

Bubblie 2

Jack Zulli

Shadowlea Is - Twilight Zone

Twilight Zone

Shadowlea Is

Georgiana Romanovna - Enigma


Georgiana Romanovna

Digital Art Cafe - Shark Watch

Shark Watch

Digital Art Cafe

Anthony Caruso - Old Quebec City

Old Quebec City

Anthony Caruso