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Emotive ArtAny type of art that strongly depicts emotion. I look for work that 'pops'. I particularly look for work that has images of light versus dark and strong color. I am very selective about the images I feature so please only submit your best emotive work. Before you submit an image, ask yourself if you feel strong emotion when you look at it. If so, then it's a good fit for this group. Due to the amount of images that are submitted, I will have to remove images that don't portray a strong emotion. Please keep it family friendly!

I will be randomly picking artists' work to feature on the home page. Things that jump out at me and get my attention. Every now and then I will select an artist to feature as well.

*******NEW! There are 2 new promotion links under the Discussion tab. Please check them out so that all members can promote each other's work and increase their ranking on FAA!*******

Note about images-If you have a password protected site, I will not be able to add your work to this group. I click on the images and look at them more closely before I add them and the password protected sites won't allow me to view the images. I'm not sure how to get around this, so unfortunately I will have to pass on those images. I also don't post images that are shown in a room setting because I like to concentrate completely on the image itself. I feel this gives the images the attention that they deserve without other distractions in the photo or work.

******COLLECTORS: To view images below more closely, just click on the image and it will bring you to the artist's site. You can also find more featured images under the discussion tab in the features archive.******

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This group was started on February 12th, 2015.