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Ethnic And Cultural Art



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Wayne Williams


United States

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This group was started on August 13th, 2009 and currently has:

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Ethnic And Cultural Art

About This Group

Too often we formulate our opinions about another ethnicity from the evening news, television, music, and the local take-out restaurant. We dismiss another’s culture based on inaccurate information, never taking the time to ask the questions ourselves. Hopefully, with time, this group will be able to offer a glimpse into the world around us and dispel some of these myths.

With any luck, this group will grow to have artists participating from all over the world, showcasing ethnic and cultural art, celebrating the traditions of societies as similar or as different as our own.

Are we going to change the world in one evening? No. But, our mission is to stimulate your imagination, provide substance to foster discussion, and above all…expose people to the world around them. Indulge Your Curiosity!

Please – let’s keep our discussions civil, our critiques constructive, and our minds open.

Thank you,
Diversity In Art

Featured Images

Stacey Chiew - Hope


Stacey Chiew

Stacey Chiew - Beijing Opera Girl

Beijing Opera Girl

Stacey Chiew

Mussa Chiwaula - Ngoni warriors

Ngoni warriors

Mussa Chiwaula