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F A A - Pixels All Stars --2 Submissions Per Week MaximumWelcome Buyers -
Enjoy browsing this gallery of the best of the best of 'quadruple curated' art and photography.

Welcome artists and photographers-

* 2 (two) Images a week MAXIMUM per member will be accepted.
Requirements for inclusion and features are:
1.Submit your best images which have been featured 3 times other than in groups you administer.
2. Over 25 images on member's profile page.
3. Minimum of 2000 x 2500 pixels per image. Have full resolution preview enabled.
4. Family friendly attractive art only. No celebrity images, no religious images, no nude/ erotica or demeaning images, nothing disturbing, No violence, death, politics, creepy, bloody or gory images, pets or superimposed text. No in situ or in frame images of your art.
5. You must have a proper title and description as well as key words in the images you submit. You need good descriptions to be found by search engines.
6 Submit your first qualified image when you join the group.
5. Participate in a group promo as often as you can. Hopefully at least once per week.
6. All art or photos must be your own. No family members, representatives, resellers. No shots of vintage paper goods or graffiti, no reproductions, screen shots or plagiarism.
7. No public domain, nothing overly-edited or overly digitally painted. Incorrect titles, incorrect or missing descriptions, crookedness, etc. will prevent photos from being included or featured. If safe filter is on and I can't see it, it will be automatically removed.

I won't feature poor quality work or snapshots. As administrator, I reserve the right to reject any submission at my discretion or to delete any member or discussion thread from the group.

We are a FAA committed artist group, and ask that you are also. FAA rule: No spamming the group or adding work not suitable for the group as per our image acceptance rules. Spammers or members who don't abide by all group rules before submitting images will be removed from the group without warning.
When participating in discussion threads, we all are expected to abide by FAA forum rules.

Our Group LOGO as of 7-5-19 is 'Tower of Parroquia in San Miguel de Allende' copyrighted by Barbie Corbett-Newmin and permission granted to Mary Ann Weger on 7-5-19 to be used as FAA-Pixels All Stars group logo!

Before sending any e-mails to the administrator -- please ask yourself if you have FIRST read all of the group rules? The rules should provide answers to most questions.

*Please take time to view the featured images below and comment or click on like or favorite if you care to do so!

Thank you so much for your participation in this wonderfully active, highly-rated group!

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Barbie Corbett-Newmin

Punta Gorda, FL

United States

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This group was started on July 1st, 2011.