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Faa Site Instructional Videos With Helpful Informations And Useful LinksFAA Site Instructional Videos and some written Information with links.
FAA, Fine Art America, How To Site Instructions by Video.
*(The group is an ongoing under construction art group and subject to changes because videos are being made for this group.)

If you are wanting to start painting, PAINT MY SKETCH ART GROUP is open to membership and is free of charge.

A great selling video by artist Lesa Fine



Hello FAA Customers and Members,

Welcome to FAA, Fine Art America, where your art is displayed worldwide and customers come to purchase artist's art. To get familiar with FAA go to the discussions area to view instructional videos.

This group is not only for artist membership but customers who need more instructions.
Posting to this video instructional group.
1) All FAA administrators can FREELY POST in the discussions area after becoming a member.
2) No artist's images will be accepted by traditional members like promotions.
3) FAA art members can post written or video instructions. Like how to correct or save a great blurry images etc. and in the SUGGESTION BOX under the discussions area.
4) Customers may post requests for help in this groups discussions under 'SUGGESTION BOX FOR CUSTOMERS.' or go to FAA GENERAL DISCUSSIONS area is here.
Or contact FAA here.
5) Designers, Galleries, and Collectors also have an area under this group.
6) See how to open an account and how to post in the discussions area.
7) See the discussions area for instructional information and links FAA rules.
8) Be nice and polite to everyone.

This group is all about FAA 'How To.' by video instructions. First for FAA customers then secondly for FAA art members.

Here are a few links to help self-promote off FAA. Please read terms of host and group.

FB requires membership approval.
Interior Design Ideas Facebook Art Group.
Click here to join the Interior Design Ideas Facebook art group.


Google+ does not require approval to post image.



For FAA Customers only.
First and for most, we all here at FAA, 'THANK YOU,' for making this all possible. We the artist's and FAA hope to canopy your life into a world of awe inspiring color, humor, and beauty to fulfill your deepest curiosities with art.

Below you will find video help either to open an account and post your own art or just find information to help with your shopping. what, where and how to,

1) searching for art on FAA.

2) new art.

3) find an artist.

4) customer help and useful links.

5) ......;-)

6) written FAA rules and links.

7) written FAA instructions and links.

8) other useful links.

9) interior design ideas, links, and other information.

10) Customers instructions on 'HOW TO' become an artist.

11) Customers ONLY SUGGESTION BOX and helpful links.

12) Customer contest who want to commission art work. PLEASE READ instructions here first then click on FAA Commissioned Art Work group link below.

...More coming soon.


FAA art members only.
FAA artist's and members are instructional video on 'How To,' and rules etc.

1) Embed codes from any artist's art page to post in any FAA art group discussions area.

2) Start an account for new members.

3) Setting FAA account Behind the Scenes.

4) Upload an image to FAA.

5) Joining an FAA art group.

6) FAA art contests.

7) How to become an artist.

8) Where to fine help.

9) FAA rules links.

10) Contest informations.

11) Creating art instructions.

12) Artist's FAA display apps.

13) FAA Artist Marketing ideas.

14) Artist Self Promotions.

15) Art member's Suggestion Box for this group.
For general, contact FAA here.

16) Video on the Spot Exhibits by FAA members. Make your own artistic art or promotional video.

17) Artists instructions for 'Customer Contests' who want to commission art work.
PLEASE READ instructions here first then click on FAA Commissioned Art Work group link below.

.....More information is coming soon.


FAA art group administrators.
1) Administrator's Suggestion box.
2) Links to becoming a FAA administrator.
3) How to join links.
.....More information is coming soon.


Art Collectors.
1) Suggestion box.
2) How to join FAA.
.....More information is coming soon.

Art Galleries.
1) Suggestion box.
2) How to join FAA.
.....More information is coming soon.

Interior Designers.
1) Suggestion box.
2) How to join FAA.
.....More information is coming soon.


Please feel free to contact FAA for any questions we here at are FAA are happy to help
with your needs.

FAA admin. please contact me for changes which I will do asap. Personal thanks to Abbie for permission to make instructional videos for FAA which made this all possible.

FAA Artist's Group Rules.
1) Follow FAA rules.
2) By joining, you agree to FAA terms.
3) photos mostly so are questionable patterns.
4) Admin has the final say.
5) no rude, disruptive and violence of any kind.
6) no nudes or like images in support of OFFICE SAFE VIEWING.
7) no posting limit for now but subject to change.
8) no famous people.
9) art must by your own and not from royalty-free, or paid for, images.
...these are the top main rules so also see the discussion are for rules and other information.

Be wonderful,
A FAA group administrator for the following groups.
I take off weekends.

Monthly Holidays:

FAA art group administrator is Delynn Addams. Please hold your questions until this group is up and going or near finished. Hopefully, only a couple of hours and subject to updates.
*(the group is under construction and subject to changes.)
All content herein is FAA and logo is a FAA image.

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Delynn Addams

Fargo, ND

United States

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This group was started on May 5th, 2017.