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Fantasy Art For Home And Office



Group Administrator

Lise Winne

Saratoga Springs, NY

United States

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This group was started on December 22nd, 2015 and currently has:

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Fantasy Art For Home And Office

About This Group

Fantasy is a fiction genre that uses magic and supernatural elements as a main plot element, theme, or setting. Artworks within this genre take place in imaginary worlds where magic and magical creatures are common. Inspiration from mythology, fairy tale, fables, legends, and folklore remains the consistent theme for artists in this specific genre.

To the collectors, muses, and patrons; feel free to look at the artwork and profile of each artist that strikes your interest and desire. The administrator and group members will be happy for any sale that takes place in the process.

(for artists submitting images, make sure the images are yours, and yours only: i.e. conceived by you, designed by you and painted and/or photographed by you. Also please do not submit images that are too abstract to make out as fantasy art, or bloody or gore-y. No recognizable cartoon characters please, and landscapes should be fantasy landscapes. Full frontal nudity can be accepted as part of the bank of images but cannot be displayed on the front page as part of FAA guidelines, or on our blog, as part of Google guidelines... please look through our gallery of featured images on this page to get a sense of images to submit -- thanks!)

Our blog:

Featured Images

Michael Ruffino - Tower Attack

Tower Attack

Michael Ruffino

Victor Molev - The City of Crow

The City of Crow

Victor Molev

Carole Lindberg - The Moon

The Moon

Carole Lindberg

Artful Oasis - Steampunk Champion

Steampunk Champion

Artful Oasis

Michael Ruffino - Dark Presence

Dark Presence

Michael Ruffino

Carole Lindberg - Cornucopia


Carole Lindberg

Monique Hierck - Earth Mother

Earth Mother

Monique Hierck

Michael Ruffino - Born from Fire

Born from Fire

Michael Ruffino

Julie Engelhardt - Dreams and Decisions

Dreams and Decisions

Julie Engelhardt

Bill Oliver - Her Name Was Eve

Her Name Was Eve

Bill Oliver

Ali Oppy - Dragon Rose

Dragon Rose

Ali Oppy

Julie Engelhardt - Dragon

Dragon's Path

Julie Engelhardt

Michael Melillo - Shape


Michael Melillo

Katherine Nutt - Green Glow Dragon

Green Glow Dragon

Katherine Nutt

Jon Volden - The Elven Queen

The Elven Queen

Jon Volden

Jon Volden - Elf vs Dragon

Elf vs Dragon

Jon Volden

Debra Dallmann - Draco the Red Dragon

Draco the Red Dragon

Debra Dallmann

Katherine Nutt - Swan Goddess

Swan Goddess

Katherine Nutt

Hartmut Jager - Visitors


Hartmut Jager

Julie Engelhardt - Emerald


Julie Engelhardt

Crystal Elswick - The Mermaid

The Mermaid

Crystal Elswick

Ali Oppy - Face of space

Face of space

Ali Oppy

Jon Volden - Fairy With Light

Fairy With Light

Jon Volden

Lise Winne - Soar


Lise Winne

Jeremy Martinson - A Haunting of Spring

A Haunting of Spring

Jeremy Martinson

Joaquin Abella Ojeda - The magician of the pigeons

The magician of the pigeons

Joaquin Abella Ojeda

Ali Oppy - Ariana


Ali Oppy

G Berry - Mrs Peacock

Mrs Peacock

G Berry

Solomon Barroa - Parenthood


Solomon Barroa

Aaron Spong - Unicorn Dragon

Unicorn Dragon

Aaron Spong

Monique Hierck - M.y.s.t.e.r.y.


Monique Hierck

Dora Hathazi Mendes - Aquarius Cat Zodiac

Aquarius Cat Zodiac

Dora Hathazi Mendes

Marcel Quesnel - Angel In My Garden

Angel In My Garden

Marcel Quesnel

Joaquin Abella Ojeda - The shame

The shame

Joaquin Abella Ojeda

Ali Oppy - Broken dreams

Broken dreams

Ali Oppy

Betsy Knapp - Quite the Pair

Quite the Pair

Betsy Knapp

Romuald  Henry Wasielewski - Spring on Horizon

Spring on Horizon

Romuald Henry Wasielewski

Katherine Nutt - Wood Horse

Wood Horse

Katherine Nutt

Hartmut Jager - Celestial Dimension

Celestial Dimension

Hartmut Jager

Betsy Knapp - Spiraling Dream

Spiraling Dream

Betsy Knapp

Joaquin Abella Ojeda - Green Dance

Green Dance

Joaquin Abella Ojeda

Julie Engelhardt - Jaguar Dreams

Jaguar Dreams

Julie Engelhardt

Susan Maxwell Schmidt - Platinum Leaves

Platinum Leaves

Susan Maxwell Schmidt

Monique Hierck - E.r.o.s.


Monique Hierck

Hartmut Jager - Planet  Dreaming

Planet Dreaming

Hartmut Jager

Julie Engelhardt - Youngling


Julie Engelhardt

Ali Oppy - Phantom Blue

Phantom Blue

Ali Oppy

David Griffith - Castle in The Clouds 2

Castle in The Clouds 2

David Griffith

Zoe Kaveshnikova - The Sea Foal

The Sea Foal

Zoe Kaveshnikova

Monique Hierck - True Faith

True Faith

Monique Hierck

Victor Molev - Telephonic


Victor Molev

Dora Hathazi Mendes - Capricorn Cat Zodiac

Capricorn Cat Zodiac

Dora Hathazi Mendes

Mihaela Pater - Cello in the night

Cello in the night

Mihaela Pater

Victor Molev - Iguana


Victor Molev

Katherine Nutt - Warning Angel

Warning Angel

Katherine Nutt

Rob Corsetti - Opening Doors

Opening Doors

Rob Corsetti

Putterhug  Studio - Chase Your Dreams

Chase Your Dreams

Putterhug Studio

Joaquin Abella - The great Banana Boy

The great Banana Boy

Joaquin Abella

Hartmut Jager - Guardian


Hartmut Jager

Katherine Nutt - Mystic Bird Dragon

Mystic Bird Dragon

Katherine Nutt

Putterhug Studio - Anything is Possible

Anything is Possible

Putterhug Studio

Lise Winne - Streak


Lise Winne

Vasko Taskovski - Aries, Horoscope Sign

Aries, Horoscope Sign

Vasko Taskovski

Richard Hescox - Technomage


Richard Hescox

Lilia D - Musician


Lilia D

Lilia D - Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel

Lilia D

Victor Molev - Walking Musicians

Walking Musicians

Victor Molev

Robert Roth - Pegasus III

Pegasus III

Robert Roth

Ali Oppy - Twilight rose

Twilight rose

Ali Oppy

Yelena Tylkina - RIDDLE of THE SPHINX


Yelena Tylkina

Joaquin Abella - Young Lunar Pierrette

Young Lunar Pierrette

Joaquin Abella

Bob Ivens - Eel with roses

Eel with roses

Bob Ivens

KaFra Art - Fantasy Garden

Fantasy Garden

KaFra Art

KaFra Art - Sea Life

Sea Life

KaFra Art

Ali Oppy - Queen Aquatic

Queen Aquatic

Ali Oppy

Julie Engelhardt - A Curious Tale

A Curious Tale

Julie Engelhardt

Louloua Asgaraly - Flying Back

Flying Back

Louloua Asgaraly

Quim Abella - Icarus myth

Icarus myth

Quim Abella

Yvonne Wright - Noblesse Oblige

Noblesse Oblige

Yvonne Wright

Monique Hierck - Tabitha


Monique Hierck

Joseph Kemeny - Invasion


Joseph Kemeny

Victor Molev - T-Rex


Victor Molev

Robert Roth - Fantasy Night City

Fantasy Night City

Robert Roth

Robert Roth - Pegasus


Robert Roth

Victor Molev - Symbiotics


Victor Molev

Quim Abella - The choirboy

The choirboy

Quim Abella

Daniel Eskridge - Undead Outlaw

Undead Outlaw

Daniel Eskridge

Hartmut Jager - Celestial  Explorer

Celestial Explorer

Hartmut Jager

Ali Oppy - Naked Grape

Naked Grape

Ali Oppy

Shelley Smith - Forest Sparkle

Forest Sparkle

Shelley Smith

Brian Wallace - Little Girl Lost

Little Girl Lost

Brian Wallace

Putterhug Studio - Timeless Autumn Beauty

Timeless Autumn Beauty

Putterhug Studio

Quim Abella - Scary clown

Scary clown

Quim Abella

Karen Wiles - MAIDEN of EARTH


Karen Wiles

Monique Hierck - Clown


Monique Hierck

KaFra Art - Grizzly Sunset

Grizzly Sunset

KaFra Art

Monique Hierck - Be My Forever

Be My Forever

Monique Hierck

Ali Oppy - Angel in red

Angel in red

Ali Oppy

Julie Engelhardt - Sea Dreams

Sea Dreams

Julie Engelhardt

Jeremy Martinson - Etherial

Etherial's Thirst

Jeremy Martinson

Monique Hierck - Mythical Autumn

Mythical Autumn

Monique Hierck

Susan Maxwell Schmidt - Mata Hari

Mata Hari

Susan Maxwell Schmidt

Victor Molev - Yacht Glik

Yacht Glik

Victor Molev

KaFra Art - The Sea God

The Sea God

KaFra Art

Joseph Kushnir - The Dragon from Java

The Dragon from Java

Joseph Kushnir

KaFra Art - Meadow Deer

Meadow Deer

KaFra Art

Julie Engelhardt - Feral


Julie Engelhardt

Shelley Smith - Swinging On The Moon

Swinging On The Moon

Shelley Smith

Leanne Seymour - Angelic Being 1

Angelic Being 1

Leanne Seymour

Sean Conlon - The Hunter

The Hunter

Sean Conlon

Solomon Barroa - Fantasy Planet 1

Fantasy Planet 1

Solomon Barroa

Putterhug Studio - Autumnal Equinox 2017

Autumnal Equinox 2017

Putterhug Studio

Joaquin Abella - Columbine funny girl

Columbine funny girl

Joaquin Abella

Monique Hierck - Freedom Of Mind

Freedom Of Mind

Monique Hierck

Victor Molev - Coastal Elegy

Coastal Elegy

Victor Molev

Julie Engelhardt - A Midday Dream

A Midday Dream

Julie Engelhardt

Sharon Lisa Clarke - Butterfly Dreams

Butterfly Dreams

Sharon Lisa Clarke

Monique Hierck - Autumn Shades

Autumn Shades

Monique Hierck

Solomon Barroa - Fantasy Creatures 3

Fantasy Creatures 3

Solomon Barroa

David Griffith - M

M' Lady

David Griffith

Hartmut Jager - Two Friends

Two Friends

Hartmut Jager

Victor Molev - The angel flew by

The angel flew by

Victor Molev

Dennis Baswell - Reflection


Dennis Baswell

Monique Hierck - N.e.e.s.h.a


Monique Hierck

Hartmut Jager - The Special Elf

The Special Elf

Hartmut Jager

Jeremy Martinson - Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Jeremy Martinson

David Griffith - The Core

The Core

David Griffith

Yuri Lev - Ophelia


Yuri Lev

Joaquin Abella - Crazy doll

Crazy doll

Joaquin Abella

Solomon Barroa - Fantasy Creatures 2

Fantasy Creatures 2

Solomon Barroa

Solomon Barroa - Golden Dragon

Golden Dragon

Solomon Barroa

Monique Hierck - Awareness


Monique Hierck

John Haldane - Eclipse 2017

Eclipse 2017

John Haldane

Hartmut Jager - MEMORIAL For A POET


Hartmut Jager

Susan Maxwell Schmidt - No Cake for You

No Cake for You

Susan Maxwell Schmidt

Alice Chen - Eternal


Alice Chen

Victor Molev - Gordeevka


Victor Molev

Hartmut Jager - The Veil

The Veil

Hartmut Jager

Helena Tiainen - Gentle And Savage

Gentle And Savage

Helena Tiainen

Solomon Barroa - Unicorn Illustration 1

Unicorn Illustration 1

Solomon Barroa

Heather King - Namaste


Heather King

Mihaela Pater - Night butterflies

Night butterflies

Mihaela Pater

Lee DePriest - Light


Lee DePriest

Julie Engelhardt - Dragon Prince

Dragon Prince

Julie Engelhardt

Solomon Barroa - Gryphon


Solomon Barroa

Carlos Ferreira - Muza


Carlos Ferreira

Solomon Barroa - Mermaid Underwater

Mermaid Underwater

Solomon Barroa

KaFra Art - Make A Splash

Make A Splash

KaFra Art

Psycho Shadow - Haunted House

Haunted House

Psycho Shadow

KaFra Art - Medieval France

Medieval France

KaFra Art

Solomon Barroa - Dragon and Prey

Dragon and Prey

Solomon Barroa

Katherine Nutt - Unicorn in June

Unicorn in June

Katherine Nutt

Solomon Barroa - Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel

Solomon Barroa

Dennis Baswell - Full Moon

Full Moon

Dennis Baswell

Marvin Blaine - Rise Up

Rise Up

Marvin Blaine

Monique Hierck - Paradise


Monique Hierck

Brian Wallace - Undiscovered Country

Undiscovered Country

Brian Wallace

Shelley Smith - Battle The Fly

Battle The Fly

Shelley Smith

Victor Molev - Jonah


Victor Molev

Victor Molev - Jugglers


Victor Molev

Katherine Nutt - Phoenix Forest Fire

Phoenix Forest Fire

Katherine Nutt

Monique Hierck - Mythical World

Mythical World

Monique Hierck

Monique Hierck - Elvina


Monique Hierck

Ali Oppy - The messenger

The messenger

Ali Oppy

G Berry - Fascination


G Berry

Wendy Wunstell - The Alchemy of Balance

The Alchemy of Balance

Wendy Wunstell

Dennis Baswell - A Wish

A Wish

Dennis Baswell

Solomon Barroa - Fantasy Creatures 1

Fantasy Creatures 1

Solomon Barroa

Barbara de Mora - Winter

Winter's Altar

Barbara de Mora

Jose Mendez - Critter


Jose Mendez

Julie Engelhardt - Azura


Julie Engelhardt

G Berry - The Offering

The Offering

G Berry

Yvonne Wright - Fragile Assertion

Fragile Assertion

Yvonne Wright

Barbara de Mora - The Whale and the Minnow

The Whale and the Minnow

Barbara de Mora

Elenarts - Elena Duvernay Digital Art - Spinosaurus dinosaur - 3D render

Spinosaurus dinosaur - 3D render

Elenarts - Elena Duvernay Digital Art

Hartmut Jager - Dreams of the Future

Dreams of the Future

Hartmut Jager

Rob Corsetti - Bear vs Bull

Bear vs Bull

Rob Corsetti

Yvonne Wright - Mother Earth

Mother Earth

Yvonne Wright

Victor Molev - Archi-Fish


Victor Molev

Susan Schiffer - The Beginning of Joy

The Beginning of Joy

Susan Schiffer

Stephanie Small - Unicorn and Dragon

Unicorn and Dragon

Stephanie Small

KaFra Art - Dysphoria


KaFra Art

Anda Gheorghiu - Scintillating tree

Scintillating tree

Anda Gheorghiu

Hartmut Jager - Blue Nile Guardian

Blue Nile Guardian

Hartmut Jager

Psycho Shadow - Escaped Thoughts

Escaped Thoughts

Psycho Shadow

David Griffith - Oracle


David Griffith

Catherine Melvin - Dainty Dreamer

Dainty Dreamer

Catherine Melvin

Michele Avanti - Dragons Love

Dragons Love

Michele Avanti

Psycho Shadow - Catch the Heart

Catch the Heart

Psycho Shadow

Ali Oppy - Sky light

Sky light

Ali Oppy

Carlos Ferreira - Recency


Carlos Ferreira

Julie Engelhardt - Ruby


Julie Engelhardt

KaFra Art - Bull Elephants

Bull Elephants

KaFra Art

Sherry Shipley - Spirit Buffaloo Totem

Spirit Buffaloo Totem

Sherry Shipley

Stephanie Yates - Dragon Kisses

Dragon Kisses

Stephanie Yates

Victor Molev - Sage on a walk

Sage on a walk

Victor Molev

Victor Molev - Airy-fairy


Victor Molev

Ali Oppy - Lady Godiva

Lady Godiva

Ali Oppy

Paolo Guido - Sun kid

Sun kid

Paolo Guido

Paolo Guido - Cheshire Cat

Cheshire Cat

Paolo Guido

Paolo Guido - Boy With Roses

Boy With Roses

Paolo Guido

Victor Molev - Knight


Victor Molev

G Berry - Floral Kitty

Floral Kitty

G Berry

Paolo Guido - Zimmerman Zebra

Zimmerman Zebra

Paolo Guido

Rob Corsetti - Legendary Archer

Legendary Archer

Rob Corsetti

KaFra Art - Open Arms

Open Arms

KaFra Art

David Neace - Imagination


David Neace

Sherry Shipley - Feline Fairy

Feline Fairy

Sherry Shipley

Alaric Barca - Annunaki


Alaric Barca

Psycho Shadow - Sandstorm


Psycho Shadow

Victor Molev - Leafy seadragon

Leafy seadragon

Victor Molev

Paolo Guido - Titor


Paolo Guido

Ali Oppy - Sea View

Sea View

Ali Oppy

Psycho Shadow - Umbrella Path Way

Umbrella Path Way

Psycho Shadow

Elena Ivanova IvEA - Arrows. Version 2

Arrows. Version 2

Elena Ivanova IvEA

Paolo Guido - Even 02

Even 02

Paolo Guido

Kevin Beaudin - All Growed Up

All Growed Up

Kevin Beaudin

Ali Oppy - Free Flying

Free Flying

Ali Oppy

Susan Maxwell Schmidt - Ophelia


Susan Maxwell Schmidt

John Haldane - Forest Discovery

Forest Discovery

John Haldane

Joseph Kushnir - Scaled Might

Scaled Might

Joseph Kushnir

Putterhug Studio - Summer Solstice 2017

Summer Solstice 2017

Putterhug Studio

David Griffith - Defender of The Realm

Defender of The Realm

David Griffith

Victor Molev - Airy-fairy


Victor Molev

Sherry Shipley - Spirit Bear Totem

Spirit Bear Totem

Sherry Shipley

Hartmut Jager - Loony Cartoon

Loony Cartoon

Hartmut Jager

Wendy Wunstell - Flowers in her Hair

Flowers in her Hair

Wendy Wunstell

Solomon Barroa - Coexistence


Solomon Barroa

Ali Oppy - Forest Lights

Forest Lights

Ali Oppy

Rob Corsetti - Mermaid


Rob Corsetti

Martina Rall - Sea me

Sea me

Martina Rall

Jeremy Martinson - Filraena


Jeremy Martinson

Akiko Okabe - Girl


Akiko Okabe

Psycho Shadow - Midnight Lullaby

Midnight Lullaby

Psycho Shadow

Psycho Shadow - Tree Of Life

Tree Of Life

Psycho Shadow

Fabrizio Uffreduzzi - Chinese Warrior Princess

Chinese Warrior Princess

Fabrizio Uffreduzzi

Joseph Kushnir - King Griffin

King Griffin

Joseph Kushnir

Bartek Blaszczec - Aztec


Bartek Blaszczec

Sherry Shipley - Emerald Eyes

Emerald Eyes

Sherry Shipley

Solomon Barroa - Cradle Snatcher

Cradle Snatcher

Solomon Barroa

Joseph Kushnir - Quiet Drake

Quiet Drake

Joseph Kushnir

Elenarts - Elena Duvernay Digital Art - Skeleton pirate treasure - 3D render

Skeleton pirate treasure - 3D render

Elenarts - Elena Duvernay Digital Art

Hartmut Jager - SPIRIT of THE NILE


Hartmut Jager

G Berry - Lilac Angel

Lilac Angel

G Berry

David Griffith - Fairy Dance

Fairy Dance

David Griffith

Jim Rehlin - Faerie Queen

Faerie Queen

Jim Rehlin

John Haldane - Window Watcher

Window Watcher

John Haldane

Jose Mendez - The Beast

The Beast

Jose Mendez

Psycho Shadow - Magical escape

Magical escape

Psycho Shadow

Hartmut Jager - Secret  Garden

Secret Garden

Hartmut Jager

Victor Molev - Shaggy Bumblebee

Shaggy Bumblebee

Victor Molev

Fabrizio Uffreduzzi - Rhino Warrior

Rhino Warrior

Fabrizio Uffreduzzi

Fabrizio Uffreduzzi - Egyptian Goddess

Egyptian Goddess

Fabrizio Uffreduzzi

G Berry - High Seas

High Seas

G Berry

Linda Simon - Jaden

Jaden's Catch

Linda Simon

Hartmut Jager -  Enigma


Hartmut Jager

Bartek Blaszczec - Huntress


Bartek Blaszczec

Victor Molev - Group Ouroboros

Group Ouroboros

Victor Molev

Solomon Barroa - Magnificent Being

Magnificent Being

Solomon Barroa

Sherry Shipley - Dragon Horse

Dragon Horse

Sherry Shipley

Solomon Barroa - Out In The Open

Out In The Open

Solomon Barroa

Julie Engelhardt - Daphne


Julie Engelhardt

Ana Dragan - Peppermint


Ana Dragan

Ali Oppy - Lady Firefly

Lady Firefly

Ali Oppy

Julie Ware - Black Pegasus

Black Pegasus

Julie Ware

Hartmut Jager - Metamorphosis


Hartmut Jager

Fabrizio Uffreduzzi - Flying Mountain And Monastery

Flying Mountain And Monastery

Fabrizio Uffreduzzi

Sherry Shipley - Orca Fantasy

Orca Fantasy

Sherry Shipley

Makenzie Montminy - Ms. Universe

Ms. Universe

Makenzie Montminy

Carlos Ferreira - Acumen Journey

Acumen Journey

Carlos Ferreira

Hartmut Jager - DAYS of CAMELOT


Hartmut Jager

Psycho Shadow - Wild Knight

Wild Knight

Psycho Shadow

Jim Rehlin - Waning Moon

Waning Moon

Jim Rehlin

Fabrizio Uffreduzzi - Stempunk Station

Stempunk Station

Fabrizio Uffreduzzi

Eric Nagel - Piece of Nature

Piece of Nature

Eric Nagel

Another Dimension Art - Mysterium


Another Dimension Art

Psycho Shadow - My Flying House

My Flying House

Psycho Shadow

Marcel Quesnel - Temptress


Marcel Quesnel

Fabrizio Uffreduzzi - Fairy


Fabrizio Uffreduzzi

Fabrizio Uffreduzzi - Dragon in medieval garden

Dragon in medieval garden

Fabrizio Uffreduzzi

Psycho Shadow - Drought


Psycho Shadow

Carlos Ferreira - ab initio .VERSION 2

ab initio .VERSION 2

Carlos Ferreira

Carlos Ferreira - Yesterday


Carlos Ferreira

Julie Engelhardt - March


Julie Engelhardt

Daniel Eskridge - Sunken


Daniel Eskridge

Hartmut Jager - Four Beauties

Four Beauties

Hartmut Jager

Victor Molev - Keys Master

Keys Master

Victor Molev

Julie Engelhardt - Wren


Julie Engelhardt

Carlos Ferreira - Storm


Carlos Ferreira

Philip Harvey - Dreamer in the Ivy

Dreamer in the Ivy

Philip Harvey

Fabrizio Uffreduzzi - Samurai Warrior

Samurai Warrior

Fabrizio Uffreduzzi

David Griffith - Andromeda


David Griffith

Victor Molev - Pointing Gnome

Pointing Gnome

Victor Molev

Another Dimension Art - Hidden Secrets of the Sierras

Hidden Secrets of the Sierras

Another Dimension Art

Elena Schweitzer - Little owl under mushroom

Little owl under mushroom

Elena Schweitzer

Carlos Ferreira -  Tribute To Dali

Tribute To Dali

Carlos Ferreira

Bartek Blaszczec - Demon


Bartek Blaszczec

Marvin Blaine - Leopard Collection

Leopard Collection

Marvin Blaine

Another Dimension Art - Borrowed Time

Borrowed Time

Another Dimension Art

Victor Molev - Breeder of Khargols

Breeder of Khargols

Victor Molev

Psycho Shadow - StormFall


Psycho Shadow

Stephanie Yates - Kelpie


Stephanie Yates

Laurie Cairone - Gamma Burst

Gamma Burst

Laurie Cairone

Ali Oppy - Misty woods

Misty woods

Ali Oppy

Susan Maxwell Schmidt - No Man

No Man's Land

Susan Maxwell Schmidt

Pamela Smale Williams - Angel Herald

Angel Herald

Pamela Smale Williams

Susan Maxwell Schmidt - Wings of the Night

Wings of the Night

Susan Maxwell Schmidt

Laura L Leatherwood - Love Mermaids

Love Mermaids

Laura L Leatherwood

Jenn Teel - Just Imagine

Just Imagine

Jenn Teel

Duncan Sawyer - In her element

In her element

Duncan Sawyer

Aaron Spong - Dwarf


Aaron Spong

G Berry - Crow 008

Crow 008

G Berry

Sherry Shipley - Free Spirit

Free Spirit

Sherry Shipley

Victor Molev -  The Publican

The Publican

Victor Molev

Rob Corsetti - Pigs and Needles

Pigs and Needles

Rob Corsetti

David Griffith - The Sorceress

The Sorceress

David Griffith

Solomon Barroa - Mermaid and Her Pearls

Mermaid and Her Pearls

Solomon Barroa

Elenarts - Elena Duvernay Digital Art - Fantasy castle - 3D render

Fantasy castle - 3D render

Elenarts - Elena Duvernay Digital Art

KaFra Art - Night Flight

Night Flight

KaFra Art

Victor Molev - Demiurge


Victor Molev

Lise Winne - The Attraction

The Attraction

Lise Winne

Alicia Hollinger - Goth Fairy

Goth Fairy

Alicia Hollinger

Victor Molev - Fisherman


Victor Molev

Stephanie Yates - Believe


Stephanie Yates

Solomon Barroa - Juried Contest

Juried Contest

Solomon Barroa

Susan Maxwell Schmidt - Old Deuteronomy

Old Deuteronomy

Susan Maxwell Schmidt

Brian Wallace - Peter Cottontail

Peter Cottontail

Brian Wallace

Sherry Shipley - Butterfly Pony

Butterfly Pony

Sherry Shipley

Louloua Asgaraly - Flying Umbrellas

Flying Umbrellas

Louloua Asgaraly

Mary Strauchman - Storybook Dragon

Storybook Dragon

Mary Strauchman

Carlos Ferreira - Phloem 3

Phloem 3

Carlos Ferreira

David Griffith - Spring Fae 7

Spring Fae 7

David Griffith

Daniel Eskridge - Unicorn


Daniel Eskridge

Brian Wallace - Fairy Princess

Fairy Princess

Brian Wallace

Leah Marie King - Thunder in the Clouds

Thunder in the Clouds

Leah Marie King

Stephanie Yates - Imagine


Stephanie Yates

Hartmut Jager - Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

Hartmut Jager

Ali Oppy - Saturn Skies

Saturn Skies

Ali Oppy

Solomon Barroa - Abduction


Solomon Barroa

Kathy Kelly - Dragon Dreams

Dragon Dreams

Kathy Kelly

Eric Nagel - The Big Move

The Big Move

Eric Nagel

Solomon Barroa - Dragon Flame

Dragon Flame

Solomon Barroa

Prar Kulasekara - The Secret..

The Secret..

Prar Kulasekara

Margaret Goetze - Pinkies World

Pinkies World

Margaret Goetze

Ali Oppy - Queen Unicorn

Queen Unicorn

Ali Oppy

Laurie Cairone - Cosmic Dragonflies

Cosmic Dragonflies

Laurie Cairone

Bartek Blaszczec - The Main Man

The Main Man

Bartek Blaszczec