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Fine Art America Based Masters Advocacy

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Fine Art America Based Masters Advocacy(Disclaimer: Not affiliated with FAA in any way)

About This Group:
Fine Art America Based Masters Advocacy is a different type of group. I am Debora Lewis, founder of this group and I work to expose your art through my charity work and networking with community functions nationally throughout the United States.

The featured art work here will be chosen as I work with artists on special projects or the community events in which these artists have volunteered to be involved. Involvement means assisting me in landing events or working behind the scenes to make the events a success. I will honor these people as we, the participants, need to know those working for this unique group.

Regarding any contests this group sponsors, you will realize everyone is a winner. We have determined that the internal voting is for guidance and is a nominal aspect to what this group is geared for. I do not give out pats on the back as I am about getting all our work out there in the public eye.

This group accepts five (5) images a day. I want your best work, the work you are proud to display and I want your work that is worthy of the efforts I am willing to do for you! I will not consider adding distasteful work to our images.

I will announce pop-up contests in the contests section of FAA or I will communicate via FAA email new events that will need the group’s participation.

There are no requirements to visit my page to add to the 'click' count. The only way we can really get people to see our work is if we find a way to take our artwork outside, and then bring the people in. I want your ideas, not your clicks.

If you need help with words on a piece, email me. I am happy to assist you.

If you are willing to work for me, I am willing to work for you.
Here’s to your success!
The first finishers are expected about 11:30 HST tonight.

If you have not heard, history has been made as the first boat in 100 years sank, the OEX. They were rescued by the Disney boat. The sailors who performed this extremely difficulty night rescue are being flown back for the celebrations and awards ceremonies. Only 87 boats remain.

Our member RagArt4u, has begun the contest HAWAII POLO.

August 11th India vs. Hawaii Polo Tournament, rain check August 18th.
I will be at the tournament with a tent, 5 Mac Make-Up Artists for the kids, and the artwork in the background running on a slide show on a couple of laptops. This includes everyone who places a piece in the contest.


Please see the link to the Monthly News to the Fort Worth Aviation Museum. Notice on the left-hand that we are going to get a plug to 30,000 people in their flyer next month to see the artwork of the artists in our group. If the link does not work, copy it and paste it in your browser, or go to their website.


With these two ads alone in their flyer, we will hit 30,000 subscribers twice to come to this group on this site. We are also going to run year-round on their website. High Five to all who assisted me and continue to assist me. I think there's a few thousand Federal museums to explore. If we do well, an annual Battle of the Artists as a highlight on National Aviation Day is in their plans. Just think if we could build an annual battle of the artists in Fort Worth Texas every year. Thrilling.

Aviation artwork only to be mailed with your card and your biography. First round to hit the big silent auction is July 7, to give them time. If you are 24 or 48 hours late, you'll be okay.

Mail to:

Brittany Spraggins
Direct Of Museum Operations, Fort Worth Aviation M
3610 Christopher Drive
Rowlett, TX 75088

Otherwise, it goes to the August and September events. Be certain you indicate the value of your piece and the cost to mail it so you can receive your tax document.

Here's a bit from their flyer:

National Aviation Day Activities

We will celebrate National Aviation Day in a big way this year. In addition to our usual activities and special exhibits, we will be conducting a screening of the classic 'Top Gun' and be holding an aviation art show and silent auction.

Seating for 'Top Gun' will be limited to 200 people and advanced ticket purchases will be required. More on this next month.

A group of artists are donating works of art to us to raise funds for our recovery efforts. The silent auction of these works will take place at the museum on August 17th. Details next month, but for now, save the date, August 17th.


Debora Lewis

Honolulu, HI

United States

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This group was started on June 20th, 2019.