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Fine Art Traditional-modern Nudes



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G Linsenmayer

Spring Hill, FL

United States

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This group was started on April 7th, 2012 and currently has:

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Fine Art Traditional-modern Nudes

About This Group

fine art traditional-modern nudes...
My idea is basically this...
- serious and real artists
- no (mostly) photographers; particularly, no straight-on photos - the web is already overwhelming full of photo-images
- I think of 'traditional-modern' nudes as being paintings, original digital images, ... which are recognizable as being images of nudes.
- In an effort to keep total numbers of art pieces within bounds, I try to keep (in a sort of arbitrary way) pieces from any single artist to some (again, sort of arbitrary) level. Similarly, I try to select 'featured' from a variety of artists, limiting 'featured' to relatively small numbers.

Featured Images

Anna Ewa Miarczynska - Inhabitants of the Sky Realm

Inhabitants of the Sky Realm

Anna Ewa Miarczynska

Mike Murtagh - Chloe Stretching

Chloe Stretching

Mike Murtagh

Andre MEHU - Delicacies


Andre MEHU

Denis Chernov - 2012 Warm May

2012 Warm May

Denis Chernov

Denis Chernov - Blue Pattern

Blue Pattern

Denis Chernov

Richard Hescox - The Storm Queen

The Storm Queen

Richard Hescox

Richard Hescox - The Dryad

The Dryad's Throne

Richard Hescox

Safir  Rifas - Reverie detail

Reverie detail

Safir Rifas

Denis Chernov - Model VI

Model VI

Denis Chernov

Chris Andruskiewicz - Quiet Storm

Quiet Storm

Chris Andruskiewicz

Richard Young - Permission


Richard Young

Richard Young - Sacred


Richard Young

Richard Young - Chastity


Richard Young

Lucy Morar - After the Show

After the Show

Lucy Morar

Lucy Morar - Crystal Soul

Crystal Soul

Lucy Morar

Thu Nguyen - Deep in thought

Deep in thought

Thu Nguyen

Thu Nguyen - 8 30 A.m.

8 30 A.m.

Thu Nguyen

Dejan Krstic - Hanging Gardens

Hanging Gardens

Dejan Krstic