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Five Star Artist

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Five Star Artist*This group is BY INVITATION ONLY.*

JOINING WITHOUT AN OK to join, means you did not read our rules, and an automatic DELETION is made.

The group limit is 200 members.

How to apply: if you have at least 50 top level images / art work in your portfolio, send and email to the admin and she will check your images.
If you have at least 50 top level images, and there is room for new members in the group, the admin will welcome you to the group.

This art group is designed for artists who create TOP LEVEL ART, wether it is a painting, photograph, mixed media or digital art.
The focus is to feature FANTASTIC art work in all mediums.

PICK YOUR BEST PIECES -> there is a tough competition in this quality group!


1. Any Medium is OK. Top level, high quality art only.


3. No nudity. No violence. No politics. Religious themes are OK, but WITHOUT text.

4. ALL submitted artwork must have a DESCRIPTION. Also choose the correct MEDIUM for your ARTWORK: photograph, digital art, digital painting, painting, mixed media...

5. Enable FULL RESOLUTION PREVIEW (so images can be studied closely)

7. STAY ACTIVE. We will make room for the artists in queue, if you do not submit art work at least once every 3 months (painters) / 1 month (photographers and digital artists).

Please participate sometimes in the promo threads. When you participate, follow the promo rules.

We are FAA committed artist group, and ask that you are also.

Do not start new discussions. Those can be done in FAA general discussion board.

FAA rule:
No Spamming the Group. That is, adding work that is not suitable for the group as per our image acceptance rules. If you do this, your membership from this group will be terminated.

This applies also to following promo and contest rules.

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Group Overview

This group was started on March 3rd, 2015.