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Garden Tripod



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Charlie Mclenahan


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This group was started on August 11th, 2013 and currently has:

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Garden Tripod

About This Group

Update, the Garden Tripod magazine is no longer a monthly e publication. It is working towards a year book or catalog .. Do please keep posting your images in the group. If you are selected for inclusion for the year book you will be contacted before publication.


The Garden Tripod is a magazine that is free to view and free to produce e magazine. It is based in horticulture and is now accepting works and text across the web . We accept all things horticultural, including trees, shrubs, flowers and garden images.

The magazine can be viewed from the Garden Tripod web page

It is our aim to promote the best images within the magazine, all works are linked back to your web page or FFA page, with your artist name and image title.

If your image is chosen for the Garden Tripod magazine, it will appear in the feature list.

Hi, I am pleased to say that the garden tripod romantic garden contest has been added to the garden tripods December issue of the Garden Tripod magazine. to view just go to .. the pullout romantic garden contest is under the all publications heading, or can be accessed via the main magazine.
Thanking all of you that entered this contest

Featured Images

Georgia Sheron - Lavendar Garden

Lavendar Garden

Georgia Sheron

Georgia Sheron - Wall To View From

Wall To View From

Georgia Sheron

Georgia Sheron - Buttercups And Lupine

Buttercups And Lupine

Georgia Sheron

Debbie Oppermann - Showstopper


Debbie Oppermann

Rabiah Seminole - Peaceful Snowy Morning

Peaceful Snowy Morning

Rabiah Seminole

Georgia Sheron - Hidden Shadows

Hidden Shadows

Georgia Sheron

Judy Wolinsky - Shades Of Red

Shades Of Red

Judy Wolinsky

Doug Norkum - Unfoldment


Doug Norkum

Bruce Pritchett - Violet Petal soft

Violet Petal soft

Bruce Pritchett

Georgia Mizuleva - Glowing Autumn - Oak Leaf

Glowing Autumn - Oak Leaf

Georgia Mizuleva

Debbie Oppermann - Chickadee In Autumn

Chickadee In Autumn

Debbie Oppermann

Tiffany Anthony - Queen Anne

Queen Anne's Demise

Tiffany Anthony

Lee Craig - Torch of Autumn

Torch of Autumn

Lee Craig

Yuriy Vekshinskiy - Apples November

Apples November

Yuriy Vekshinskiy

Denise Clark - Afternoon Light

Afternoon Light

Denise Clark

Denise Clark - Scribbled Abstract

Scribbled Abstract

Denise Clark

Denise Clark - The Green Man Weeps

The Green Man Weeps

Denise Clark

Denise Clark - Clean Start

Clean Start

Denise Clark

Susan Duda - Snail Love

Snail Love

Susan Duda

Greg Allore - Orchard Web

Orchard Web

Greg Allore

Scott Pellegrin - On the Launch Pad

On the Launch Pad

Scott Pellegrin

Patti Whitten - The Atlas Moth

The Atlas Moth

Patti Whitten

Thomas Woolworth - Wishing You Were Here

Wishing You Were Here

Thomas Woolworth

Lois Bryan - Secret Garden

Secret Garden

Lois Bryan

Bruce Pritchett - A Garden Dream

A Garden Dream

Bruce Pritchett

Chris Dale - Wheeelbarrow


Chris Dale

Georgia Sheron - Well House

Well House

Georgia Sheron

Lewanda Laboy - Funkadelic Decor

Funkadelic Decor

Lewanda Laboy

Laurie Search - Eternal


Laurie Search

Alexander Senin - Lines Of Life And Love

Lines Of Life And Love

Alexander Senin

Susan Maxwell Schmidt - Formation


Susan Maxwell Schmidt

Doug Norkum - Burgundy Button

Burgundy Button

Doug Norkum

Stuart Harrison - Calla Lily

Calla Lily

Stuart Harrison

Mark McKinney - Encore for Autumn

Encore for Autumn

Mark McKinney

Susan Duda - Luminous Lilly

Luminous Lilly

Susan Duda

Marty Saccone - Backlit Blossoms

Backlit Blossoms

Marty Saccone

Rabiah Seminole - Sunset


Rabiah Seminole

Marty Saccone - Flaming Tree

Flaming Tree

Marty Saccone

Stuart Harrison - Long Leaf Pine

Long Leaf Pine

Stuart Harrison

Elisabeth Ann - Golden Sunset

Golden Sunset

Elisabeth Ann

Stuart Harrison - Fresh Picked

Fresh Picked

Stuart Harrison

Kay Sparks - Under The Shroom

Under The Shroom

Kay Sparks

Lucinda Walter - Jewel


Lucinda Walter

Stuart Harrison - Spider Lily

Spider Lily

Stuart Harrison

Marilyn Cornwell - Red Splendour

Red Splendour

Marilyn Cornwell

Lois Bryan - Heavy Laden

Heavy Laden

Lois Bryan

Scott Pellegrin - Lotus


Scott Pellegrin

Adele Buttolph - Bench Under Pine

Bench Under Pine

Adele Buttolph

Karen E Camilleri - Black Magic

Black Magic

Karen E Camilleri

Robert McCubbin - Smilin Atchya

Smilin Atchya

Robert McCubbin

Adele Buttolph - Poppy Unfolding

Poppy Unfolding

Adele Buttolph

Ross Henton - Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden

Ross Henton

Denise Clark - Sunning ourselves

Sunning ourselves

Denise Clark

Ross Henton - Black Iris

Black Iris

Ross Henton

Michael Friedman - Fancy Iris

Fancy Iris

Michael Friedman

Debbie Oppermann - Cream And Tan Iris

Cream And Tan Iris

Debbie Oppermann

Michael Friedman - Almost


Michael Friedman

Elisabeth Ann - Ferns Ferns Oh My

Ferns Ferns Oh My

Elisabeth Ann

Priya Ghose - Dreamy Green Fern

Dreamy Green Fern

Priya Ghose

Rabiah Seminole - Harry Too

Harry Too

Rabiah Seminole

Rabiah Seminole - Hosta Blooms

Hosta Blooms

Rabiah Seminole

Lee Craig - Columbine


Lee Craig

Ann Horn - Mows No More

Mows No More

Ann Horn

Carlton Britt - Tools of the past

Tools of the past

Carlton Britt

Jennifer E Doll - Tropical Beauty

Tropical Beauty

Jennifer E Doll

Thomas Woolworth - The End Of The Path

The End Of The Path

Thomas Woolworth