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Grow Your AudienceThe goal of this group, is to help everyone gain more viewership, better search rankings and ultimately more sales by creating a supportive communityof members who will voluntarily promote each other's work.

Participating in discussion threads is not required, but highly encouraged. Please follow thread guidelines if you choose to participate.


Any format - photography, art, digital, etc.

Family friendly [no politics, no derogatory, no racist, no violent, no graphic], etc.images . Tasteful nudes accepted at administrator's discretion.

Post your image urls from FAA (instead of Pixels), as some members have difficulty logging into that site and would therefore not be able to view/visit images otherwise.

Features are nice, but the more comments, likes, favs and shares on SM (social media) your works get ------->the more people see your work (exposure) ------> the better the chances of making sales.. joing the discussions.

When participating in discussion threads, please allow at least three others (unless otherwise stated) to post before posting again. This helps to spread out exposure amongst participants and keep things interesting. PLEASE DO NOT 'POST AND RUN' in discussion groups (images will be removed.)

This group also has a page on instagram ( https://www.instagram.com/gya_group/ ) and Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/GYA-Group-345430986008751/ ) - selected works from the group's image gallery are shared on these platforms.

Questions and suggestions are welcomed. Just send an email.

Thank you for joining and participating in this group.


NAJE Foto - Nelly Rodriguez

New York, NY

United States

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This group was started on August 2nd, 2018.