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Historic Britain And Ireland



Group Administrator

Nigel Fletcher-Jones

New York, NY

United States

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This group was started on April 9th, 2011 and currently has:

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Historic Britain And Ireland

About This Group

This group is devoted to all types of images (photographs, painting, drawings) representing prehistoric and historic aspects of Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) and Ireland (Northern Ireland and Eire (the Republic of Ireland)). These aspects would include buildings (historic homes, churches, etc.), historic land- or city-scapes (battlefields, cobbled streets, etc.) and archaeological sites (standing stones, ruined castles).

People should be a minimal part of the image unless they are historically relevant.

Featured Images

Dave Bowman - Slaggan Ruins

Slaggan Ruins

Dave Bowman

Ian Mitchell - Olde Church Organ

Olde Church Organ

Ian Mitchell

Adrian Evans - St Cwyfans Church

St Cwyfans Church

Adrian Evans

Ian Mitchell - Spirit of the Lord

Spirit of the Lord

Ian Mitchell

David Birchall - Yesterday

Yesterday's Railway

David Birchall

Dave Bowman - Bamburgh Castle

Bamburgh Castle

Dave Bowman

Diane Macdonald - Eilean Donan Castle

Eilean Donan Castle

Diane Macdonald

Nigel Fletcher-Jones - Dreaming Spires

Dreaming Spires

Nigel Fletcher-Jones

David Birchall - Arrival at Quorn

Arrival at Quorn

David Birchall

Menega Sabidussi - Trim Castle

Trim Castle

Menega Sabidussi

Alan Armstrong - # 7 The London Eye UK

# 7 The London Eye UK

Alan Armstrong

Maria Gaellman - Loch Garry at Sunset

Loch Garry at Sunset

Maria Gaellman

Adrian Evans - Sun and Moon Chapel

Sun and Moon Chapel

Adrian Evans

Richard Brookes - Faded Glory

Faded Glory

Richard Brookes

Kathryn Bell - Morcambe Twilight

Morcambe Twilight

Kathryn Bell

Fergal Gleeson - Portal Tomb

Portal Tomb

Fergal Gleeson

Chris Lord - Lancing College

Lancing College

Chris Lord

Adrian Evans - Anglesey Barracks

Anglesey Barracks

Adrian Evans

Darren Wilkes - The Duke

The Duke

Darren Wilkes

Claire  Doherty - Best of British

Best of British

Claire Doherty

Dave Bowman - Highland Cottage 1

Highland Cottage 1

Dave Bowman

Dennis Ludlow - London


Dennis Ludlow

Michael Rucker - Frozen Park Benches

Frozen Park Benches

Michael Rucker

Dave Bowman - Ring Of Brodgar

Ring Of Brodgar

Dave Bowman

Roddy Atkinson - Dunnottar Castle

Dunnottar Castle

Roddy Atkinson

Ian Mitchell - Olde Lighthouse

Olde Lighthouse

Ian Mitchell

Neil Finnemore - Beeston Castle

Beeston Castle

Neil Finnemore

The Keasbury-Gordon Photograph Archive - Breaking the Great Eastern in the River Mersey England

Breaking the Great Eastern in the River Mersey England

The Keasbury-Gordon Photograph Archive

Grant Glendinning - Carrbridge


Grant Glendinning

Rona Black - Oxford Geek

Oxford Geek

Rona Black

Evelina Kremsdorf - World Of Books

World Of Books

Evelina Kremsdorf

Ian Mitchell - St Beunos Church

St Beunos Church

Ian Mitchell

The Keasbury-Gordon Photograph Archive - Barnet Gate Windmill London England

Barnet Gate Windmill London England

The Keasbury-Gordon Photograph Archive

Adrian Evans - Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity

Adrian Evans

The Keasbury-Gordon Photograph Archive - Caernarvon Wales

Caernarvon Wales

The Keasbury-Gordon Photograph Archive

Svetlana Sewell - Dunguaire Castle

Dunguaire Castle

Svetlana Sewell

DM Photography- Dan Mongosa - Minard Castle on Storm Beach

Minard Castle on Storm Beach

DM Photography- Dan Mongosa

Darren Wilkes - Lead The Way

Lead The Way

Darren Wilkes

Aidan Moran -  Brien

Brien's Tower

Aidan Moran

The Keasbury-Gordon Photograph Archive - Robin Hood

Robin Hood's Bay Lifeboat England

The Keasbury-Gordon Photograph Archive

The Keasbury-Gordon Photograph Archive - Shakespeare

Shakespeare's Birth Place Stratford on Avon England

The Keasbury-Gordon Photograph Archive

Adrian Evans - The Holy Bible

The Holy Bible

Adrian Evans

Peter Sandilands - Haymaking in Wales

Haymaking in Wales

Peter Sandilands

Ross Henton - Enigma


Ross Henton

Adrian Evans - Victorian Shower

Victorian Shower

Adrian Evans

Terri Waters - Jamaica Inn Sign

Jamaica Inn Sign

Terri Waters

Catherine Perkinton - Ancient Stones

Ancient Stones

Catherine Perkinton

CandyAppleRed Images - On Carey Street

On Carey Street

CandyAppleRed Images

Ross Henton - The General

The General

Ross Henton

Andrew Barker - The Illuminated Abbey

The Illuminated Abbey

Andrew Barker

Ian Mitchell - Sunny Church

Sunny Church

Ian Mitchell

The Keasbury-Gordon Photograph Archive - Skating on the frozen River Thames at Oxford England

Skating on the frozen River Thames at Oxford England

The Keasbury-Gordon Photograph Archive

Adrian Evans - Moel Famau

Moel Famau

Adrian Evans

The Keasbury-Gordon Photograph Archive - Scarborough Yorkshire England

Scarborough Yorkshire England

The Keasbury-Gordon Photograph Archive

The Keasbury-Gordon Photograph Archive - Crofters digging peat Scotland

Crofters digging peat Scotland

The Keasbury-Gordon Photograph Archive

Lee-Anne Rafferty-Evans - Leeds Castle at Dawn

Leeds Castle at Dawn

Lee-Anne Rafferty-Evans

Diane Macdonald - Still Waters

Still Waters

Diane Macdonald

Ronnie Reffin - Nature At The Gate

Nature At The Gate

Ronnie Reffin

Denise Mazzocco - Gold Hill

Gold Hill

Denise Mazzocco

David Birchall - Sutton Scarsdale Hall

Sutton Scarsdale Hall

David Birchall

Darren Wilkes - Christmas Time

Christmas Time

Darren Wilkes

Francis  McCafferty - Old World..

Old World..

Francis McCafferty

Trevor Kersley - Mount Grace Priory

Mount Grace Priory

Trevor Kersley

Ian Mitchell - St Mary

St Mary's

Ian Mitchell

Grant Glendinning - Caerlaverock Castle

Caerlaverock Castle

Grant Glendinning

Ross G Strachan - Ancient Burial Ground

Ancient Burial Ground

Ross G Strachan

Ann Horn - Oxford Spires

Oxford Spires

Ann Horn

Fiona Messenger - Millennium Bridge Sunset

Millennium Bridge Sunset

Fiona Messenger

Darren Wilkes - Parish of st Melyd

Parish of st Melyd

Darren Wilkes

Carol Wisniewski - Ye Olde Country Inn Charm

Ye Olde Country Inn Charm

Carol Wisniewski

Ross Henton - Genius at Work

Genius at Work

Ross Henton

Mike McGlothlen - Bobby


Mike McGlothlen

Bill Holkham - Hot Air Ballooning

Hot Air Ballooning

Bill Holkham

Dave Bowman - Forth Bridge

Forth Bridge

Dave Bowman

Steve Watson - The Ring of Brodgar

The Ring of Brodgar

Steve Watson

Adrian Evans - The Welsh Bible

The Welsh Bible

Adrian Evans

Evelina Kremsdorf - Place Of Higher Power

Place Of Higher Power

Evelina Kremsdorf

Adrian Evans - The Shepherd

The Shepherd

Adrian Evans

Steve Watson - Stenness Sunset 5

Stenness Sunset 5

Steve Watson

Nigel Jones - Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips

Nigel Jones

Adrian Evans - Victorian Cottage

Victorian Cottage

Adrian Evans

Nigel Jones - Departure


Nigel Jones

Darren Wilkes - Draws of Drugs

Draws of Drugs

Darren Wilkes

Robert Radford - Gmt Greenwich London

Gmt Greenwich London

Robert Radford

Adrian Evans - Ruin with a View

Ruin with a View

Adrian Evans

Adrian Evans - St John Ysbyty Ifan

St John Ysbyty Ifan

Adrian Evans

Ross Henton - Henry Street

Henry Street

Ross Henton

Ross Henton - Salisbury Spires

Salisbury Spires

Ross Henton

Dorit Fuhg - Tintagel Coas

Tintagel Coas

Dorit Fuhg

David Birchall - Bamburgh Castle 2

Bamburgh Castle 2

David Birchall

Adrian Evans - St Celynnin Church

St Celynnin Church

Adrian Evans

Michaela Perryman - Callanai Morning

Callanai Morning

Michaela Perryman

Dave Bowman - Pilot Cottages

Pilot Cottages

Dave Bowman

Andrzej Szczerski -  Lucky In Love

Lucky In Love

Andrzej Szczerski

Adrian Evans - Victorian Street

Victorian Street

Adrian Evans

Heather Applegate - Old Royal Naval College

Old Royal Naval College

Heather Applegate

Trevor Kersley - Grosmont Station

Grosmont Station

Trevor Kersley

Mike McGlothlen - Cathedral Man

Cathedral Man

Mike McGlothlen

Mike McGlothlen - The Cross - Ireland

The Cross - Ireland

Mike McGlothlen

Henry Hemming - Glenfinnan


Henry Hemming

Ross G Strachan - Clifford

Clifford's Tower

Ross G Strachan

Ross G Strachan - An Edinburgh Winter

An Edinburgh Winter

Ross G Strachan

Adrian Evans - Old Dock

Old Dock

Adrian Evans

Adrian Evans - Victorian Canal

Victorian Canal

Adrian Evans

John Williams - Sailing Ship

Sailing Ship

John Williams

Adrian Evans - Canal Boat

Canal Boat

Adrian Evans

Adrian Evans - Council of Monkeys

Council of Monkeys

Adrian Evans

John Williams - Castle Gate

Castle Gate

John Williams

John Williams - Bulley Church

Bulley Church

John Williams

Trevor Kersley - Walk on the Pier

Walk on the Pier

Trevor Kersley

Adrian Evans - Golden Cross

Golden Cross

Adrian Evans

Heather Applegate - The Smoking Room

The Smoking Room

Heather Applegate

Roddy Atkinson - Dunstanburgh Castle

Dunstanburgh Castle

Roddy Atkinson

Trevor Kersley - The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse

Trevor Kersley

Noel Sofley - Tur Scrabo

Tur Scrabo

Noel Sofley

Heather Applegate - Chimney Tops

Chimney Tops

Heather Applegate

Trevor Kersley - Lendal Bridge York

Lendal Bridge York

Trevor Kersley

Henry Hemming - Bodiam Castle

Bodiam Castle

Henry Hemming

Heather Applegate - Stoney Street

Stoney Street

Heather Applegate

Ann Horn - Chimney Pots

Chimney Pots

Ann Horn

Adrian Evans - Coconut Shy

Coconut Shy

Adrian Evans

Adrian Evans - Colwyn Pier

Colwyn Pier

Adrian Evans

Adrian Evans - Pilot Cottages

Pilot Cottages

Adrian Evans

Sarah Broadmeadow-Thomas - Autumn in Ironbridge

Autumn in Ironbridge

Sarah Broadmeadow-Thomas

Adrian Evans - Ironbridge


Adrian Evans

Lianne Schneider - Walls of Southampton

Walls of Southampton

Lianne Schneider

Paul Howarth - Shadows of The Past

Shadows of The Past

Paul Howarth

Trevor Kersley - Fleetwood Marsh Wrecks

Fleetwood Marsh Wrecks

Trevor Kersley

Charlotte Blanchard - On The Hunt

On The Hunt

Charlotte Blanchard

Trevor Kersley - The Train

The Train

Trevor Kersley

Mike McGlothlen - End of the Rainbow

End of the Rainbow

Mike McGlothlen

Heather Applegate - British Museum

British Museum

Heather Applegate

Black Sun Forge   - Diana

Diana's Memorial

Black Sun Forge

Svetlana Sewell - Valley


Svetlana Sewell

Trevor Kersley - Dracula

Dracula's Home

Trevor Kersley

Adrian Evans - Llanddwyn Beacon

Llanddwyn Beacon

Adrian Evans

Black Sun Forge   - A good day for the tube

A good day for the tube

Black Sun Forge

Trevor Kersley - St Gregorys Minster

St Gregorys Minster

Trevor Kersley

Joe OConnor - The Long Walk

The Long Walk

Joe OConnor

Donald Davis - Thames Sunrise

Thames Sunrise

Donald Davis

Svetlana Sewell - York Minster02

York Minster02

Svetlana Sewell

Trudi Doyle - Summer Morning

Summer Morning

Trudi Doyle

Chris Cardwell - Harland and Wolff

Harland and Wolff

Chris Cardwell

Brendan Howard - St Giles Cathedral

St Giles Cathedral

Brendan Howard

Derek Smyth - Dunluce Castle

Dunluce Castle

Derek Smyth

Sarah Broadmeadow-Thomas - Black Country Living Museum II

Black Country Living Museum II

Sarah Broadmeadow-Thomas

Sarah Broadmeadow-Thomas - Ironbridge Winter

Ironbridge Winter

Sarah Broadmeadow-Thomas

Kamil Swiatek - Big Ben

Big Ben

Kamil Swiatek

Raymond Alfred Gilronan - Victorian London Fleet Street

Victorian London Fleet Street

Raymond Alfred Gilronan

Cindy Nunn - Best Mates

Best Mates

Cindy Nunn

Cindy Nunn - Church Candles

Church Candles

Cindy Nunn

Diane Macdonald - Neist Point Lighthouse

Neist Point Lighthouse

Diane Macdonald

Evelina Kremsdorf - In The Depth Of My Soul

In The Depth Of My Soul

Evelina Kremsdorf

Carmen Kolcsar - Orkney


Carmen Kolcsar

Carmen Kolcsar - Moidart


Carmen Kolcsar

Svetlana Sewell - The Great Orme

The Great Orme

Svetlana Sewell

Evelina Kremsdorf - Window Shopping

Window Shopping

Evelina Kremsdorf

Evelina Kremsdorf - Deja Brew

Deja Brew

Evelina Kremsdorf

Grant Glendinning - Barr Castle reflection

Barr Castle reflection

Grant Glendinning

Lainie Wrightson - Stained Glass Glow

Stained Glass Glow

Lainie Wrightson

Lainie Wrightson - North Cotswold Bakery

North Cotswold Bakery

Lainie Wrightson

Evelina Kremsdorf - Hope Has A Place

Hope Has A Place

Evelina Kremsdorf

Geoffrey Brady - London Telephones

London Telephones

Geoffrey Brady

Sheila Laurens - Whittington Castle

Whittington Castle

Sheila Laurens

Sally Weigand - Stained Glass Window

Stained Glass Window

Sally Weigand

Mindy Newman - Stonehenge


Mindy Newman

Mike McGlothlen - The Light - Ireland

The Light - Ireland

Mike McGlothlen

James Brunker - The Hanging Basket 1

The Hanging Basket 1

James Brunker

Keith Stokes - The Actor

The Actor's Church

Keith Stokes

Den McKervey - Framed on the Beach

Framed on the Beach

Den McKervey

Tony Crockford - Old Hever Castle

Old Hever Castle

Tony Crockford

Mike McGlothlen - Bath England Spillway

Bath England Spillway

Mike McGlothlen

Don Alexander  Lumsden - Loch Ard

Loch Ard

Don Alexander Lumsden

Donald Davis - Sunlit Celtic Cross

Sunlit Celtic Cross

Donald Davis

Matthias Keysermann - Ross Fountain

Ross Fountain

Matthias Keysermann

Donald Davis - Big Ben and Eye

Big Ben and Eye

Donald Davis

Andrea Everhard - Streets of Lyme Regis

Streets of Lyme Regis

Andrea Everhard

Lee-Anne Rafferty-Evans - Sunset over Dungeness Kent England

Sunset over Dungeness Kent England

Lee-Anne Rafferty-Evans

Grant Glendinning - Eglinton Castle

Eglinton Castle

Grant Glendinning

Don Alexander  Lumsden - Forth Road Bridge

Forth Road Bridge

Don Alexander Lumsden

Don Alexander  Lumsden - Edinburgh View

Edinburgh View

Don Alexander Lumsden

Don Alexander  Lumsden - Boats At Rest

Boats At Rest

Don Alexander Lumsden

Lainie Wrightson - Tintagel Beach

Tintagel Beach

Lainie Wrightson

Grant Glendinning - Caelaverock Castle

Caelaverock Castle

Grant Glendinning

Grant Glendinning - Stirling bridge

Stirling bridge

Grant Glendinning

Grant Glendinning - Threave  Castle

Threave Castle

Grant Glendinning

Lainie Wrightson - Stained Glass Angel

Stained Glass Angel

Lainie Wrightson

Keith Stokes - At Rest

At Rest

Keith Stokes

Heather Nel - Britainia


Heather Nel

Steve Watson - Dunstanburgh Castle

Dunstanburgh Castle

Steve Watson

Donald Davis - Leeds Castle Kent

Leeds Castle Kent

Donald Davis

Mindy Newman - English Garden

English Garden

Mindy Newman

Aidan Moran - Muckross House

Muckross House

Aidan Moran

Donald Davis - Windmill - Kent

Windmill - Kent

Donald Davis

Heather Nel - Arlington Row

Arlington Row

Heather Nel

Heather Nel - Conflux


Heather Nel

Steve Watson - Glencoe


Steve Watson

Heather Applegate - Manchester Town Hall

Manchester Town Hall

Heather Applegate

Steve Watson - Urquhart Catle

Urquhart Catle

Steve Watson

James Brunker - Bodinnick Cornwall

Bodinnick Cornwall

James Brunker

Emer O Hara - Roscommon Castle

Roscommon Castle

Emer O Hara

Mindy Newman - Pillar of England

Pillar of England

Mindy Newman

Lee-Anne Rafferty-Evans - Sound Mirrors on the South Coast

Sound Mirrors on the South Coast

Lee-Anne Rafferty-Evans

Steve Watson - From Another Time

From Another Time

Steve Watson

Lee-Anne Rafferty-Evans - Under the stars

Under the stars

Lee-Anne Rafferty-Evans

Lee-Anne Rafferty-Evans - Bodiam Castle

Bodiam Castle

Lee-Anne Rafferty-Evans

James Brunker - Hastings Net Shops

Hastings Net Shops

James Brunker

Lee-Anne Rafferty-Evans - Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle

Lee-Anne Rafferty-Evans

Lee-Anne Rafferty-Evans - Field of Poppies

Field of Poppies

Lee-Anne Rafferty-Evans

Lainie Wrightson - Saint Michael

Saint Michael's Mount

Lainie Wrightson

James Brunker - Housing Shortages

Housing Shortages

James Brunker

Nicola Butt - Scotney Castle

Scotney Castle

Nicola Butt

Lianne Schneider - Ave Maria...Gratia Plena

Ave Maria...Gratia Plena

Lianne Schneider

Donald Davis - Tower and Gherkin

Tower and Gherkin

Donald Davis

Heather Applegate - Daunting


Heather Applegate

Aidan Moran - Derrynane Abbey

Derrynane Abbey

Aidan Moran

Roddy Atkinson - Kel Burn Waterfall

Kel Burn Waterfall

Roddy Atkinson

Antonio J Pizarro - Colors of Cobh

Colors of Cobh

Antonio J Pizarro

Martina Fagan - Into the Gardens

Into the Gardens

Martina Fagan

Aidan Moran - Dry Stone Wall

Dry Stone Wall

Aidan Moran

Roddy Atkinson - Bonnington Linn

Bonnington Linn

Roddy Atkinson

Martina Fagan - Lismore Castle Gate

Lismore Castle Gate

Martina Fagan

Ann Horn - London Icons

London Icons

Ann Horn

Aidan Moran - Ross Castle

Ross Castle

Aidan Moran

Roddy Atkinson - Elgol


Roddy Atkinson

Steve Watson - Over the Bridge

Over the Bridge

Steve Watson

Roddy Atkinson - Eilean Donan

Eilean Donan

Roddy Atkinson

Sally Weigand - Cottage Door

Cottage Door

Sally Weigand

Chris Lord - Arundel


Chris Lord

Alice Gosling - Deal Pier

Deal Pier

Alice Gosling

Carol Wisniewski - Burn O Vat Scotland

Burn O Vat Scotland

Carol Wisniewski

Steve Watson - Cellarium


Steve Watson

Steve Watson - Kilchurn Castle

Kilchurn Castle

Steve Watson

Steve Watson - Howden Minster

Howden Minster

Steve Watson

Donald Davis - Misty St Budeaux

Misty St Budeaux

Donald Davis

Martina Fagan - Birr Castle Demesne

Birr Castle Demesne

Martina Fagan

Donald Davis - Big Ben London

Big Ben London

Donald Davis

Martina Fagan - The Jolly Judge

The Jolly Judge

Martina Fagan

Diane Macdonald - Guardian of the Loch

Guardian of the Loch

Diane Macdonald

Martina Fagan - Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

Martina Fagan

Martina Fagan - Slane Abbey

Slane Abbey

Martina Fagan

Ann Horn - Tower Ravens

Tower Ravens

Ann Horn

Martina Fagan - Ardgillan Demesne

Ardgillan Demesne

Martina Fagan

Steve Watson - Norham Castle

Norham Castle

Steve Watson

Steve Watson - Castlerigg


Steve Watson

Carol Wisniewski - Victorian Mailbox

Victorian Mailbox

Carol Wisniewski

Martina Fagan - Mountain Road

Mountain Road

Martina Fagan

Catherine Eager - Glendalough Tower

Glendalough Tower

Catherine Eager

Nigel Fletcher-Jones - Castell Carreg Cennen

Castell Carreg Cennen

Nigel Fletcher-Jones

Andrea Everhard - Durdle Door

Durdle Door

Andrea Everhard

Ann Horn - Abbey Towers

Abbey Towers

Ann Horn

Nigel Fletcher-Jones - Gloucester Cathedral Cloisters

Gloucester Cathedral Cloisters

Nigel Fletcher-Jones

Nigel Fletcher-Jones - Senlac Hill

Senlac Hill

Nigel Fletcher-Jones