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Illinois Art Photography

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Illinois Art PhotographyThe stunning landscapes, both natural rolling hills, prairies, hardwood forests, lakes, rivers, waterfalls and man-made urban landscapes with world famous buildings, quaint rural towns and so much more.

Illinois Art Photography - Artist Group is a place for photography in all its forms including color, black and white, digital layering, painting, HDR, photo manipulation, in fact so long as the base image is a photograph, anything goes.

Welcome Visitors!

You are visiting the home page for Illinois Art Photography, a curated artist group. You will find our ever-changing featured images, those images selected from among many more images in our Artwork Gallery where you may see the full range of images from our talented photographer members. I urge you to take the time and see all we have to offer.



ARTISTS -- Group Rules

The purpose of groups is to share a sampling of your works and lead collectors back to your profile page.

Please only exhibit your very best!! The more distinctive and unique, with strong composition, the better chance of being a Feature.

This group will try to feature 1 artwork from each group member around the Wednesday of each week, and only when it uses the = Illinois = keyword, however only feature the best new works from the previous 7 days ==== but only 1 PER DAY, please!

Group Guidelines

This is a family site so please no nudes or other graphic images, unless it completes the story telling of the subject, but is not the subject.

Please no political or religious imagery that is overtly political or religious. In other words, images of architectural interest are acceptable but images with a partisan overtone will be rejected.

No crooked horizons. It is so easy to fix, just fix your horizons.

Your images must make ILLINOIS explicitly clear in the keywords or descriptions to be accepted.

==== artists who repeatedly ignore the rules will sadly have to be removed from this group without notice ====

Forum Rules

When participating in discussion threads ALL members must abide by:


FAA Rules


Thank you for your visiting, enjoy your day,

Frank J Casella, Photographer
Administrator, Illinois Art Photography Group


Frank J Casella

Homewood, IL

United States

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Group Overview

This group was started on April 12th, 2015.