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John M Bailey

Titusville, FL

United States

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This group was started on April 8th, 2014 and currently has:

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Images That Excite You

About This Group

We all have images that we love more than others. They draw our attention and we never tire of looking at them. We make them our desktop background or they are our go to pieces when we are asked to show them to others. If and when we have a show, they are the ones we invest in having printed for display. These are the images this group will enjoy. Not only enjoy, but help you promote. How? Through liberal featuring and through commenting and voting on each others work. Members are also encouraged to share others work on the social media. If the purpose of the group is not to share resources in order to help us all have a bigger social media footprint then all that happens is we pat each other on the back and feel better with no actual value added to our endeavors.

All formats are welcome. The submissions are limited to one a day in order to help as many as possible with their promotion. Some discretion will have to be used in accepting and featuring work, but my impetus is as many of us as possible benefit. Submissions should be family friendly.

Welcome aboard!

Our group Image is titled 'Samoyed Puppies' and was created by the very talented Sergey Taran (To go to his website and see a larger view of this image click on the Artist name). Sergey is a member of this group and it is a pleasure to honor him in this way. His Fine Art America gallery is beautiful and I encourage you to visit it!

Featured Images

Thom Zehrfeld - I Am A Lady

I Am A Lady

Thom Zehrfeld

John Langdon - A Classic

A Classic

John Langdon

Jonathan Ross - Kitten in leaves

Kitten in leaves

Jonathan Ross

Pamela Moran - Vintage Kitties

Vintage Kitties

Pamela Moran

Dwight Cook - Harness Racing 5

Harness Racing 5

Dwight Cook

Janet Marie - Luscious Layers

Luscious Layers

Janet Marie

William Ferry - Desert Deluge

Desert Deluge

William Ferry

Krissy Katsimbras - Eccentric Peacock

Eccentric Peacock

Krissy Katsimbras

Richard Andrews - Bleak Winter

Bleak Winter

Richard Andrews

William Moore - Church Hill

Church Hill

William Moore

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Approaching Dallas from Fort Worth

Approaching Dallas from Fort Worth

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Catherine Sherman - Welty

Welty's General Store SIgn

Catherine Sherman

Bunny Clarke - Nature

Nature's Patterns

Bunny Clarke

Anil Nene - On The Way

On The Way

Anil Nene

Deborah Klubertanz - A Festive City II

A Festive City II

Deborah Klubertanz

David Jacobi - Flowers United

Flowers United

David Jacobi

Robert Murray - Hellebore


Robert Murray

Janice Rae Pariza - Danny at the Rodeo

Danny at the Rodeo

Janice Rae Pariza

Beverly Elliott - Eddies Eye

Eddies Eye

Beverly Elliott

Liz Alderdice - Sibling Rivalry

Sibling Rivalry

Liz Alderdice


Day of Trouble

Tikvah's Hope

Brian Kerls - Lost in the Clouds

Lost in the Clouds

Brian Kerls

Susan Oliver - Meadow


Susan Oliver

Marta Kazmierska - White Swan

White Swan

Marta Kazmierska

Nannette Kelly - Gordes France

Gordes France

Nannette Kelly

Heather Kemp - Young Blue Tit

Young Blue Tit

Heather Kemp

Mark Blauhoefer - Dark Castle

Dark Castle

Mark Blauhoefer

Stephen Whalen - Colors of Santa Fe

Colors of Santa Fe

Stephen Whalen

Constantinos Charalampopoulos - Village Perigiali / Greece

Village Perigiali / Greece

Constantinos Charalampopoulos

Jeanette Sthamann - Celebrate


Jeanette Sthamann

Lynda Lehmann - Unfolding Grace 5

Unfolding Grace 5

Lynda Lehmann

Anand Swaroop Manchiraju - Royal Horses

Royal Horses

Anand Swaroop Manchiraju

Donna Kennedy - Glen Canyon Bridge

Glen Canyon Bridge

Donna Kennedy

Debra Orlean - You Are My Monarch

You Are My Monarch

Debra Orlean

Alida Haslett - Sunflower Blazing

Sunflower Blazing

Alida Haslett

Bill Tomsa - Patina in Reds

Patina in Reds

Bill Tomsa

Broken Soldier - Outer Banks Seascape

Outer Banks Seascape

Broken Soldier

Michele Avanti - Bighorn Ram Sheep

Bighorn Ram Sheep

Michele Avanti

Shahriar Aghakhani - Abstract # 3171

Abstract # 3171

Shahriar Aghakhani

Francis Sullivan - Potomac River Dragonfly

Potomac River Dragonfly

Francis Sullivan

Art Cole - Pool Break

Pool Break

Art Cole

Jane Spaulding - Love Garden

Love Garden

Jane Spaulding

Keith Smith - Spring Garden

Spring Garden

Keith Smith

Hetty C de Cossy - Twilight Meeting

Twilight Meeting

Hetty C de Cossy

Witold Jastrzebski - Colorful Flower fantasy

Colorful Flower fantasy

Witold Jastrzebski

Jeff Roney - April Morning

April Morning

Jeff Roney

Kathleen Struckle - Pride And Spirit

Pride And Spirit

Kathleen Struckle

Jasna Dragun - Gradac Beach

Gradac Beach

Jasna Dragun

Claudia O

Alstroemeria Mandala

Claudia O'Brien

Kathy K McClellan - Button Among The Dots

Button Among The Dots

Kathy K McClellan

Jutta Maria Pusl - In Love with the Summer

In Love with the Summer

Jutta Maria Pusl

Gerry Sibell - Gila Woodpecker

Gila Woodpecker

Gerry Sibell

Brian Wallace - Eggstatic


Brian Wallace

Laurie Cairone - Petal Power

Petal Power

Laurie Cairone

David Lunde - Old Barn Detail 1

Old Barn Detail 1

David Lunde

Jaroslav Buna - Around The Meadow

Around The Meadow

Jaroslav Buna

Charme Curtin - Navajo Man

Navajo Man

Charme Curtin

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Waiting for Sunrise on the Dunes

Waiting for Sunrise on the Dunes

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Paulette B Wright - Day Is Ending

Day Is Ending

Paulette B Wright

Jon Ma - Line Up

Line Up

Jon Ma

Ian Gledhill - Spring Blossom

Spring Blossom

Ian Gledhill

Soroush Mostafanejad - Gerbera


Soroush Mostafanejad

Aliceann Carlton - Spring Lilac Buds

Spring Lilac Buds

Aliceann Carlton

David Zimmerman - The Magic Maze

The Magic Maze

David Zimmerman

Melly Terpening - A Little Peace Of Mind

A Little Peace Of Mind

Melly Terpening

William Dunigan - Sunset Highway Lane Line

Sunset Highway Lane Line

William Dunigan

Nicklas Gustafsson - Floating


Nicklas Gustafsson

Nancy Marie Ricketts - Purple  Mountain Majesty

Purple Mountain Majesty

Nancy Marie Ricketts

Stephanie Moore - Galaxies 280

Galaxies 280

Stephanie Moore

Warren Thompson - Quintuplet Cactus

Quintuplet Cactus

Warren Thompson

Lucia Stewart - Cows for tea

Cows for tea

Lucia Stewart

William Tasker - Full Extension Vulture

Full Extension Vulture

William Tasker

Christina Schott - Beach Life

Beach Life

Christina Schott

Susan Schanerman - Southwestern Serenade

Southwestern Serenade

Susan Schanerman

John Trommer - Spring Rose 2

Spring Rose 2

John Trommer

Vesna Martinjak - The Apple Blossom

The Apple Blossom

Vesna Martinjak

Brian Stricker - Textured Blues

Textured Blues

Brian Stricker

Bunny Clarke - Lighter Than Air

Lighter Than Air

Bunny Clarke

Teresa Zieba - Sweet Fawn

Sweet Fawn

Teresa Zieba

Shoal Hollingsworth - Passion For Singing

Passion For Singing

Shoal Hollingsworth

Danielle Rosaria - Mussel Shell

Mussel Shell

Danielle Rosaria

Jacob R - Harlequin


Jacob R

Marilyn Diaz - Lake Visions

Lake Visions

Marilyn Diaz

Debbie Oppermann - The Chase Is Over

The Chase Is Over

Debbie Oppermann

Jack Milton - Youghal Light

Youghal Light

Jack Milton

Diane LaPreta - Miss Iris

Miss Iris

Diane LaPreta

Barbie Corbett-Newmin - A Slice of Coastal Life

A Slice of Coastal Life

Barbie Corbett-Newmin

Carla Parris - Pink Begonia

Pink Begonia

Carla Parris

Stephen Anderson - Stevie Ray

Stevie Ray

Stephen Anderson

John R Williams - Spring, the Terns

Spring, the Terns

John R Williams

Morgan Wright - Serenity at the Beach

Serenity at the Beach

Morgan Wright

Sandra Church - Garden In The Ruins

Garden In The Ruins

Sandra Church

Debra Dallmann Bailey - Oceans Of Fire

Oceans Of Fire

Debra Dallmann Bailey

Bill Morgenstern - In the Spotlight

In the Spotlight

Bill Morgenstern

Wendy Wunstell - Love Minus Zero

Love Minus Zero

Wendy Wunstell

Geraldine Myszenski - Husky Love

Husky Love

Geraldine Myszenski

Robert Bales - Haystack Rock

Haystack Rock

Robert Bales

Ernie Echols - White Rhino 3a

White Rhino 3a

Ernie Echols

Jennifer White - Folly River Sunrays

Folly River Sunrays

Jennifer White

Christiane Schulze Art And Photography - Beautiful Travertine Terace

Beautiful Travertine Terace

Christiane Schulze Art And Photography

Jeffrey Koss - Z Horse

Z Horse

Jeffrey Koss

Rosalie Scanlon - Ficus Roots

Ficus Roots

Rosalie Scanlon

Hartmut Jager - Flower-child


Hartmut Jager

Wayne Pruse - Horseplay II

Horseplay II

Wayne Pruse

John Junek - Mother Day

Mother Day

John Junek

Krissy Katsimbras - Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations

Krissy Katsimbras

Evgeniya Lystsova - Right There

Right There

Evgeniya Lystsova

Bruce Bley - A Touch of Pink

A Touch of Pink

Bruce Bley

Ed Weidman - Chelsea Boy

Chelsea Boy

Ed Weidman

Bluemoonistic Images - Backbone Rock Tunnel

Backbone Rock Tunnel

Bluemoonistic Images

Dorothy Berry-Lound - Gates at Hay

Gates at Hay's Galleria London

Dorothy Berry-Lound

Darlene Smith - Canyon Passage

Canyon Passage

Darlene Smith

Neal Alicakos - Abstract Fun Tunnel

Abstract Fun Tunnel

Neal Alicakos

Randy Hall - Transient Female

Transient Female

Randy Hall

Silke Tuexen - Purple Dream

Purple Dream

Silke Tuexen

Jo Ann Gregg - One Golden Morning

One Golden Morning

Jo Ann Gregg

Tony Beck - Whoa Nelly

Whoa Nelly

Tony Beck

Tracie Bobo - Blue


Tracie Bobo

Steve Karol - Soul Of Music

Soul Of Music

Steve Karol

Laurel Talabere - Bread on a Bicycle

Bread on a Bicycle

Laurel Talabere

Jon Burch Photography - Oregon Sand Dunes National Park

Oregon Sand Dunes National Park

Jon Burch Photography

Mitch Shindelbower - Tastes Like Far Away

Tastes Like Far Away

Mitch Shindelbower

Gene Parks - Trapper Street

Trapper Street

Gene Parks

Ali Oppy - Mind Soul

Mind Soul

Ali Oppy

Michael Morse - Sad Suburban

Sad Suburban

Michael Morse

Heather James - Orange unicorn

Orange unicorn

Heather James

Doc Braham - Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley

Doc Braham

Emily Page - Daisy Dripping

Daisy Dripping

Emily Page

Gary Gingrich Galleries - 1965 Ford Thunderbird

1965 Ford Thunderbird

Gary Gingrich Galleries

Cheryle Gannaway - Overgrown


Cheryle Gannaway

Jennifer Stackpole - Eye Of The Storm

Eye Of The Storm

Jennifer Stackpole

Heidi Fickinger - Radiance Revealed

Radiance Revealed

Heidi Fickinger

Karol Livote - Twin Brooks

Twin Brooks

Karol Livote

David Stasiak - Green Lakes Spring

Green Lakes Spring

David Stasiak

Ginger Repke - Chinese Dragon 1

Chinese Dragon 1

Ginger Repke

Beverly Guilliams -  Air Ballooning

Air Ballooning

Beverly Guilliams

Claude LeTien - Pisac

Pisac's Market Day 8

Claude LeTien

Bob Christopher - Classy Classic

Classy Classic

Bob Christopher

Keith Smith - Echinacea Macro

Echinacea Macro

Keith Smith

Denise Harty - White Pear Blossoms

White Pear Blossoms

Denise Harty

Shahriar Aghakhani - Abstract #198

Abstract #198

Shahriar Aghakhani

Nicholas Costanzo - Gift from the Gods

Gift from the Gods

Nicholas Costanzo

Hazel Holland - I Will Lift the Veil

I Will Lift the Veil

Hazel Holland

Scott Carlton - Where in the World

Where in the World

Scott Carlton

Krista May - Spring Watcher

Spring Watcher

Krista May

Sebastian Musial - Amazing Wave

Amazing Wave

Sebastian Musial

Janice Rae Pariza - Two Red Heads Wrong Bar

Two Red Heads Wrong Bar

Janice Rae Pariza

Tracy Knauer - Anhinga


Tracy Knauer

Regina Geoghan - The Glory of Spring

The Glory of Spring

Regina Geoghan

Lenore Senior - Spring Abstract

Spring Abstract

Lenore Senior

Myrna Bradshaw - Fishing in the shadows

Fishing in the shadows

Myrna Bradshaw

Amani Al Hajeri - Tangled


Amani Al Hajeri

Stephen Whalen - The River

The River

Stephen Whalen

Madina Kanunova - Autumn Inspiration

Autumn Inspiration

Madina Kanunova

Stuart Litoff - Epoch


Stuart Litoff

David Manlove - 55


David Manlove

Ryan Crouse - Angry Mode

Angry Mode

Ryan Crouse

Pennie McCracken - Ancient Tarot

Ancient Tarot

Pennie McCracken

Jonathan Nguyen - View Point

View Point

Jonathan Nguyen

Kim Hojnacki - A Purple Moment

A Purple Moment

Kim Hojnacki

Gestalt Imagery - Wason Pond Bridge

Wason Pond Bridge

Gestalt Imagery

Paul MAURICE - A field of rape - 6

A field of rape - 6


Ramon Martinez - Old Church in winter

Old Church in winter

Ramon Martinez

Michelle Meenawong -  Today Is Not A Beach Day

Today Is Not A Beach Day

Michelle Meenawong

Phil Sadler - Around 1

Around 1

Phil Sadler

David Cullen - Shopping


David Cullen

Sunil Kapadia - SKC 0449 Hibiscus II

SKC 0449 Hibiscus II

Sunil Kapadia

Cathy Kovarik - Greetings


Cathy Kovarik

Kim Bemis - Orange Rolls

Orange Rolls

Kim Bemis

Joel Bruce Wallach - Sunset Mountain Reverie

Sunset Mountain Reverie

Joel Bruce Wallach

Bob VonDrachek - Fishing Disappointment

Fishing Disappointment

Bob VonDrachek

Terry Davis - Elegance on Black

Elegance on Black

Terry Davis

Catalina Walker - Forbidden Fruit #2

Forbidden Fruit #2

Catalina Walker

Greg Hayhoe - Tangled Net

Tangled Net

Greg Hayhoe

Luther Fine Art - Wish Upon a Star

Wish Upon a Star

Luther Fine Art

Bill Gallagher - Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier

Bill Gallagher

Jenny Revitz Soper - Just the Right Angle

Just the Right Angle

Jenny Revitz Soper

Dawn Currie - Red White and Blue

Red White and Blue

Dawn Currie

Betsy Warner - Stardust


Betsy Warner

Beverly Elliott - Vintage


Beverly Elliott

Ricky L Jones - American Goldfinch

American Goldfinch

Ricky L Jones

William Bentley - Day at the lake

Day at the lake

William Bentley

Terri Winkler - Dogwood 3775

Dogwood 3775

Terri Winkler

John Telfer - Jones Beach Waves

Jones Beach Waves

John Telfer

Pat Purdy - Ghost valley

Ghost valley

Pat Purdy

Mark Myhaver - Red Hibiscus h1833

Red Hibiscus h1833

Mark Myhaver

Mark Blauhoefer - Engineering


Mark Blauhoefer

Donna Kennedy - Glen Canyon Dam

Glen Canyon Dam

Donna Kennedy

Katie Adkins - The Sacrifice

The Sacrifice

Katie Adkins

Van Maulding - Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day

Van Maulding

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Morants Curve and Mountains

Morants Curve and Mountains

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Joseph Hollingsworth - Tree Lined Archway

Tree Lined Archway

Joseph Hollingsworth

Katerina Kovatcheva - Serenity 8

Serenity 8

Katerina Kovatcheva

Lorraine Baum - The Purple Door

The Purple Door

Lorraine Baum

Jaquita Watters - Country Ranches

Country Ranches

Jaquita Watters

Jai Johnson - Determination


Jai Johnson

Mario Carini - Abstract Absolute

Abstract Absolute

Mario Carini

Art of Frozen Time - Mississippi Mirror

Mississippi Mirror

Art of Frozen Time

Carrie Goeringer - Glowing Tulips

Glowing Tulips

Carrie Goeringer

iMia dEsigN - White Saluki No 07

White Saluki No 07

iMia dEsigN

Claudia Moeckel - Sakura


Claudia Moeckel

Laurie Search - Little Treasures

Little Treasures

Laurie Search

Sharon McConnell - Barred Owl Back View

Barred Owl Back View

Sharon McConnell

Doug Matthews - Stave Lake Spring

Stave Lake Spring

Doug Matthews

Deborah Klubertanz - 1950

1950's Chevrolet

Deborah Klubertanz

Theo Danella - MM 127 Deco Sepia

MM 127 Deco Sepia

Theo Danella

Lynn Sprowl - Porch View

Porch View

Lynn Sprowl

Maurits Rol - After No Rain

After No Rain

Maurits Rol

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Evening Angel in the Garden

Evening Angel in the Garden

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Arlane Crump - Nassau Shops

Nassau Shops

Arlane Crump

Nilu Mishra - Colorful Landscape

Colorful Landscape

Nilu Mishra

Anna Folkartanna Maciejewska-Dyba - Strawberries


Anna Folkartanna Maciejewska-Dyba

Kathy Braud - Fire Sky

Fire Sky

Kathy Braud

Steven Clevidence - Nesting Great Horned Owl

Nesting Great Horned Owl

Steven Clevidence

Nancy Marie Ricketts - Sand Harbor

Sand Harbor

Nancy Marie Ricketts

Mark Andrew Thomas - Sunrise Thunderstorm

Sunrise Thunderstorm

Mark Andrew Thomas

Shoal Hollingsworth - Tea Time

Tea Time

Shoal Hollingsworth

Marfffa Art - Lilac Light

Lilac Light

Marfffa Art

Marina Wirtz - Spring Lilac

Spring Lilac

Marina Wirtz


'REA' Gallery

David Arment - Riding the Vine

Riding the Vine

David Arment

Teresa Wilson - Tea Time 8312

Tea Time 8312

Teresa Wilson

Georgiana Romanovna - Raining Colors Abstract

Raining Colors Abstract

Georgiana Romanovna

Nancy Kane Chapman - Tiff


Nancy Kane Chapman

Barbara Zahno - Morning at the River

Morning at the River

Barbara Zahno

Toni Abdnour - Unmasked


Toni Abdnour

Mavourneen Strozewski - Swainson

Swainson's Hawk on a Metal Pole

Mavourneen Strozewski

Amy Jackson - Heron Tapestry

Heron Tapestry

Amy Jackson

Geraldine Myszenski - Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

Geraldine Myszenski

Shelli Fitzpatrick - Night Lights Abstract

Night Lights Abstract

Shelli Fitzpatrick

Karen Silvestri - Smoke On The Water

Smoke On The Water

Karen Silvestri

Abstract Angel Artist Stephen K - Truth Seeker in Prayer

Truth Seeker in Prayer

Abstract Angel Artist Stephen K

Diane LaPreta - Pretty in Red

Pretty in Red

Diane LaPreta

John Hintz - Scapes 4 18

Scapes 4 18

John Hintz

Gerry Sibell - Mr Phyrrhuloxia

Mr Phyrrhuloxia

Gerry Sibell

Elfriede Fulda - Droplets


Elfriede Fulda

Jon Burch Photography - Gorse


Jon Burch Photography

Todd Dunham - Slow Sunrise

Slow Sunrise

Todd Dunham

Patricia Taylor - Beach Rocks

Beach Rocks

Patricia Taylor

Norman Johnson - Eastern Meadowlark

Eastern Meadowlark

Norman Johnson

Shahriar Aghakhani - Abstract #187

Abstract #187

Shahriar Aghakhani

Roseann Amaranto - Meditation


Roseann Amaranto

Anand Swaroop Manchiraju - Floral Fantasy

Floral Fantasy

Anand Swaroop Manchiraju

Diana Coatu - Toucan Whisper

Toucan Whisper

Diana Coatu

David Zimmerman - An Afternoons Fun

An Afternoons Fun

David Zimmerman

Leslie Montgomery - Waiting For Spring Close Up

Waiting For Spring Close Up

Leslie Montgomery

Scott Smith - Assuage


Scott Smith

Spadecaller - Petunias Petunias

Petunias Petunias


Richard Brookes - White Crocuses

White Crocuses

Richard Brookes

Eva Lechner - Tu t

Tu t'en vas

Eva Lechner

Heidi Fickinger - Seeking the Center

Seeking the Center

Heidi Fickinger

Rosalie Scanlon - The Lake House

The Lake House

Rosalie Scanlon

Xueping Zhang - Waving In The Breeze

Waving In The Breeze

Xueping Zhang

Aliceann Carlton - Waiting At The Door

Waiting At The Door

Aliceann Carlton

Miss Pet Sitter - Girl and Puppy Painting

Girl and Puppy Painting

Miss Pet Sitter

Darren Fisher - Colorful Tulips

Colorful Tulips

Darren Fisher

Dora Sofia Caputo Photographic Design and Fine Art - Cherry Blossom Festival - New York City

Cherry Blossom Festival - New York City

Dora Sofia Caputo Photographic Design and Fine Art

Penny Meyers - Taking it All In

Taking it All In

Penny Meyers

Lori Moon - Spring Chick

Spring Chick

Lori Moon

David Cutts - Postman


David Cutts

Harsh Malik - Wilderness


Harsh Malik

Dennis Nelson - Animas River Sunset

Animas River Sunset

Dennis Nelson

Thomas Zimmerman - Water Trail

Water Trail

Thomas Zimmerman

Susan Lafleur - Gator


Susan Lafleur

Nanci Rozal - Radiant


Nanci Rozal

Carol F Austin - Weeping Willow Tree

Weeping Willow Tree

Carol F Austin

William Tasker - Hidden Treasure

Hidden Treasure

William Tasker

James Welch - Skull Of The Alien

Skull Of The Alien

James Welch

Regina Valluzzi - Herald


Regina Valluzzi

Karen Showell - Missing Michael

Missing Michael

Karen Showell

Soroush Mostafanejad - Tom Turkey

Tom Turkey

Soroush Mostafanejad

Naike Jahgan - Land For Ever

Land For Ever

Naike Jahgan

Gary Richards - Wheel of the Predator

Wheel of the Predator

Gary Richards

Maria Costello - Magic Dagger

Magic Dagger

Maria Costello

Stephanie Moore - Abstract 9087

Abstract 9087

Stephanie Moore

Nancy Merkle - Red Sky Abstract

Red Sky Abstract

Nancy Merkle

Christine Rivers - Along The Golden Field

Along The Golden Field

Christine Rivers

Craig Wood - After the Rain

After the Rain

Craig Wood

Marv Vandehey - Eyes in the Forest

Eyes in the Forest

Marv Vandehey

Eloise Schneider - Hill Country

Hill Country

Eloise Schneider

Sandra Church - Line Dance

Line Dance

Sandra Church

Kathryn Meyer - Pink Wisteria

Pink Wisteria

Kathryn Meyer

Mia DeLode - Cow Lick

Cow Lick

Mia DeLode

Krissy Katsimbras - Flaming Passion

Flaming Passion

Krissy Katsimbras

Francis Sullivan - Sunset at Rehoboth Beach

Sunset at Rehoboth Beach

Francis Sullivan

Gavin Kutil - Roiling Jupiter

Roiling Jupiter

Gavin Kutil

Gaya Karapetyan - Reflection


Gaya Karapetyan

Tom Gari Gallery-Three-Photography - Early Morning

Early Morning

Tom Gari Gallery-Three-Photography

Anna Serebryanik - Kauai

Kauai's Port

Anna Serebryanik

Roselynne Broussard - End Of Day

End Of Day

Roselynne Broussard

HH Photography of Florida - Out Of The Mist

Out Of The Mist

HH Photography of Florida

Bellesouth Studio - Taking A Dip

Taking A Dip

Bellesouth Studio

Michael Riha - FB Tugboat

FB Tugboat

Michael Riha

Catherine Sherman - Tourist Boat on Neva River

Tourist Boat on Neva River

Catherine Sherman

Yoonhee Ko - Peaceful Sunrise

Peaceful Sunrise

Yoonhee Ko

Yuri Lev - Capsule


Yuri Lev

Jim Cook - Maison


Jim Cook

Kristina Rinell - Splash 0776

Splash 0776

Kristina Rinell

Richard Andrews - To The Point B n W

To The Point B n W

Richard Andrews

Bunny Clarke - Budgie Love

Budgie Love

Bunny Clarke

Lenore Senior - Fall Abstract

Fall Abstract

Lenore Senior

Shoal Hollingsworth - After A Hard Day In Combat

After A Hard Day In Combat

Shoal Hollingsworth

James Udall - Sandstone and Sky

Sandstone and Sky

James Udall

Julie Weber - Cloud Chasing -

Cloud Chasing -

Julie Weber

Rick Purtle - Happy


Rick Purtle

Craig Corwin - 8496 A Waiting Game

8496 A Waiting Game

Craig Corwin

Laura Lee Zanghetti - Cloud Study Demo

Cloud Study Demo

Laura Lee Zanghetti

Glenn Holbrook - Nauti Girl

Nauti Girl

Glenn Holbrook

David Lichtneker - Fantasy Landscape

Fantasy Landscape

David Lichtneker