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John M Bailey

Titusville, FL

United States

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This group was started on April 8th, 2014 and currently has:

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Images That Excite You

About This Group

We all have images that we love more than others. They draw our attention and we never tire of looking at them. We make them our desktop background or they are our go to pieces when we are asked to show them to others. If and when we have a show, they are the ones we invest in having printed for display. These are the images this group will enjoy. Not only enjoy, but help you promote. How? Through liberal featuring and through commenting and voting on each others work. Members are also encouraged to share others work on the social media. If the purpose of the group is not to share resources in order to help us all have a bigger social media footprint then all that happens is we pat each other on the back and feel better with no actual value added to our endeavors.

All formats are welcome. The submissions are limited to one a day in order to help as many as possible with their promotion. Some discretion will have to be used in accepting and featuring work, but my impetus is as many of us as possible benefit. Submissions should be family friendly.

Welcome aboard!

Our group Image is titled 'A Night To Remember' and was created by Rick Grossman (To see a larger view of image click on Artist name).

Featured Images

Aarti Bartake - Ascension


Aarti Bartake

Anna Serebryanik - At the End of the Day

At the End of the Day

Anna Serebryanik

Anand Swaroop Manchiraju - Abstract-4


Anand Swaroop Manchiraju

Debbie Oppermann - Il Duomo de Firenze

Il Duomo de Firenze

Debbie Oppermann

Christina Schott - Northeast Atlantic View

Northeast Atlantic View

Christina Schott

Janine Riley - Under the Bridge

Under the Bridge

Janine Riley

Al Bourassa - Cuenca Kids 897

Cuenca Kids 897

Al Bourassa

Chuck  Hicks - Frozen In Time

Frozen In Time

Chuck Hicks

Virgil Carter - Flowers No 7

Flowers No 7

Virgil Carter

Jon Burch Photography - Evening Shadows

Evening Shadows

Jon Burch Photography

Maggie Vlazny - Max the Cat

Max the Cat

Maggie Vlazny

Behnia Shirazi - Voyage of The Spirit

Voyage of The Spirit

Behnia Shirazi

Ruth Housley - Dogwood Blossoms

Dogwood Blossoms

Ruth Housley

Dan Bernard - Beach with Cloud

Beach with Cloud

Dan Bernard

William Tasker - Limpkin In Flight

Limpkin In Flight

William Tasker

Timothy Hacker - Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Timothy Hacker

Chris Horsnell - Grisedale Pike

Grisedale Pike

Chris Horsnell

Marnie Patchett - Beached


Marnie Patchett

Michael Hills - Another Muddy Road

Another Muddy Road

Michael Hills

Nancy Kane Chapman - Gray Mountain

Gray Mountain

Nancy Kane Chapman

Tina LeCour - Bluebonnet Dream

Bluebonnet Dream

Tina LeCour

Anna Festa - Everyday Life

Everyday Life

Anna Festa

Dennis Nelson - The Ruins Of Pontotoc

The Ruins Of Pontotoc

Dennis Nelson

John Franke - Ides Of March

Ides Of March

John Franke

Deepa Sahoo - Spring Sunshine

Spring Sunshine

Deepa Sahoo

Ira Bansal - Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes

Ira Bansal

Rima Biswas - Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom

Rima Biswas

Linda Lees - Misplaced Beauty

Misplaced Beauty

Linda Lees

Marcela Hessari - Elegant Candy day lilies

Elegant Candy day lilies

Marcela Hessari

Clive Beake - Tall Dragon

Tall Dragon

Clive Beake

Johannes Murat - The Time Slave 2000

The Time Slave 2000

Johannes Murat

Geraldine Scull - Snowy Owl On The Rocks

Snowy Owl On The Rocks

Geraldine Scull

Randy Dyer - Orchard Beach

Orchard Beach

Randy Dyer

Joe Roselle - Good Morning

Good Morning

Joe Roselle

Amanda Jones - The Darkening

The Darkening

Amanda Jones

Stanislav Zazulin - Bust


Stanislav Zazulin

Jack Zulli - Ad Astra

Ad Astra

Jack Zulli

Colleen Kammerer - The Stone Pony - One Way

The Stone Pony - One Way

Colleen Kammerer

Helena Wierzbicki - Sultry figure

Sultry figure

Helena Wierzbicki

Elizabeth Duggan - Behold the Lamb of God

Behold the Lamb of God

Elizabeth Duggan

Karl Fritz - Field of Fog

Field of Fog

Karl Fritz

Kim Andelkovic - Wind Flower

Wind Flower

Kim Andelkovic

Phyllis Kaltenbach - The Great Bird Sunset

The Great Bird Sunset

Phyllis Kaltenbach

Kim Hojnacki - Crosses Three

Crosses Three

Kim Hojnacki

Marco Fischer - Smiling Wasp

Smiling Wasp

Marco Fischer

Lee DePriest - Magic Light circle

Magic Light circle

Lee DePriest

Angela Koehler - Little Miss Bushtit

Little Miss Bushtit

Angela Koehler

Broken Soldier - Natasha II

Natasha II

Broken Soldier

Mavourneen Strozewski - Burrowing Owl under Morning Light

Burrowing Owl under Morning Light

Mavourneen Strozewski

Anthony Fishburne - Summer beach dunes

Summer beach dunes

Anthony Fishburne

Anne Sands - Safari Imagined

Safari Imagined

Anne Sands

Bill Tomsa - Arizona Icon

Arizona Icon

Bill Tomsa

Lydia Holly - Mount Hermon No.2

Mount Hermon No.2

Lydia Holly

Sonali Gangane - Sunbath


Sonali Gangane

Kathleen Odenthal - Painting the Canyons

Painting the Canyons

Kathleen Odenthal

Claire Walsh - Morning Dew Drops

Morning Dew Drops

Claire Walsh

Thomas Todd - Spring is Alive

Spring is Alive

Thomas Todd

Violeta Ianeva - Faith


Violeta Ianeva

Viggo Mortensen - W f title 25

W f title 25

Viggo Mortensen

Ryszard Sleczka - Virgin of Tenderness II

Virgin of Tenderness II

Ryszard Sleczka

Jan Bickerton - Kingfisher Blue

Kingfisher Blue

Jan Bickerton

Anand Swaroop Manchiraju - Abstract-2


Anand Swaroop Manchiraju

Konni Jensen - Laerke


Konni Jensen

Jenny Revitz Soper - Western Gull

Western Gull

Jenny Revitz Soper

Debbie Oppermann - Cobbled Street

Cobbled Street

Debbie Oppermann

Raven Rugh - The Mooser

The Mooser

Raven Rugh

Michael Volpicelli - Martin Luther King Jr

Martin Luther King Jr

Michael Volpicelli

Manjula Karunathilaka - Elephant Family

Elephant Family

Manjula Karunathilaka

Richard Andrews - Gemini


Richard Andrews

Nancy Shen - Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom

Nancy Shen

Mike Dawson - In a Sea of Red

In a Sea of Red

Mike Dawson

Farideh Haghshenas - Arrival of Spring

Arrival of Spring

Farideh Haghshenas

Thom Zehrfeld - Bay Street Morning

Bay Street Morning

Thom Zehrfeld

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Night Time Glow

Night Time Glow

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Michael Demagall - Yellow Flower 3

Yellow Flower 3

Michael Demagall

Krissy Katsimbras - Journey Within

Journey Within

Krissy Katsimbras

Catherine BELLOEIL - Aboard the Jonchiere

Aboard the Jonchiere

Catherine BELLOEIL

Ed Weidman - Debonair Duo

Debonair Duo

Ed Weidman

David Weinholtz - Her Majesty

Her Majesty

David Weinholtz

Alex Galkin - Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend

Alex Galkin

Krissy Katsimbras - Vibrant Life

Vibrant Life

Krissy Katsimbras

David Stasiak - The Rooster

The Rooster

David Stasiak

Ajay Jagta - Zeus


Ajay Jagta

M G Whittingham - Tranquility


M G Whittingham

Irving Starr - Burano


Irving Starr

Michael Hoard - Abandoned  Journey

Abandoned Journey

Michael Hoard

Viktor Birkus - Odessa City garden

Odessa City garden

Viktor Birkus

Leon Heart - Transformation


Leon Heart

Marcia Lee Jones - Last Big Storm

Last Big Storm

Marcia Lee Jones

Christiane Schulze Art And Photography - Coastal Cliff

Coastal Cliff

Christiane Schulze Art And Photography

Jai Johnson - Eagle Alerted

Eagle Alerted

Jai Johnson

Brenda Spittle - Pink Lillies

Pink Lillies

Brenda Spittle

Joe Ormonde - Fairy Glen Bridge

Fairy Glen Bridge

Joe Ormonde

Morris Finkelstein - African Grey Flycatcher Pair

African Grey Flycatcher Pair

Morris Finkelstein

Evgeniya Lystsova - Desert Voices

Desert Voices

Evgeniya Lystsova

Maciej Froncisz - The Bow Bridge NYC

The Bow Bridge NYC

Maciej Froncisz

Marian Voicu - Night Eyes

Night Eyes

Marian Voicu

Tom Cuccio - Essence #1

Essence #1

Tom Cuccio

Barbara Chichester - Moth Orchid

Moth Orchid

Barbara Chichester

Elfriede Fulda - Broken


Elfriede Fulda

Irina Bakhareva - Abstraction number 1

Abstraction number 1

Irina Bakhareva

Svetlana Iso - Duplex


Svetlana Iso

John Krakora - 2018-2017


John Krakora

Bob Marquis - Spring In Texas

Spring In Texas

Bob Marquis

Steve Travis - Souls In Purgatory

Souls In Purgatory

Steve Travis

Gordon Beck - Along the Rim

Along the Rim

Gordon Beck

Kristina Rinell - Coastal California II

Coastal California II

Kristina Rinell

Bruce Brandli - Snow Goose

Snow Goose

Bruce Brandli

Mariola Bitner - San Juan Sunset

San Juan Sunset

Mariola Bitner

Choco Friedrich - Messenger


Choco Friedrich

Catherine Sherman - Ravenel Bridge Charleston

Ravenel Bridge Charleston

Catherine Sherman

Elvis Vaughn - Caravan Garden

Caravan Garden

Elvis Vaughn

Tracy Hall - Purplelicious


Tracy Hall

Carlos Ferreira - Non Identity

Non Identity

Carlos Ferreira

Stephen Stookey - Faithful Witnesses - 2

Faithful Witnesses - 2

Stephen Stookey

Karl Fritz - Blizzard Barn

Blizzard Barn

Karl Fritz

Claudia O

The Patched Up Heart

Claudia O'Brien

Dora Sofia Caputo Photographic Art and Design - Down Under the Queensborough Bridge

Down Under the Queensborough Bridge

Dora Sofia Caputo Photographic Art and Design

Charlie River - Garden Path

Garden Path

Charlie River

Naomi Burgess - Comedian


Naomi Burgess

David Zimmerman - An Invitation to Dip

An Invitation to Dip

David Zimmerman

HH Photography of Florida - A Quiet Idyll

A Quiet Idyll

HH Photography of Florida

Carlos Caetano - Sintra Tiles

Sintra Tiles

Carlos Caetano

Lindley Johnson - Making Nepali Clothes

Making Nepali Clothes

Lindley Johnson

Rick Locke - Handles


Rick Locke

Bob Cuthbert - Peacock Plumage

Peacock Plumage

Bob Cuthbert

LKB Art and Photography - Gravity 6

Gravity 6

LKB Art and Photography

Tatiana Travelways - Easter day in Portugal

Easter day in Portugal

Tatiana Travelways

John Telfer - Sands Point Castle

Sands Point Castle

John Telfer

Nisah Cheatham - Along The Shore

Along The Shore

Nisah Cheatham

Dorothy Weichenthal - Cutting Flowers

Cutting Flowers

Dorothy Weichenthal

Phyllis Taylor - Rural Delivery No 2

Rural Delivery No 2

Phyllis Taylor

Pamela Clements - Historical Sight

Historical Sight

Pamela Clements

Cynthia Guinn - Gazebo At The Beach

Gazebo At The Beach

Cynthia Guinn

Amy Jackson - Heron Watercolor

Heron Watercolor

Amy Jackson

Phil Welsher - Above the Clouds

Above the Clouds

Phil Welsher

Akiko Okabe - Kiss Sphynx

Kiss Sphynx

Akiko Okabe

Dustin LeFevre - Inspired Light

Inspired Light

Dustin LeFevre

Wes and Dotty Weber - Wolf Hide and Seek D3625

Wolf Hide and Seek D3625

Wes and Dotty Weber

Plum Ovelgonne - A Singapore Tree

A Singapore Tree

Plum Ovelgonne

Michael African Visions - Golden saints

Golden saints

Michael African Visions

Ronda Breen - Orange and Gray

Orange and Gray

Ronda Breen

Roberta Byram - Ferocious


Roberta Byram

Anthony Tucci - Fall Beachscape

Fall Beachscape

Anthony Tucci

Pennie McCracken - Bold Tulips

Bold Tulips

Pennie McCracken

Kathryn Meyer - Blue Morpho Butterfly

Blue Morpho Butterfly

Kathryn Meyer

David Jacobi - Grebo


David Jacobi

Mark Blauhoefer - Flernt Upon Flupt

Flernt Upon Flupt

Mark Blauhoefer

Nancy Pauling - The Webs We Weave

The Webs We Weave

Nancy Pauling

Steve Karol - Touch


Steve Karol

Jeremy Hayden - Chesterton Windmill

Chesterton Windmill

Jeremy Hayden

Luv Photography - Apple Flower

Apple Flower

Luv Photography

Debra Lynch - Walk Of Fame

Walk Of Fame

Debra Lynch

Suzy Norris - Levitating Lemons

Levitating Lemons

Suzy Norris

Emily Page - Cello


Emily Page

Soraya Silvestri - Swept Away

Swept Away

Soraya Silvestri

Greg Collins - Fire in the Sky

Fire in the Sky

Greg Collins

Warren Thompson - Redwood Family

Redwood Family

Warren Thompson

Rainbow Artist Orlando L aka Kevin Orlando Lau - Spring Equinox In The Lost Land Of Mu #526

Spring Equinox In The Lost Land Of Mu #526

Rainbow Artist Orlando L aka Kevin Orlando Lau

Claudia M Photography - San Francisco bay

San Francisco bay

Claudia M Photography

Manjula Karunathilaka - Elephant Family

Elephant Family

Manjula Karunathilaka

Veikko Suikkanen - Drops


Veikko Suikkanen

Thomas Zimmerman - Limestone Dust

Limestone Dust

Thomas Zimmerman

Srijani Bhattacharya - View of the view

View of the view

Srijani Bhattacharya

Pamela Williams - 10868 Which Way

10868 Which Way

Pamela Williams

M G Whittingham - Burano 3

Burano 3

M G Whittingham

Karen Lillard - The Ultrasound

The Ultrasound

Karen Lillard

Sergey Yurchenko - Spring Lake

Spring Lake

Sergey Yurchenko

Thomas Burtney - Lake Sabrina, CA

Lake Sabrina, CA

Thomas Burtney

Kathy Franklin - Warm Candlelight

Warm Candlelight

Kathy Franklin

Marvin Spates - Tampa Departure

Tampa Departure

Marvin Spates

Susan Maxwell Schmidt - Dahlia POP

Dahlia POP

Susan Maxwell Schmidt

Dominique Fortier - Cocotte et Coco

Cocotte et Coco

Dominique Fortier

Lauren Leigh Hunter Fine Art Photography - Dark Skies

Dark Skies

Lauren Leigh Hunter Fine Art Photography

Alana Thrower - Joy


Alana Thrower

Craig Wood - Artistic Wave

Artistic Wave

Craig Wood

Max Bowermeister - Stalking King

Stalking King

Max Bowermeister

Karry Degruise - Lilies


Karry Degruise

YT Photo - Explorers


YT Photo

Jan Bickerton - Sugared Almond

Sugared Almond

Jan Bickerton

Bill Morgenstern - In the Minority

In the Minority

Bill Morgenstern

Jon Burch Photography - Wagon Mound

Wagon Mound

Jon Burch Photography

Elena Ivanova IvEA - Abstract flower

Abstract flower

Elena Ivanova IvEA

Alexander Vinogradov - Princess # 1.

Princess # 1.

Alexander Vinogradov

Ruth Jolly - Cool fat cat

Cool fat cat

Ruth Jolly

Pablo Lopez - Milano Centrale 2

Milano Centrale 2

Pablo Lopez

Heather James - Night


Heather James

Jean Bernard Roussilhe - Small Violet Flower

Small Violet Flower

Jean Bernard Roussilhe

Arlane Crump - Early Morning Beach

Early Morning Beach

Arlane Crump

Pat Eisenberger - Owl in Flight

Owl in Flight

Pat Eisenberger

Richard Brookes - Spring Beauty

Spring Beauty

Richard Brookes

Marina Wirtz - Flower Garden

Flower Garden

Marina Wirtz

Tony Beck - Anticipation


Tony Beck

Diane Marcotte - Red Trillium

Red Trillium

Diane Marcotte

Ed Einboden - Lobsters for sale

Lobsters for sale

Ed Einboden

Eloise Schneider - Peace Sweet Peace

Peace Sweet Peace

Eloise Schneider

Marfffa Art - Deep Water

Deep Water

Marfffa Art

Chris Fletcher - Autumn Display

Autumn Display

Chris Fletcher

Al Bourassa - Sucua Kids 895

Sucua Kids 895

Al Bourassa

MS  Fineart Creations - WallArt-Multicolor Design

WallArt-Multicolor Design

MS Fineart Creations

Micah Roemmling - Welcome Home

Welcome Home

Micah Roemmling

Zina Zinchik - Simple Elegance

Simple Elegance

Zina Zinchik

Rainbow Artist Orlando L aka Kevin Orlando Lau - Deep Intuitive Understanding Of The Akashic Records #1364

Deep Intuitive Understanding Of The Akashic Records #1364

Rainbow Artist Orlando L aka Kevin Orlando Lau

Claude LeTien - Boca de Yumuri Beach

Boca de Yumuri Beach

Claude LeTien

Politov Valeryi - Birth of the river

Birth of the river

Politov Valeryi

William Dey - Spider Man Tuxedo

Spider Man Tuxedo

William Dey

Miroslava Jurcik - Fine Workmanship

Fine Workmanship

Miroslava Jurcik

Peteris Vaivars - Sakura


Peteris Vaivars

Yumi Johnson - Magical ball

Magical ball

Yumi Johnson

Marco Fischer - Chimp


Marco Fischer

Gary Gingrich Galleries - Natalie La Rose-8890

Natalie La Rose-8890

Gary Gingrich Galleries

Werner Padarin - Rainbow Magic

Rainbow Magic

Werner Padarin

Iris Gelbart - Special Delivery

Special Delivery

Iris Gelbart

Marvin Pike - Tree Of Buddha

Tree Of Buddha

Marvin Pike

Sherry Shipley - Siesta


Sherry Shipley

Tanielle Childers - Love and Life

Love and Life

Tanielle Childers

William Tasker - Dry Leaves Again

Dry Leaves Again

William Tasker

Lori Deiter - Star Barn Sunrise

Star Barn Sunrise

Lori Deiter

Joseph Hollingsworth - Beach Wildflowers 7

Beach Wildflowers 7

Joseph Hollingsworth

Mark J Dunn - Bell


Mark J Dunn

Geraldine Myszenski - James Dean

James Dean

Geraldine Myszenski

Rene Triay Photography - Welcome to the Bamboo Jungle

Welcome to the Bamboo Jungle

Rene Triay Photography

Tasha Henderson - Victory


Tasha Henderson

Janal Koenig - Egret Above

Egret Above

Janal Koenig

Serena King - Spiral Tree

Spiral Tree

Serena King

Debby Pueschel - Butterfly in Winter

Butterfly in Winter

Debby Pueschel

Paul Wear - Living Color

Living Color

Paul Wear

John Trommer - Rocky Coastline 5

Rocky Coastline 5

John Trommer

Darlene Smith - Haunted


Darlene Smith

DJ MacIsaac - Ink Pots

Ink Pots

DJ MacIsaac

Norman Johnson - Sunshine Accents

Sunshine Accents

Norman Johnson

Robert Hilger - Purple Vase

Purple Vase

Robert Hilger

Ruth Housley - Small Redbud Tree

Small Redbud Tree

Ruth Housley

Scott Wallace - Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh

Scott Wallace

Jennifer White - Good Morning 2017

Good Morning 2017

Jennifer White

Gull G - Boar 01

Boar 01

Gull G

Miguel Winterpacht - Tie Up

Tie Up

Miguel Winterpacht

Kira Bodensted - Resolve


Kira Bodensted

Karl Anderson - Wolf Grin

Wolf Grin

Karl Anderson

Janice Rae Pariza - On A Snowy Spring Day

On A Snowy Spring Day

Janice Rae Pariza

Michael Ver Sprill - Solitude Under The Stars

Solitude Under The Stars

Michael Ver Sprill

Joan Reese - Mystic Window

Mystic Window

Joan Reese

Linda Mesibov - Fort Monroe Afire

Fort Monroe Afire

Linda Mesibov

Alexander Sydney - Night at the River

Night at the River

Alexander Sydney

Joe Bonita - Table Setting

Table Setting

Joe Bonita

David T Wilkinson - Lighthouse Photo Op

Lighthouse Photo Op

David T Wilkinson

Mavourneen Strozewski - Burrown Owl Under Morning Light

Burrown Owl Under Morning Light

Mavourneen Strozewski

Steve McKinzie - Bonneville Buick

Bonneville Buick

Steve McKinzie

Lisa Lemmons-Powers - Fiery Sunset on The Farm

Fiery Sunset on The Farm

Lisa Lemmons-Powers

Cathy Franklin - Bartlett Lake Beauty

Bartlett Lake Beauty

Cathy Franklin

Connie Townsend - The Apple Offering

The Apple Offering

Connie Townsend

Nava Thompson - Beautiful Morning

Beautiful Morning

Nava Thompson

Bill Gallagher - Bridge to Obscurity

Bridge to Obscurity

Bill Gallagher

Julian Darcy - After the rain

After the rain

Julian Darcy

Onyonet  Photo Studios - Grass On Fire

Grass On Fire

Onyonet Photo Studios

Maria Coulson - Snow Sentinels

Snow Sentinels

Maria Coulson

Mariabelones ART - Getting around

Getting around

Mariabelones ART

Buddy Morrison - Colors of Epcot 1

Colors of Epcot 1

Buddy Morrison

Ryan Crouse - Stormy Rainbow

Stormy Rainbow

Ryan Crouse

Joseph S Giacalone - Moon and its Shine

Moon and its Shine

Joseph S Giacalone

Lumiere De Liesse Ltd -  Badlands South Dakota

Badlands South Dakota

Lumiere De Liesse Ltd

Athena Mckinzie - Wolf Face II

Wolf Face II

Athena Mckinzie

Wayne Cantrell - Palm Island

Palm Island

Wayne Cantrell

Tam Ryan - Cactus Flower

Cactus Flower

Tam Ryan

Louloua Asgaraly - Purple Flower

Purple Flower

Louloua Asgaraly

Kathryn Meyer - Swan Lake Rainbow

Swan Lake Rainbow

Kathryn Meyer

Tracy Hall - The Look Out

The Look Out

Tracy Hall

Cendrine Marrouat - Alone in the world

Alone in the world

Cendrine Marrouat

Mike Penney - Shiprock 4

Shiprock 4

Mike Penney

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Red Barns in the Wildflowers

Red Barns in the Wildflowers

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Brian Kamprath - The Icelandic Horse

The Icelandic Horse

Brian Kamprath

Nancy Pauling - Folds


Nancy Pauling

Chrisann Ellis - Picked just for you

Picked just for you

Chrisann Ellis

Warren Thompson - California Poppy

California Poppy

Warren Thompson

Carrie Goeringer - Soft Pink

Soft Pink

Carrie Goeringer

Jeff Oates Photography - Hopewell Barn

Hopewell Barn

Jeff Oates Photography

Thomas Carroll - Death of a Loggerhead

Death of a Loggerhead

Thomas Carroll

Joel Bruce Wallach - Reverie Of The Trees

Reverie Of The Trees

Joel Bruce Wallach

Jim Garrison - The Flight Deck

The Flight Deck

Jim Garrison

Geoff Smith - Fly me to the Moon

Fly me to the Moon

Geoff Smith

James Roemmling - Buddies


James Roemmling

Kathy M Krause - Loving Joseph

Loving Joseph

Kathy M Krause

Bill And Deb Hayes - Light Years Away

Light Years Away

Bill And Deb Hayes

Suzanne Silvir - Albino Angel4

Albino Angel4

Suzanne Silvir

Elena Ivanova IvEA - Whirl


Elena Ivanova IvEA

Wilko Van de Kamp - Selfie


Wilko Van de Kamp

Robert Bales - Baring Falls

Baring Falls

Robert Bales

Alexandra Yakovleva Art - See You

See You

Alexandra Yakovleva Art

Rosalie Scanlon - Green Cattleya

Green Cattleya

Rosalie Scanlon

Joseph J Stevens - Footsteps


Joseph J Stevens

Susan Lafleur - White Chrysanthemums

White Chrysanthemums

Susan Lafleur

Sharon Ackley - Musical Squirrel

Musical Squirrel

Sharon Ackley

David Millenheft - Wood Duck

Wood Duck

David Millenheft

Craig Voth - Surfboard Fence

Surfboard Fence

Craig Voth

Diana Mary Sharpton -  Bouquet Rouge

Bouquet Rouge

Diana Mary Sharpton

Irina Afonskaya - Sailing ship and castle

Sailing ship and castle

Irina Afonskaya

Nandor Molnar - Falling Drops

Falling Drops

Nandor Molnar

Alfio Finocchiaro - Forever


Alfio Finocchiaro

Ian McGregor - Canadian Dawn

Canadian Dawn

Ian McGregor

The Hari Rama - Night


The Hari Rama

Neal Alicakos - Birth of a Mandala

Birth of a Mandala

Neal Alicakos

Hal Halli - Blue Rose

Blue Rose

Hal Halli

Mike Dawson - Walk on Water

Walk on Water

Mike Dawson

Connie Handscomb - Ice Glow

Ice Glow

Connie Handscomb

Gardening Perfection - A Bed of Red and Yellow

A Bed of Red and Yellow

Gardening Perfection

Brittney Williams - Abstract Poinsettia

Abstract Poinsettia

Brittney Williams

Mihai Florea - Milford Sound 1

Milford Sound 1

Mihai Florea

Silvia Ganora - Withered leaves

Withered leaves

Silvia Ganora

Mario Carini - Jet Effect

Jet Effect

Mario Carini

Robert Storost - The Face Of Geology

The Face Of Geology

Robert Storost

Karen Lillard - Powder Me Up

Powder Me Up

Karen Lillard

Angelo Marcialis - Ying Or Yang

Ying Or Yang

Angelo Marcialis

Gregory Taylor - No Man Left Behind

No Man Left Behind

Gregory Taylor

Aline Halle-Gilbert - My Grand-Daughter

My Grand-Daughter

Aline Halle-Gilbert

Bill Morgenstern - Before the Storm

Before the Storm

Bill Morgenstern

Sergey Yurchenko - Early morning fishing

Early morning fishing

Sergey Yurchenko

Bonnie Mason - Country Morning

Country Morning

Bonnie Mason

Wildlife Fine Art - Gentle


Wildlife Fine Art

Sherry Shipley - Swan Song

Swan Song

Sherry Shipley

Chris Bishop - Contemplation


Chris Bishop

Linda Brody - Garden Lupine III

Garden Lupine III

Linda Brody

Michael Scott - Down By The Creek

Down By The Creek

Michael Scott

Rene Triay Photography - As It Bids It

As It Bids It's Goodnight

Rene Triay Photography

Nancy Pauling - Silvery Gold

Silvery Gold

Nancy Pauling

Jilian Cramb - AMothersFineArt - Abstract America

Abstract America

Jilian Cramb - AMothersFineArt

Paul Henderson - Wolf Vision

Wolf Vision

Paul Henderson

Lisa Lemmons-Powers - Lovely Lake Como

Lovely Lake Como

Lisa Lemmons-Powers

David Zimmerman - The Noble Endeavor

The Noble Endeavor

David Zimmerman

Chris Horsnell - Honister


Chris Horsnell

Angela Maher - The Good Earth

The Good Earth

Angela Maher

Tatiana Travelways - Harness Race #2

Harness Race #2

Tatiana Travelways

Warren Thompson - Yellow On Purple

Yellow On Purple

Warren Thompson

Wes and Dotty Weber - The Chase Is On 0488

The Chase Is On 0488

Wes and Dotty Weber

Fronie Mihnea - The glowing mushrooms

The glowing mushrooms

Fronie Mihnea