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Infrared Fine ArtInfrared Fine Art – Photography in a Different Light

Humans cannot see infrared (IR) light directly but our cameras can capture it. It thus gives us another way to create visions of the world ‘in a different light.’

IR images help emphasize that what we humans perceive is only part of the ‘reality’ that is out there in the world. It grabs peoples’ attention because it is a world we recognize (after all the things that reflect IR light also reflect visible light) but it is at the same time uncanny or other-worldly.

That opens up all sorts of possibilities for artistic interpretation: dreamy and ethereal monochromes, moody color-graded images, and psychedelia reminiscent of the 1960s.

My goal for this Group is to actively highlight the finest IR photography from the FAA community.

In the ‘Discussion’ tab there is a ‘Thanks for the Feature’ thread where all artists are invited to post their feature – this acts as the full archive for featured IR images.

For artists who allow their images to be pinned, I also feature images on my Pinterest Infrared Fine Art board, which is exclusively for images featured in this Group: www.pinterest.ca/tendrelimages/infrared-fine-art/

Submission rules for photographers:
(1) Photographs only and they must have been captured by you
(2) Submit up to 1 image per day
(3) Monochrome and false color IR images are acceptable; digital painting of IR photos is okay, so long as I can still tell they are IR originally
(4) IR images should be taken using IR film or an IR camera or filters – that is, submissions created using IR and thermal effects in post-processing will be rejected
(5) Anything with death, cruelty, or violence will be rejected
(6) Nudity is accepted so long as it is tastefully done and not explicit
(7) Acceptance of images into the Infrared Fine Art photography group is at the discretion of the administrator
(8) Anyone who repeatedly submits images not following the rules above may be deleted as a group member.

If you don’t see your submitted image in a little while, check the ‘rejected images’ drop-down tab in the ‘My Group Images’ tab. So far 75% of the rejections I have made have to do with processing quality and the other 25% are just random visible light images or paintings.

Thanks for joining or viewing the Infrared Fine Art Group!

Murray Rudd

Artist website: tendrelimages.zenfolio.com (includes info on IR workshops and image processing services)
Instagram: @tendrelimages
Pinterest: www.pinterest.ca/tendrelimages/boards/


Murray Rudd

Southampton, NS


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Group Overview

This group was started on January 20th, 2020.