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James R Granberry Gallery Of Favorites - One A Day



Group Administrator

James Granberry

Austin, TX

United States

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This group was started on January 1st, 2012 and currently has:

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James R Granberry Gallery Of Favorites - One A Day

About This Group


Welcome to 'The James Gallery'

I am James R Granberry. I am a native Austinite of Austin, Texas, United States. I still live in Austin and help organize Austin local art exhibits with local artists. I also jury what art and artists get to show. My background is in art and photography. My mother is a retired art teacher, so you know I have had a life long influence and mentoring. One of my local friend influences of 5 yrs now is Eli Reed, a Magnum Photographer, and camera director of many leading movies. Eli has really rekindled my passions in the art of photography and digital art.

I made this group to filter through what I see as beautiful and artistic from artists world wide. This group is open to artists abroad and all mediums of art.

I also submit images to feature, favorites of my own. ;) As my photographic images or digital art came only from me I ask that images you submit be images you created and if photos then the originality is all yours, from beginning to end of any process you may use. From taking the photo to rendering. Please no photos of portions of paintings that were painted by someone else other than yourself. Photos may be of classic sculptures that are public icons.

1. Don't hate me for being very picky. If I reject art from a member it is not a rejection of you as an individual or personally. I am accepting and featuring only what is pleasing to my eyes and conceptions of understanding through my years of love in fine art.
2. Only 1 upload per day is allowed. Please present only your very best in your eyes and the open market's eyes. If you post more than 1 piece in one day I will only select my favorite one and deny the rest, that is if anyone of them do meet the fascination of my eye's taste buds.
3. If any artist repetitively posts more than 1 piece per day they may be subject to exclusion from the group.

Featured Images

Athena Mckinzie - A Cowgirls Love

A Cowgirls Love

Athena Mckinzie

Radek Hofman - Opening


Radek Hofman

Roy Williams - The Face

The Face

Roy Williams

Helena Wierzbicki - Thoughtful figure

Thoughtful figure

Helena Wierzbicki

James Granberry - Great Egrets

Great Egrets

James Granberry

Joe  Triano - The Fisherman

The Fisherman

Joe Triano

Dave Bowman - Crummock Water

Crummock Water

Dave Bowman

Rene Triay Photography - Fishing Late Into the Night II

Fishing Late Into the Night II

Rene Triay Photography

Chrisann Ellis - Jim Morrison 02

Jim Morrison 02

Chrisann Ellis

Inge Johnsson - Park Butte Tarn

Park Butte Tarn

Inge Johnsson

Roy Williams - Great Egret Hunting

Great Egret Hunting

Roy Williams

Lori  Lovetere - Reflections


Lori Lovetere

Shadowlea Is - Hands Of Time

Hands Of Time

Shadowlea Is

Lianne Schneider - Home to the Harbor

Home to the Harbor

Lianne Schneider

Bob Christopher - Sweet Creek Oregon 4

Sweet Creek Oregon 4

Bob Christopher

Joe  Triano - Moose


Joe Triano

Radek Hofman - Saguaro Twilight

Saguaro Twilight

Radek Hofman

Joseph Coulombe - Keeping the Tug Floating

Keeping the Tug Floating

Joseph Coulombe

James Granberry - Golden Sunset

Golden Sunset

James Granberry

Evie Carrier - New York Sail

New York Sail

Evie Carrier

Steve McKinzie - Horses


Steve McKinzie

Athena Mckinzie - Waterfall Of Leaves

Waterfall Of Leaves

Athena Mckinzie

Dave Bowman - Belhaven Bridge

Belhaven Bridge

Dave Bowman

Evie Carrier - Pont Neuf Paris

Pont Neuf Paris

Evie Carrier

James Granberry - Sailing Destin

Sailing Destin

James Granberry

Athena Mckinzie - Sundance II

Sundance II

Athena Mckinzie

Jim Garrison - Mitten Sunrise

Mitten Sunrise

Jim Garrison

Radek Hofman - Red Tower

Red Tower

Radek Hofman

Radek Hofman - Mojave Desert

Mojave Desert

Radek Hofman

Dave Bowman - Dunnottar Twilight

Dunnottar Twilight

Dave Bowman

Radek Hofman - Route 163

Route 163

Radek Hofman

Joseph Coulombe - Men At Work

Men At Work

Joseph Coulombe

Helena Wierzbicki - Ardent wish

Ardent wish

Helena Wierzbicki

Jack Zulli - Flamingo 4

Flamingo 4

Jack Zulli

Inge Johnsson - Moon on the Range

Moon on the Range

Inge Johnsson

Silvio Ligutti - Capitol of Texas

Capitol of Texas

Silvio Ligutti

Ryan Smith - Celestial Hammer

Celestial Hammer

Ryan Smith

Inge Johnsson - The Mittens

The Mittens

Inge Johnsson

Norman Bean - Orvieto Italy

Orvieto Italy

Norman Bean

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Call Up The Wind

Call Up The Wind

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Inge Johnsson - Under the Pier

Under the Pier

Inge Johnsson

Evie Carrier - Lights and Shadows

Lights and Shadows

Evie Carrier

James Granberry - Texas Rose VI

Texas Rose VI

James Granberry

Chris Berry - The Stage

The Stage

Chris Berry

Helena Wierzbicki - Glow in shadows

Glow in shadows

Helena Wierzbicki

Wendy J St Christopher - Out of the Dark

Out of the Dark

Wendy J St Christopher

Inge Johnsson - Last Light

Last Light

Inge Johnsson

Kendall Kessler - Stream


Kendall Kessler

Inge Johnsson - Skagit Valley Dawn

Skagit Valley Dawn

Inge Johnsson

Tolere - Red Blooms

Red Blooms


Jack Zulli - Seahorse 2

Seahorse 2

Jack Zulli

Helena Wierzbicki - Naked gaze

Naked gaze

Helena Wierzbicki

Jenny Rainbow - A Moment of Nostalgia

A Moment of Nostalgia

Jenny Rainbow

Lincoln Rogers - Riding the Light

Riding the Light

Lincoln Rogers

James Granberry - Three Quarters

Three Quarters

James Granberry

Helena Wierzbicki - Numinous emotions

Numinous emotions

Helena Wierzbicki

RC DeWinter - Dobbin Resurrected

Dobbin Resurrected

RC DeWinter

Heather Harris Art - Revolution


Heather Harris Art

Randy Pollard - United We Stand

United We Stand

Randy Pollard

Karol Livote - Hay For Three

Hay For Three

Karol Livote

Karol Livote - Always Proud

Always Proud

Karol Livote

James Granberry - Glowing Brittney II

Glowing Brittney II

James Granberry

Chrisann Ellis - Natures Choice

Natures Choice

Chrisann Ellis

Kathy Jennings - The Road Leads Home

The Road Leads Home

Kathy Jennings

Eloise Schneider - Mates


Eloise Schneider

Steve McKinzie - Jungle King

Jungle King

Steve McKinzie

Dave Bowman - Beach Riders

Beach Riders

Dave Bowman

Jack Zulli - Street Rod 2

Street Rod 2

Jack Zulli

Theresa Tahara - Abandoned Farm Truck

Abandoned Farm Truck

Theresa Tahara

Kristie  Bonnewell - Wild Flower Boots

Wild Flower Boots

Kristie Bonnewell

Inge Johnsson - Rough Sea

Rough Sea

Inge Johnsson

Helena Wierzbicki - Cunning


Helena Wierzbicki

Dave Bowman - Water on the Jetty

Water on the Jetty

Dave Bowman

Inge Johnsson - Fly Geyser Travertine

Fly Geyser Travertine

Inge Johnsson

Eloise Schneider - Texture Trees

Texture Trees

Eloise Schneider

Digital Feng Shui - Carpe diem feng shui

Carpe diem feng shui

Digital Feng Shui

Wendy J St Christopher - Dream A Little Dream

Dream A Little Dream

Wendy J St Christopher

Bob Christopher - Surfing Jaws 3

Surfing Jaws 3

Bob Christopher

Kathy Jennings - Fence Post

Fence Post

Kathy Jennings

James Granberry - Tea Wood Red

Tea Wood Red

James Granberry

Dagmar Helbig - Poloplayer


Dagmar Helbig

Jenny Rainbow - Natural Drama

Natural Drama

Jenny Rainbow

Bob Christopher - Power Of Stone

Power Of Stone

Bob Christopher

Norman Bean - 1922 F/n

1922 F/n

Norman Bean

Helena Wierzbicki - Eternity


Helena Wierzbicki

Robin Curtiss - The Big Bang

The Big Bang

Robin Curtiss

Inge Johnsson - Lower Proxy Falls

Lower Proxy Falls

Inge Johnsson

Randy Pollard - Wavy


Randy Pollard

Helena Wierzbicki - Fervidly


Helena Wierzbicki

Anna Ewa Miarczynska - Dancing with Birds

Dancing with Birds

Anna Ewa Miarczynska

Bob Christopher - Red Eyed Tree Frog

Red Eyed Tree Frog

Bob Christopher

Michael Swanson - Tribute to Valour

Tribute to Valour

Michael Swanson

Shadowlea Is - Evermore


Shadowlea Is

James Granberry - Texas Rose VII

Texas Rose VII

James Granberry

Anna Ewa Miarczynska - The Island

The Island

Anna Ewa Miarczynska

Karol Livote - Mysterious Man

Mysterious Man

Karol Livote

James Granberry - Lake Travis 101112

Lake Travis 101112

James Granberry

Dave Bowman - Four Rocks

Four Rocks

Dave Bowman

Tony  Colvin - Colorful Guitars

Colorful Guitars

Tony Colvin

Michael Swanson - Grand Canal Oasis

Grand Canal Oasis

Michael Swanson

Kathy Jennings - Barn In Morning Light

Barn In Morning Light

Kathy Jennings

Kathy Jennings - Cyrus McCormick Farm

Cyrus McCormick Farm

Kathy Jennings

Michael Swanson - Positano


Michael Swanson

Rene Triay Photography - Steaming thru the Sunrise

Steaming thru the Sunrise

Rene Triay Photography

Dave Bowman - Zeelandbrug 1

Zeelandbrug 1

Dave Bowman

Kathy Jennings - Sail Away With Me

Sail Away With Me

Kathy Jennings

Eloise Schneider - In the Potter

In the Potter's Hands

Eloise Schneider

Kathy Jennings - Hallowed Pathway

Hallowed Pathway

Kathy Jennings

Jenny Rainbow - Under Green Moon

Under Green Moon

Jenny Rainbow

Michael Swanson - Tuscan dusk

Tuscan dusk

Michael Swanson

Michael Swanson - My Secret Autumn Place

My Secret Autumn Place

Michael Swanson

Inge Johnsson - Green Fly Geyser

Green Fly Geyser

Inge Johnsson

Dave Bowman - Road to Vik

Road to Vik

Dave Bowman

Rene Triay Photography - Miami After Dark

Miami After Dark

Rene Triay Photography

Michael Swanson - Winter Aspens

Winter Aspens

Michael Swanson

Shadowlea Is - The Cosmos

The Cosmos

Shadowlea Is

James Granberry - Neon Cactus II

Neon Cactus II

James Granberry

Kathy Jennings - Winter Pond

Winter Pond

Kathy Jennings

Christopher Gaston - The Mystic

The Mystic

Christopher Gaston

Sandra Bronstein - Pottery and Archways II

Pottery and Archways II

Sandra Bronstein

Eva Kondzialkiewicz - Paddle Surfing

Paddle Surfing

Eva Kondzialkiewicz

Steve McKinzie - Standing In Velvet

Standing In Velvet

Steve McKinzie

Karol Livote - Winding Dirt Road

Winding Dirt Road

Karol Livote

Rene Triay Photography - A Dream of Fantasy Island

A Dream of Fantasy Island

Rene Triay Photography

Michael Swanson - Making Way

Making Way

Michael Swanson

Christopher Gaston - Throneroom


Christopher Gaston

Bob Christopher - False Kiva

False Kiva

Bob Christopher

Petros Yiannakas - Killing the Dragon

Killing the Dragon

Petros Yiannakas

James Granberry - Winter Cool Front Sunset

Winter Cool Front Sunset

James Granberry

Joe  Triano - First Steps

First Steps

Joe Triano

Jack Zulli - Resting Elk

Resting Elk

Jack Zulli

AnnaJo Vahle - Banana Flower

Banana Flower

AnnaJo Vahle

Kimberleigh Ladd - Sublime Banner Part 3

Sublime Banner Part 3

Kimberleigh Ladd

Michael Swanson - The Scouting Party

The Scouting Party

Michael Swanson

Karol Livote - Reach For It

Reach For It

Karol Livote

Steve McKinzie - The Look

The Look

Steve McKinzie

James Granberry - Christmas Glow

Christmas Glow

James Granberry

Joe Jake Pratt - Illusion Optical

Illusion Optical

Joe Jake Pratt

Michael Swanson - Lavender


Michael Swanson

Rene Triay Photography - The Painted City

The Painted City

Rene Triay Photography

Isaac Silman - Old city Girona

Old city Girona

Isaac Silman

Sophie Vigneault - Flowers


Sophie Vigneault

Michael Swanson - Good Fishing SOLD

Good Fishing SOLD

Michael Swanson

Kimberleigh Ladd - Beautiful Autumn Marsh

Beautiful Autumn Marsh

Kimberleigh Ladd

Karol Livote - Red Tree

Red Tree

Karol Livote

James Granberry - Lake Travis 101112 2

Lake Travis 101112 2

James Granberry

Christopher Gaston -

'68 Gibson

Christopher Gaston

Steve McKinzie - Autumn Grist

Autumn Grist

Steve McKinzie

Steve McKinzie - Western Buffalo

Western Buffalo

Steve McKinzie

Theresa Tahara - Ballet Shoes

Ballet Shoes

Theresa Tahara

Lianne Schneider - Wild Horses

Wild Horses

Lianne Schneider

James Granberry - Bird Sky

Bird Sky

James Granberry

Karol Livote - Strings Wrapped

Strings Wrapped

Karol Livote

Lianne Schneider - Home on the Range

Home on the Range

Lianne Schneider

Shadowlea Is - Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising

Shadowlea Is

Bob Christopher - Venice Reflections 2

Venice Reflections 2

Bob Christopher

Bob Christopher - Pow Wow Flight Of Fancy

Pow Wow Flight Of Fancy

Bob Christopher

Lianne Schneider - Braving the Storm

Braving the Storm

Lianne Schneider

Joe  Triano - Appaloosa Dawn

Appaloosa Dawn

Joe Triano

Sophie Vigneault - Sailboat at sunset

Sailboat at sunset

Sophie Vigneault

Christopher Gaston - Kaleidoscope


Christopher Gaston

Steven Milner - Chain Driven

Chain Driven

Steven Milner

Sandi OReilly - Hummingbird Delight

Hummingbird Delight

Sandi OReilly

Syed Aqueel - New York

New York

Syed Aqueel

Syed Aqueel - An Autumn Affair

An Autumn Affair

Syed Aqueel

Steven Milner - Nice Ride

Nice Ride

Steven Milner

Syed Aqueel - Precious Moments

Precious Moments

Syed Aqueel

Charles Dana - The Sun Katchina

The Sun Katchina

Charles Dana

Sandra Bronstein - Sunrise On El Capitan

Sunrise On El Capitan

Sandra Bronstein

Athena Mckinzie - Lily


Athena Mckinzie

James Granberry - Peaceful Sunset

Peaceful Sunset

James Granberry

Syed Aqueel - Angels And Demons

Angels And Demons

Syed Aqueel

Athena Mckinzie - American Bald Eagle

American Bald Eagle

Athena Mckinzie

James Granberry - Frost Across The River

Frost Across The River

James Granberry

Sophie Vigneault - Barbados Beauty

Barbados Beauty

Sophie Vigneault

Karol Livote - Road to Winter

Road to Winter

Karol Livote

Dagmar Helbig - Flamenco Ii

Flamenco Ii

Dagmar Helbig

Shadowlea Is - Shifting Dimensions

Shifting Dimensions

Shadowlea Is

Dawn Serkin - Lily Pond

Lily Pond

Dawn Serkin

Shadowlea Is - Solar Cell

Solar Cell

Shadowlea Is

Theresa Tahara - Her Watery Grave

Her Watery Grave

Theresa Tahara

Athena Mckinzie - Autumn River in Montana

Autumn River in Montana

Athena Mckinzie

Paula Ludovino - A Thousand Stories

A Thousand Stories

Paula Ludovino

Bob Christopher - Classy Classic

Classy Classic

Bob Christopher

Bob Christopher - Beauty Of The Extreme

Beauty Of The Extreme

Bob Christopher

Bob Christopher - Tree Frog 16

Tree Frog 16

Bob Christopher

Karol Livote - Twin Brooks

Twin Brooks

Karol Livote

Jack Zulli - Crossroad


Jack Zulli

Lianne Schneider - Walls of Southampton

Walls of Southampton

Lianne Schneider

Syed Aqueel - The Bridge Across

The Bridge Across

Syed Aqueel

Steven Milner - Perfect pi

Perfect pi

Steven Milner

Melita Safran - Dancing angel

Dancing angel

Melita Safran

Jack Zulli - Awaken


Jack Zulli

Karol Livote - A Gentlemans Ride

A Gentlemans Ride

Karol Livote

Syed Aqueel - A King

A King's Palace

Syed Aqueel

James Granberry - WC Clark

WC Clark

James Granberry

Chris Berry - Fender Detail

Fender Detail

Chris Berry

Christopher Gaston - Orange Peel

Orange Peel

Christopher Gaston

Jack Zulli - The Valley

The Valley

Jack Zulli

Bob Christopher - Lightning


Bob Christopher

Bob Christopher - Bald Eagle In Flight

Bald Eagle In Flight

Bob Christopher

Melita Safran - Haflinger


Melita Safran

Jack Zulli - City At Night

City At Night

Jack Zulli

Karol Livote - Stalking Egret

Stalking Egret

Karol Livote

Jack Zulli - Collector Of Art

Collector Of Art

Jack Zulli

Karol Livote - A Horse

A Horse's Spirit

Karol Livote

Karol Livote - Lonesome Winter

Lonesome Winter

Karol Livote

Paula Ludovino - Tulips


Paula Ludovino

Bob Christopher - Taking A Look

Taking A Look

Bob Christopher

Theresa Tahara - Isn

Isn't It Romantic

Theresa Tahara

James Granberry - Sam IIII


James Granberry

Karol Livote - The Red Baron

The Red Baron

Karol Livote

Steven Milner - Without Boundaries

Without Boundaries

Steven Milner

Karol Livote - Bridge to Autumn

Bridge to Autumn

Karol Livote

Steven Milner - Visions Of Escher

Visions Of Escher

Steven Milner

James Granberry - A Dash Of Color Hibiscus

A Dash Of Color Hibiscus

James Granberry

Pamela Patch - Foggy Harbor

Foggy Harbor

Pamela Patch

Joe Jake Pratt - Test Of Time

Test Of Time

Joe Jake Pratt

Steve McKinzie - Tulips and Tractors

Tulips and Tractors

Steve McKinzie

Sophie Vigneault - Bicycle in Pink

Bicycle in Pink

Sophie Vigneault

Christopher Gaston - Autumn Glory

Autumn Glory

Christopher Gaston

Bob Christopher - Pow Wow All About Time

Pow Wow All About Time

Bob Christopher

Melita Safran - Dancing pace

Dancing pace

Melita Safran

Steven Milner - Autumns Reflections

Autumns Reflections

Steven Milner

Theresa Tahara - Pastel Peonies

Pastel Peonies

Theresa Tahara

Pamela Patch - Queen for a Day

Queen for a Day

Pamela Patch

Christopher Gaston - Entropy


Christopher Gaston

James Granberry - Eiffel Tower Las Vegas

Eiffel Tower Las Vegas

James Granberry

Dagmar Helbig - African Madonna

African Madonna

Dagmar Helbig

Pamela Patch - Grande Dame

Grande Dame

Pamela Patch

Aimelle - The Magician

The Magician


Helena Wierzbicki - Animus


Helena Wierzbicki

Norman Bean - San Gimignano

San Gimignano

Norman Bean

Mark Weaver - Austin Skyline

Austin Skyline

Mark Weaver

Mauricio Jimenez - Wildflowers 5

Wildflowers 5

Mauricio Jimenez

Arne Hansen - Best of Friends

Best of Friends

Arne Hansen

Paula Ludovino - Fall colors

Fall colors

Paula Ludovino

Norman Bean - Matchless Moto

Matchless Moto

Norman Bean

Sophie Vigneault - English Harbor Antigua

English Harbor Antigua

Sophie Vigneault

Theresa Tahara - Dear Norma

Dear Norma

Theresa Tahara

Theresa Tahara - Heavenly Iris

Heavenly Iris

Theresa Tahara

Bob Christopher - Into The Blue Zone

Into The Blue Zone

Bob Christopher

James Granberry - Beach Fence

Beach Fence

James Granberry

Bob Christopher - Propped Up

Propped Up

Bob Christopher

Diane montana Jansson - Blue Songs

Blue Songs

Diane montana Jansson

Helena Wierzbicki - Insight


Helena Wierzbicki

Karen White - Sharp Turn

Sharp Turn

Karen White

Paula Ludovino - Iris


Paula Ludovino

Paula Ludovino - Mandala


Paula Ludovino

Arne Hansen - Brown Study

Brown Study

Arne Hansen

James Granberry - Captivation


James Granberry

Paula Ludovino - Light entrance

Light entrance

Paula Ludovino

James Granberry - Front Ford GT

Front Ford GT

James Granberry

Jerry L Barrett - Formula One

Formula One

Jerry L Barrett

Amber Stubbs - Steed 3

Steed 3

Amber Stubbs

Bob Christopher - All American Diner

All American Diner

Bob Christopher

Theresa Tahara - Decadence 1

Decadence 1

Theresa Tahara

James Granberry - Bay Fishing

Bay Fishing

James Granberry

Annemeet Hasidi- van der Leij - Fishingboat in foggy weather

Fishingboat in foggy weather

Annemeet Hasidi- van der Leij

James Granberry - Arches Many

Arches Many

James Granberry

Elizabeth Hart - Ambiance


Elizabeth Hart

James Granberry - Butterfly and Blankets I

Butterfly and Blankets I

James Granberry

Dawn Serkin - Steven Tyler 01

Steven Tyler 01

Dawn Serkin

Elizabeth Hart - Psyche


Elizabeth Hart

Bob Christopher - Toro Toro Toro

Toro Toro Toro

Bob Christopher

Diane montana Jansson - Harlequin Wind

Harlequin Wind

Diane montana Jansson

Theresa Tahara - Ambrosia Apples

Ambrosia Apples

Theresa Tahara

Bob Christopher - Sunwapta Falls 2

Sunwapta Falls 2

Bob Christopher

Elizabeth Hart - Koi Oasis

Koi Oasis

Elizabeth Hart

Lynne and Don Wright - Broken Promise

Broken Promise

Lynne and Don Wright

Bob Christopher - Jellyfish 9

Jellyfish 9

Bob Christopher

James Granberry - Beach View With Grass

Beach View With Grass

James Granberry

Helena Wierzbicki - Transition


Helena Wierzbicki

Bob Christopher - Night Moves

Night Moves

Bob Christopher

Charles Dana - Five Padres

Five Padres

Charles Dana

Pamela Patch - South Bound

South Bound

Pamela Patch

Linnea Tober - Emerge


Linnea Tober

Bob Christopher - The Blue Room

The Blue Room

Bob Christopher

Charles Dana - Fatal Attraction

Fatal Attraction

Charles Dana

Bob Christopher - Moving and Grooving

Moving and Grooving

Bob Christopher

Chrisann Ellis - Spring Is In The Air

Spring Is In The Air

Chrisann Ellis

Arne Hansen - Sailing


Arne Hansen

Sophie Vigneault - Moroccan babouche

Moroccan babouche

Sophie Vigneault

Linnea Tober - Avocado13


Linnea Tober

James Granberry - Angelica


James Granberry

Sophie Vigneault - Travels


Sophie Vigneault

James Granberry - Stormy Ocean

Stormy Ocean

James Granberry

Theresa Tahara - Nights In White Satin

Nights In White Satin

Theresa Tahara

James Granberry - Oil Pump In Sunset

Oil Pump In Sunset

James Granberry

Arne Hansen - Wisdom


Arne Hansen

James Granberry - Iris II

Iris II

James Granberry

Sophie Vigneault - Donkey


Sophie Vigneault

James Granberry - Field of Gold

Field of Gold

James Granberry

Pamela Patch - Black Dog Sundown

Black Dog Sundown

Pamela Patch

Charles Dana - Symmetry No. 1

Symmetry No. 1

Charles Dana

Chrisann Ellis - Healing with Blue

Healing with Blue

Chrisann Ellis

James Granberry - My Austin Skyline

My Austin Skyline

James Granberry

Chrisann Ellis - Natures Blend

Natures Blend

Chrisann Ellis

Charles Dana - The Chosen

The Chosen

Charles Dana

James Granberry - Underneath Yet Above

Underneath Yet Above

James Granberry

Bob Christopher - Timeless Death Valley

Timeless Death Valley

Bob Christopher

Chris Berry - Moon Pistils

Moon Pistils

Chris Berry

Sophie Vigneault - Wood Plane

Wood Plane

Sophie Vigneault

Arne Hansen - Transparency II

Transparency II

Arne Hansen

Arne Hansen - Windblown


Arne Hansen

James Granberry - Red Bicycle

Red Bicycle

James Granberry

George Holmes - Santa Fe Lights

Santa Fe Lights

George Holmes

Amber Stubbs - Sunrise3


Amber Stubbs

James Granberry - Soft Thoughts

Soft Thoughts

James Granberry

Theresa Tahara - Mid-winter Moonlight

Mid-winter Moonlight

Theresa Tahara

Theresa Tahara - Pinto Pony

Pinto Pony

Theresa Tahara

Richard Leon - Moon River

Moon River

Richard Leon

Theresa Tahara - Tulip Unexpected

Tulip Unexpected

Theresa Tahara

Norman Bean - Pisa Duomo

Pisa Duomo

Norman Bean

James Granberry - My First Bolt

My First Bolt

James Granberry

James Granberry - Texas Duplex

Texas Duplex

James Granberry

Norman Bean - The Pantheon

The Pantheon

Norman Bean

Bob Christopher - Proxy Falls Oregon

Proxy Falls Oregon

Bob Christopher

Kimberly Gonzales - Neon Palm

Neon Palm

Kimberly Gonzales

Bob Christopher - Dragons Breath

Dragons Breath

Bob Christopher

Sophie Vigneault - Oia Santorini island

Oia Santorini island

Sophie Vigneault

Bob Christopher - Sandstone Detail

Sandstone Detail

Bob Christopher

Heather Harris Art - Sunset Over Lake Austin

Sunset Over Lake Austin

Heather Harris Art

Bob Christopher - Out Of Time

Out Of Time

Bob Christopher

James Granberry - Conception


James Granberry

Richard Leon - Foggy Grapevine

Foggy Grapevine

Richard Leon

Joe Jake Pratt - Longhorns Long Day

Longhorns Long Day

Joe Jake Pratt

James Granberry - Full Lotus

Full Lotus

James Granberry

Sophie Vigneault - At the End of the Day

At the End of the Day

Sophie Vigneault

Chris Berry - Ol School

Ol School

Chris Berry

Bob Christopher - Splendor On Quail Creek

Splendor On Quail Creek

Bob Christopher

Diane montana Jansson - Crystle


Diane montana Jansson

Toni Thomas - Horse Glow

Horse Glow

Toni Thomas

Linnea Tober - Cabbage abstract4

Cabbage abstract4

Linnea Tober

Heather Harris Art - No The Girl is Mine

No The Girl is Mine

Heather Harris Art

April Davis - School Is out

School Is out

April Davis

Arne Hansen - Freeze Dried

Freeze Dried

Arne Hansen

Rona Black - Rain Dance

Rain Dance

Rona Black

Norman Bean - Leone


Norman Bean

Johnny Johnston - Be the Ball

Be the Ball

Johnny Johnston

David Wenman - Village Cricket

Village Cricket

David Wenman

Juliet Sarah Marx - Underworld


Juliet Sarah Marx

Randy Pollard - Winter at Dusk

Winter at Dusk

Randy Pollard

Henry David Potwin - Fantasy World

Fantasy World

Henry David Potwin

April Davis - Lost in Time

Lost in Time

April Davis

Chris Larson - No Tagging

No Tagging

Chris Larson

Shawn Hughes - Turning Back Time

Turning Back Time

Shawn Hughes