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Lamps Lanterns Candles Light BulbsACCEPTED IMAGES:

1. Any MAN MADE light source such as a table lamp, street lamp, candle, light bulb.

2. Light streaks from MAN MADE light sources, such as traffic lights, moving carnival rides, etc.


NATURAL light sources such as stars, sun, moon, campfires, outside lighting coming in through a window. Also NO LIGHTHOUSES. There are plenty of lighthouse groups, so I’m going to exclude them here.


1. The light, lamp, candle, etc. must be prominent and obvious in the image. It doesn’t have to be the main subject, but it must be obvious an not hard to find. A tiny streetlamp that is hard to find in a large cityscape is NOT what I’m looking for. A porch light on a house where the house is the main subject is NOT what I’m looking for, unless it’s a night scene and the light from the porch light is a main part of the composition.

2. The lantern, lamp or candle DOES NOT have to be lit. Lanterns are interesting whether they are lit or not.

3. All media accepted. Photographs may be digitally altered.

4. NO superimposed text, nudity, violence or political images accepted.

5. One image per day.

GENERAL: I intend this to be a fun group without any demands for participation because I know people like to have their images in groups but don’t always have a lot of time to participate. I would only ask that you stop by once in a while and comment or like a fellow member’s image so we can all get a little benefit from the exposure.

Any questions as to whether something is acceptable, email me with a link to the image.

Thanks and I’m looking forward to being “enlightened” by your images!

Our current group logo is 'Of Lights and Lamps' by Georgia Mizuleva


Mary Bedy

St. Clair, MI

United States

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This group was started on March 10th, 2019.