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Mechanical Works



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Fran Riley

Columbia Falls, Mt

United States

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This group was started on January 4th, 2014 and currently has:

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Mechanical Works

About This Group

Show me the mechanical workings (the Details) of objects- (not entire autos, tractors etc. only mechanical parts of them will be allowed). Objects do not have to be functional or in working condition. Should just be of a mechanical nature. These should have been or are moveable parts.
Steampunk welcome.
Any Medium.

Featured Images

James Ng - Night Patrol

Night Patrol

James Ng

Marnie Patchett - The Works

The Works

Marnie Patchett

Michael Geraghty - Time Mechanics V2a

Time Mechanics V2a

Michael Geraghty

Marnie Patchett - Bottom End

Bottom End

Marnie Patchett

Marnie Patchett - Edges


Marnie Patchett

Scott French - Robots have souls

Robots have souls

Scott French

Jean Hall - Caboose Detail

Caboose Detail

Jean Hall

Jean Hall - Temple Bell

Temple Bell

Jean Hall

Ken Smith - Three of a Kind

Three of a Kind

Ken Smith

Ken Smith - A Tender Behind

A Tender Behind

Ken Smith

Ken Smith - American Steel

American Steel

Ken Smith

Rick Lloyd - Mill Wheels

Mill Wheels

Rick Lloyd

Bob Christopher - Geared For Art

Geared For Art

Bob Christopher

Ronald Olivier - Land  Dilling Oil Rig

Land Dilling Oil Rig

Ronald Olivier

Peggi Bell - Metal Oops

Metal Oops

Peggi Bell

Ronald Olivier - Abandoned Syrup Mill

Abandoned Syrup Mill

Ronald Olivier

Thomas Woolworth - Mr Machine

Mr Machine

Thomas Woolworth

Ken Smith - Sunset Windmill

Sunset Windmill

Ken Smith

Rick Lloyd - Locomotion


Rick Lloyd

Rick Lloyd - The Aermotor

The Aermotor

Rick Lloyd

Ken Smith - I

I'll Be Around

Ken Smith

Robert Riordan - Train Engine Detail

Train Engine Detail

Robert Riordan

Thomas Woolworth - Antique Railroad Crane

Antique Railroad Crane

Thomas Woolworth

Fran Riley - Staying Power

Staying Power

Fran Riley

Ann Powell - Oil Pump Jack

Oil Pump Jack

Ann Powell

Robert Riordan - Bolted Hatch

Bolted Hatch

Robert Riordan

Robert Riordan - Train Chain

Train Chain

Robert Riordan

Fran Riley - Victrola No 2

Victrola No 2

Fran Riley

Howard Markel - Mustang Morning

Mustang Morning

Howard Markel

Hanny Heim - Steam Train

Steam Train

Hanny Heim

Fran Riley - Heavy Coil

Heavy Coil

Fran Riley

Fran Riley - Pulley


Fran Riley

Photographic Arts And Design Studio - Old Clarinet Black and White Vertical

Old Clarinet Black and White Vertical

Photographic Arts And Design Studio

Fran Riley - Guitar Works

Guitar Works

Fran Riley

Shannon Story - Steampunk Angel

Steampunk Angel

Shannon Story

Shannon Story - Steampunk Owl

Steampunk Owl

Shannon Story

Steven Milner - Chain Driven

Chain Driven

Steven Milner

Cleaster Cotton - Hair Dryer aka Generator

Hair Dryer aka Generator

Cleaster Cotton

Ann Powell - Orange and Blue

Orange and Blue

Ann Powell

Fran Riley - Color of Steel 1

Color of Steel 1

Fran Riley

Peggi Bell - Metal Diva

Metal Diva

Peggi Bell

Rona Black - Snaking Rust

Snaking Rust

Rona Black

Carol Groenen - Rusted Gears Abstract

Rusted Gears Abstract

Carol Groenen

Carol Groenen - Windmill Cogs

Windmill Cogs

Carol Groenen

Photographic Arts And Design Studio - Old Rusty Tractor

Old Rusty Tractor

Photographic Arts And Design Studio