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Monochrome -B-W or Sepia Photography

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Monochrome -b-w Or Sepia PhotographyThis group is for the those with the discerning vision needed to create black and white or sepia-tone images in a time when the whole world seems to be awash in color. Sometimes I refer to poorly composed and created HDR images as Hugely Disappointing Rubbish.

This group looks for high quality monotone images from all types of photography including but not limited to portraiture, landscape, still life,studio still life, panoramas, and so forth. Traditionally, these images have been created with film, but I am not averse to seeing digital transitions.

In general the group is un-curated unless of course, you send work here which you yourself have doubts about as then it will probably not stand muster with the other collected images and thus be eligible for deletion. One sticking point for me is that if you don't own the copyright, your work cannot be displayed here. Copyright evasion or infringement is not something I support.

Good shooting,

Jan Faul

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Jan W Faul

Tuscarora, MD

United States

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This group was started on September 20th, 2012.