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Les Palenik

Richmond Hill, ON


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This group was started on March 3rd, 2013 and currently has:

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About This Group

This FAA Group is for photographs and paintings from Muskoka, Ontario.
If possible, indicate where the image was taken or painted and provide a brief description of the place, animal, bird, rock, tree, or flower.

No domestic pets and common flowers are allowed, unless they are being chased or eaten by some native Muskoka beast.

Featured Images

Andrew Wilson - The Bigwin Ferry

The Bigwin Ferry

Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson - Meeting the Segwun

Meeting the Segwun

Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson - The Portage Flyer

The Portage Flyer

Andrew Wilson

Les Palenik - Gneiss Rock

Gneiss Rock

Les Palenik

Andrew Wilson - After the Storm

After the Storm

Andrew Wilson

Conrad Mieschke - Winter in the Park

Winter in the Park

Conrad Mieschke

Kenneth M Kirsch - The Lodge at Fawn Island

The Lodge at Fawn Island

Kenneth M Kirsch

Claire Bull - Into the Light

Into the Light

Claire Bull

Claire Bull - Snow Day

Snow Day

Claire Bull

Claire Bull - Red Tug

Red Tug

Claire Bull

Claire Bull - Sitting Pretty

Sitting Pretty

Claire Bull

Craig Stoklosar - Hay Lake Lodge 3

Hay Lake Lodge 3

Craig Stoklosar

Craig Stoklosar - Hay Lake Lodge 2

Hay Lake Lodge 2

Craig Stoklosar

Craig Stoklosar - Ruffled Redpoll

Ruffled Redpoll

Craig Stoklosar

Craig Stoklosar - Hay Lake Loon

Hay Lake Loon

Craig Stoklosar

Conrad Mieschke - The Canadian Shield

The Canadian Shield

Conrad Mieschke

Claire Bull - Birches


Claire Bull

Claire Bull - Boat Break

Boat Break

Claire Bull

Claire Bull - Waiting for Spring

Waiting for Spring

Claire Bull

Claire Bull - Magical Woodland

Magical Woodland

Claire Bull

Claire Bull - Sumac Splendour

Sumac Splendour

Claire Bull

Claire Bull - Two At the Dock

Two At the Dock

Claire Bull

India Blue photos - Autumn Reflections

Autumn Reflections

India Blue photos

Claire Bull - Trilliums


Claire Bull

Claire Bull - Winter Shadows

Winter Shadows

Claire Bull

Conrad Mieschke - Rudolf the Raindeer

Rudolf the Raindeer

Conrad Mieschke

Debbie Oppermann - Sunset On The Moon

Sunset On The Moon

Debbie Oppermann

Debbie Oppermann - Moon River

Moon River

Debbie Oppermann

Claire Bull - The Path 1

The Path 1

Claire Bull

Kenneth M  Kirsch - The Segwun

The Segwun

Kenneth M Kirsch

Conrad Mieschke - Raincatch


Conrad Mieschke

Sarah Pemberton - Circle of Leaves

Circle of Leaves

Sarah Pemberton

Sarah Pemberton - Sunset


Sarah Pemberton

Sarah Pemberton - Dragonfly 2

Dragonfly 2

Sarah Pemberton

Eva Kato - Waves of Gold

Waves of Gold

Eva Kato

Sarah Pemberton - Lake Reeds

Lake Reeds

Sarah Pemberton

Conrad Mieschke - Peaceful Reflections

Peaceful Reflections

Conrad Mieschke

Kenneth M  Kirsch - Evening Paddle

Evening Paddle

Kenneth M Kirsch

Kenneth M  Kirsch - Under Muskoka Trees

Under Muskoka Trees

Kenneth M Kirsch

Kenneth M  Kirsch - Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing

Kenneth M Kirsch

Andrea Kollo - Take a Load Off

Take a Load Off

Andrea Kollo

Kenneth M  Kirsch - Muskoka Morning Mist

Muskoka Morning Mist

Kenneth M Kirsch

Kenneth M  Kirsch - Muskoka Solitude

Muskoka Solitude

Kenneth M Kirsch

Jeff Peterson - Muskoka Sunset

Muskoka Sunset

Jeff Peterson

Conrad Mieschke - Evening in Muskoka

Evening in Muskoka

Conrad Mieschke

John  Bartosik - Stubbs Falls II

Stubbs Falls II

John Bartosik