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MysteryThis group is for images which are mysterious in some way.

What makes an image mysterious? It's an image that begs a question but doesn't give the answer. A mysterious image demands a longer look.

Being mysterious is the only prerequisite for an image's acceptance. (though if the image is mysterious but the resolution/quality is low it may be rejected) Beyond that genre doesn't matter. Almost any subject can be made mysterious through composition and or post processing. There are many naturally occurring mysteries waiting to be captured as well. That being said there may be some images which lean too much into another genre or are depending on another genre to be mysterious. Not every sci-fi image will be mysterious, not every black and white image will be mysterious, not every fantasy image will be mysterious, etc.

Whatever question or questions your image begs, the answer shouldn't be obvious - this group is about savoring the mystery.

No nudity please let's keep that part of the mystery.

I realize this is somewhat subjective of a theme. If you ever have and image you feel strongly about not get accepted reach out and let me know.

All mysterious images should be accepted into the group. The moderator will choose some images to feature in the section below the contest winners. Please note the moderator is not a qualified art critic and many, many superb images will probably never get featured so please, browse the images using the tab above and delight your imagination.

I'll attempt to clarify as my deficiencies herein become clear. Let's have some fun!

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This group was started on July 23rd, 2020.