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Myth Magic And Spirituality



Group Administrator

Katherine Nutt

Rowlett, Texas

United States

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This group was started on September 4th, 2016 and currently has:

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Myth Magic And Spirituality

About This Group

Fairies, Mermaids, Dragons, and other magical mystical creatures. Gods and Goddess, myths, fairy tales, spirituality, magic, gnosis, the sacred, symbolism, pagan, wicca, druids are many of the things that inspire me. Let us see whom else it inspires!

All mediums are welcome.

Tasteful nudity is fine. Diversity is Welcomed.

I tend to change up the homepage featured images on a whim and whenever. I do try to show a variety of art that I believe embodies the intentions of this group.

This is not a group for the mundane and simply beautiful or fun. I want to collect images here that invoke a sense of magic, myth and spirituality. As the Administrator I have to be the one to make that call. I will remove any images that do not feel they fit this theme. If you feel your image belongs, I would love it if you would bring it to my attention as to why it should be here.
Please take a look on the discussion page under Criteria for a deeper explanation as to what I accept and remove.

Also I have started a discussion thread for any thank yous and features. I think it will be nice to have a place to record the features that have moved off the front page.

Thank you!

Here are is the winner for the Dreams and Visions contest.
1st Place Prize: Downloaded from the Divine
A Child's Dream by Diane LaPreta
Art Prints

and here is the Administrator's choice:
The Judgement The Unseen And The Rendering by Matt Konar
Sell Art Online

Congratulations to everyone! Thank you for your participation.

Featured Images

Carol Cavalaris - Roses In The Mist

Roses In The Mist

Carol Cavalaris

Shana Rowe Jackson - Mother Elder Tree

Mother Elder Tree

Shana Rowe Jackson


'REA' Gallery

Duncan Sawyer - Mermaids tail

Mermaids tail

Duncan Sawyer

Ana Dragan - The moon

The moon

Ana Dragan

Trudi Doyle - Seed Saver

Seed Saver

Trudi Doyle

Yelena Tylkina - 3 White Witches

3 White Witches

Yelena Tylkina

Shana Rowe Jackson - Just Below the Surface

Just Below the Surface

Shana Rowe Jackson

Grace Iradian - Sunshine Mandala

Sunshine Mandala

Grace Iradian

Daniel Eskridge - Buffalo and Wolf

Buffalo and Wolf

Daniel Eskridge

Zoe Oakley - Tree Dwellers

Tree Dwellers

Zoe Oakley

Shana Rowe Jackson - In The Clover

In The Clover

Shana Rowe Jackson

Nanci Worthington - Imma Peace Be

Imma Peace Be

Nanci Worthington

Nymph In the woods

'REA' Gallery

Ali Oppy - Golden Globe

Golden Globe

Ali Oppy

Julia Khoroshikh - Primavera


Julia Khoroshikh

Mikki Alhart - Guardians


Mikki Alhart

Shana Rowe Jackson - Where the Elements Meet

Where the Elements Meet

Shana Rowe Jackson

Julia Khoroshikh - Hecate


Julia Khoroshikh

Julie Engelhardt - The Dragon Guide

The Dragon Guide

Julie Engelhardt

Michael African Visions - Lord Nrishimadev

Lord Nrishimadev

Michael African Visions

Carole Lindberg - Shaman


Carole Lindberg

Julia Khoroshikh - Child of the forest

Child of the forest

Julia Khoroshikh

Brandy Woods - The Morrigan

The Morrigan

Brandy Woods

Crystal Elswick - The Cats Me

The Cats Me'au

Crystal Elswick