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Nature's Patterns And Designs - Group To CloseNB: This group will CLOSE in a few days unless someone steps up to take it over. Thank you.
~17 Nov 2020

Welcome to Nature's Patterns and Designs!

Please read the following carefully.
1) As-is photography only. Contrast, highlights, levels etc. okay of course.
2) Nature photography only; no man-made subjects.
2) Must see a pattern or design. See list below if you're stuck for ideas or inspiration.
3) NO flowers. (This means no images of flowers. But technically, an image which uses a part of a flower, macro of stamen etc, or veins in a petal or other unusual presentation - may be accepted into the group.)

Patterns and designs can be found in:

- tree bark
- rocks
- shells
- animal stripes/skin
- sea anemone
- waves
- sand and sand dunes
- sky and cloud patterns
- underwater
- mountains
- honeycomb
- leaves
- butterfly wings - the list can go on.

1) No heavily digitally manipulated work.
2) No fractals or other digital art.
3) Make sure a pattern or design is clearly visible - not just a landscape.
4) NO flowers.

Limited to 4 entries per day.

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Cynthia Harris

Clarence Point, TAS


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This group was started on August 24th, 2020.