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Bill Hubbard

Rock Hill, SC

United States

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This group was started on November 29th, 2010 and currently has:

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About This Group

Ships of navies of the world and directly related images. This will include coast guard or coastal defense forces as well as a countrys' historic and modern.

Any type of media may be used to create your image but digital artwork, Hdr or digitally produced or enhanced artwork will not be accepted.

I will feature one image from each active member

Bill Hubbard, Administrator

The Group Image, above left is painting of the first British naval invasion of Charleston, South Carolina in 1776 at which the famous British Fleet was defeated and driven from the scene by a hastily-organized Colonial Militia company.

Featured Images

Ray Agius - HMS Sheffield

HMS Sheffield

Ray Agius

Ray Agius - Zeppelin Z59

Zeppelin Z59

Ray Agius

Ray Agius - Evening patrol

Evening patrol

Ray Agius

Ray Agius - String bag.

String bag.

Ray Agius

Ray Agius - Il Barchino

Il Barchino

Ray Agius

Ray Agius - HMS Ashanti

HMS Ashanti

Ray Agius

Ray Agius - HMS Superb

HMS Superb

Ray Agius

Bill Tomsa - T-28 Needs TLC

T-28 Needs TLC

Bill Tomsa

Ray Agius - Show of Force

Show of Force

Ray Agius

Jean Walker - The Merchant Royal

The Merchant Royal

Jean Walker

Marianne Campolongo - Cisne Blanco

Cisne Blanco

Marianne Campolongo

Michael Rucker - A10 Thunderbolt

A10 Thunderbolt

Michael Rucker

Alex Esguerra - Stage Presence

Stage Presence

Alex Esguerra

Kathy Clark - Go Navy

Go Navy

Kathy Clark

Ray Agius - HMS Eagle

HMS Eagle

Ray Agius

Ray Agius - HMS Rye


Ray Agius

Ray Agius - SS Deucalion

SS Deucalion

Ray Agius

Ray Agius - SS Wairangi

SS Wairangi

Ray Agius

Ray Agius - SS Waimarama

SS Waimarama

Ray Agius

Leif Thor Kvammen - USNS Contender

USNS Contender

Leif Thor Kvammen

Jean Walker - H.M.S Victory

H.M.S Victory

Jean Walker

Duwayne Williams - USS Monongahela

USS Monongahela

Duwayne Williams

Duwayne Williams - USS Ericsson

USS Ericsson

Duwayne Williams

John Carncross - Buffalo inner harbor

Buffalo inner harbor

John Carncross

Tap On Photo - Super Sub

Super Sub

Tap On Photo

Rick  Monyahan - Torpedo Room

Torpedo Room

Rick Monyahan

Valerie Bruno - T.S. Kennedy of MMA

T.S. Kennedy of MMA

Valerie Bruno

Tommy Anderson - Avenger and the Lady

Avenger and the Lady

Tommy Anderson

Tom Jennerwein - Ledge Light

Ledge Light

Tom Jennerwein

Rashaud Thomas - Antique


Rashaud Thomas

Christopher Holmes - Six Pack of Sixteens

Six Pack of Sixteens

Christopher Holmes

Ray Agius - MS Ohio

MS Ohio

Ray Agius

Christopher Holmes - USS James E. Williams DDG-95

USS James E. Williams DDG-95

Christopher Holmes

Ray Agius - HMS Duncan

HMS Duncan

Ray Agius