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New England Photographs



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Elizabeth Dow

Yarmouth, ME

United States

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This group was started on December 22nd, 2013 and currently has:

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New England Photographs

About This Group

New England is a wonderful place to live and take photographs. This group is for people who love to take photographs of New England. Please note, this group is for photographs only, not photographs of paintings.

You can share 2 photos daily, but in the photo, you must make reference to an activity, town, city, season, landmark, holiday in New England. The photos must come from Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. I would like to remind everyone that New York is not part of New England.

I will do my best to monitor this group and get your images added to the New England Photograph Group as soon as possible. I will also feature your artwork on our home page so you can market your photos in other ways around the internet and on other pages here on Fine Art America. I will share your images on Twitter and on Pinterest, and share them on my Facebook page to further your audience over social media.

I encourage you to share this group on Facebook, Twitter and any other social media outlet you subscribe to. Let\'s show the world the wonders of New England.

Thank you! Liz

Special Features!!

Featured Images

Colleen Phaedra - Munjoy Hill

Munjoy Hill

Colleen Phaedra

Lyuba Filatova - In Search of the Sun

In Search of the Sun

Lyuba Filatova

Paul Wear - Kent Falls

Kent Falls

Paul Wear

Victory Designs - Blue Sky and the Beach

Blue Sky and the Beach

Victory Designs

Victory Designs - Beacon and Casco Bay

Beacon and Casco Bay

Victory Designs

Linda Howes - Sparkling Damsel

Sparkling Damsel

Linda Howes

Ronald Raymond - Summer Solstice 2

Summer Solstice 2

Ronald Raymond

Ronald Raymond - Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice

Ronald Raymond

Kristen Wilkinson - Dusk at the Zakim Bridge

Dusk at the Zakim Bridge

Kristen Wilkinson

New England Photographic - Kingfield United Methodist Church

Kingfield United Methodist Church

New England Photographic

Linda Howes - A Medley of Color

A Medley of Color

Linda Howes

Mike Martin - The Orange Crush

The Orange Crush

Mike Martin

Lori Pessin Lafargue - Yellow Bellied Daylily

Yellow Bellied Daylily

Lori Pessin Lafargue

Scott Thorp - The Orange Dragon

The Orange Dragon

Scott Thorp

Jatinkumar Thakkar - Night at Nauset Light

Night at Nauset Light

Jatinkumar Thakkar

Elizabeth Dow - Pebble Bridge

Pebble Bridge

Elizabeth Dow

Eddy Bernardo - Rhode Island Capital

Rhode Island Capital

Eddy Bernardo

Lyuba Filatova - Mallards


Lyuba Filatova

Karol Livote - Thin Ice

Thin Ice

Karol Livote

Mike Nellums - Rhode Islandscape 1

Rhode Islandscape 1

Mike Nellums

Karen Regan - From The Salt Pond

From The Salt Pond

Karen Regan

Steve Brown - Sunken Skiff

Sunken Skiff

Steve Brown

Elizabeth Dow - Apple Unloading Time

Apple Unloading Time

Elizabeth Dow

Lori Pessin Lafargue - Cygnets In Sync - Almost

Cygnets In Sync - Almost

Lori Pessin Lafargue

Lori Pessin Lafargue - Up Up and Away

Up Up and Away

Lori Pessin Lafargue

Deborah Klubertanz - Flash


Deborah Klubertanz

Holly Ross - Mimicry


Holly Ross

Alan L Graham - Cabot Plains Sunset

Cabot Plains Sunset

Alan L Graham

Brian Stricker - Awaking Fern

Awaking Fern

Brian Stricker

Linda Howes - Hair in Sunlight

Hair in Sunlight

Linda Howes

Karen Regan - Wellfleet Swish

Wellfleet Swish

Karen Regan

Karen Regan - Wellfleet Vista

Wellfleet Vista

Karen Regan

Barbara S Nickerson - Feeding The New Family

Feeding The New Family

Barbara S Nickerson

Ray Silva - Island Road

Island Road

Ray Silva

Victory Designs - Sunrise Over Westport

Sunrise Over Westport

Victory Designs

Victory Designs - Low Tide

Low Tide

Victory Designs

Lyuba Filatova - Blizzard and Blue Jay

Blizzard and Blue Jay

Lyuba Filatova

Linda Howes - Tiny Critter

Tiny Critter

Linda Howes

Kristen Wilkinson - Boston Harbor at Night

Boston Harbor at Night

Kristen Wilkinson

Catherine Gagne - Old Barn off Mill Street

Old Barn off Mill Street

Catherine Gagne

Victory Designs - Flags on the bridge

Flags on the bridge

Victory Designs

Victory Designs - Early Morning Clouds

Early Morning Clouds

Victory Designs

Jeff Heimlich - Chiesa Farm

Chiesa Farm

Jeff Heimlich

Bill Dussault - Pointing to the Sky

Pointing to the Sky

Bill Dussault

Jatinkumar Thakkar - Lupines Fest

Lupines Fest

Jatinkumar Thakkar

Andrew Pacheco - Breathe The Ocean Air

Breathe The Ocean Air

Andrew Pacheco

Lyuba Filatova - Surprise


Lyuba Filatova

Debbie Gracy - Pink Lupine

Pink Lupine

Debbie Gracy

Lyuba Filatova - Echo Bridge

Echo Bridge

Lyuba Filatova

Adam Gladstone - Vineyard Haven Dock

Vineyard Haven Dock

Adam Gladstone

New England Photographic Arts - Floating Dock on Harrisville Lake

Floating Dock on Harrisville Lake

New England Photographic Arts

Ronald Raymond - Knockout


Ronald Raymond

Lyuba Filatova - An Old Barn

An Old Barn

Lyuba Filatova

Linda Howes - Rosa Rugosa

Rosa Rugosa

Linda Howes

Thomas Marchessault - Kanes Donuts

Kanes Donuts

Thomas Marchessault

Susan Capuano - Waiting On The Night

Waiting On The Night

Susan Capuano

Juergen Roth - Nobska Light

Nobska Light

Juergen Roth

Marty Saccone - Feed Me Times Three

Feed Me Times Three

Marty Saccone

Eddy Bernardo - Mt. Hope Bridge

Mt. Hope Bridge

Eddy Bernardo

Eddy Bernardo - Braga Bridge

Braga Bridge

Eddy Bernardo

Ronald Raymond - A Splash of Awe

A Splash of Awe

Ronald Raymond

Ronald Raymond -  Splash Of.....

Splash Of.....

Ronald Raymond

Jeff Heimlich - Homesick


Jeff Heimlich

Steve Brown - Alton Bay Marina

Alton Bay Marina

Steve Brown

Karen Regan - Reflections


Karen Regan

Lyuba Filatova - Riot of Greenery

Riot of Greenery

Lyuba Filatova

Linda Howes - Feelin Blue

Feelin Blue

Linda Howes

Scott Thorp - The Conductor

The Conductor

Scott Thorp

Expressive Landscapes Fine Art Photography by Thom - Serenity


Expressive Landscapes Fine Art Photography by Thom

Mike Nellums - Two Boats in Maine

Two Boats in Maine

Mike Nellums

Lyuba Filatova - Boathouse in Summer

Boathouse in Summer

Lyuba Filatova

Expressive Landscapes Fine Art Photography by Thom - Albany Covered Bridge-White Mountains of New Hampshire

Albany Covered Bridge-White Mountains of New Hampshire

Expressive Landscapes Fine Art Photography by Thom

Brian Stricker - Ocean Blue

Ocean Blue

Brian Stricker

Laura Mace Rand - Land

Land's End

Laura Mace Rand

Bill Wakeley - Serene Stream

Serene Stream

Bill Wakeley

New England Photography - Horse Farm in New Hampshire

Horse Farm in New Hampshire

New England Photography

Gales Of November - Mount Greylock Sunset

Mount Greylock Sunset

Gales Of November

Elizabeth Dow - With You All the Way

With You All the Way

Elizabeth Dow

Linda Howes - Grey River Otter

Grey River Otter

Linda Howes

Holly Ross - Lupines


Holly Ross

Lyuba Filatova - Low Tide at Sunset

Low Tide at Sunset

Lyuba Filatova

New England Photographic - Railroad Pond Dam, Milford

Railroad Pond Dam, Milford

New England Photographic

Ronald Raymond - Tranquil


Ronald Raymond

Lori Pessin Lafargue - Frozen Feet Aren

Frozen Feet Aren't Happy Feet

Lori Pessin Lafargue

Jeff Heimlich - Roxbury High Fort

Roxbury High Fort

Jeff Heimlich

Barbara S Nickerson - Luck Of The Iris

Luck Of The Iris

Barbara S Nickerson

Scott Thorp - Kittery, Maine

Kittery, Maine

Scott Thorp

Kristen Wilkinson - Twilight in Boston

Twilight in Boston

Kristen Wilkinson

Bill Wakeley - Double Dip

Double Dip

Bill Wakeley

Jan Mulherin - Dunn Falls - Upper

Dunn Falls - Upper

Jan Mulherin

Linda Howes - Puddle Mosaic

Puddle Mosaic

Linda Howes

Karen Regan - Wild In Wellfleet

Wild In Wellfleet

Karen Regan

Tricia Marchlik - Retired


Tricia Marchlik

Nancy Griswold - Love by the Sunrise

Love by the Sunrise

Nancy Griswold

Kristen Wilkinson - Boston

Boston's Skyline at Night

Kristen Wilkinson

Karen Regan - June In Wellfleet

June In Wellfleet

Karen Regan

David Freuthal - Kent Falls

Kent Falls

David Freuthal

Claudia M Photography - Autumn colors in the forest

Autumn colors in the forest

Claudia M Photography

Linda Howes - The lovely Family

The lovely Family

Linda Howes

Mike Nellums - Three Birches BW

Three Birches BW

Mike Nellums

Elizabeth Dow - Pink Tulips

Pink Tulips

Elizabeth Dow

New England Photographic - Purgatory Falls, New Hampshire

Purgatory Falls, New Hampshire

New England Photographic

Steve Brown - The Gut

The Gut

Steve Brown

Tricia Marchlik - Flowers In The Abstract

Flowers In The Abstract

Tricia Marchlik

Tricia Marchlik - Irises In The Abstract

Irises In The Abstract

Tricia Marchlik

Nancy Griswold - Sanderlings


Nancy Griswold

Linda Howes - Feelin Red

Feelin Red

Linda Howes

Brenda Spittle - Marshall Point Light

Marshall Point Light

Brenda Spittle