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New York Great City



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Steven Macanka

Saint James, NY

United States

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This group was started on July 22nd, 2013 and currently has:

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New York Great City

About This Group

New York City is with out a doubt the greatest city on earth. BLACK AND WHITE photography has capture its greatness since there were cameras. SEND BLACK AND WHITE photographs ONLY showing your amazing and powerful love of the GREAT city. Remember these images have to be your BEST, top of the heap New York City images.

Featured Images

Susan Candelario - The Cooper Union NYC BW

The Cooper Union NYC BW

Susan Candelario

Cesar Palomino - Flat Iron Building

Flat Iron Building

Cesar Palomino

Mark D Johnson - Lady Liberty 1

Lady Liberty 1

Mark D Johnson

Best Captured - I Heart NY Cruiser

I Heart NY Cruiser

Best Captured

Miriam Danar - Contemplation


Miriam Danar

Javier Sanchez de la vina - Ice skaters

Ice skaters

Javier Sanchez de la vina

Angelo Merluccio - Sudden Departures

Sudden Departures

Angelo Merluccio

Steven Macanka - The Street

The Street

Steven Macanka

G Johnson - City Life

City Life

G Johnson

Karol Livote - Watching Yourself

Watching Yourself

Karol Livote

Marco Catini - Noir Night in NYC

Noir Night in NYC

Marco Catini

Angelo Merluccio - The Grey Ghost #6

The Grey Ghost #6

Angelo Merluccio

Miriam Danar - Hey Hey Its Friday

Hey Hey Its Friday

Miriam Danar

Angelo Merluccio - Common People

Common People

Angelo Merluccio

Carmen Gonzalez - After The Fire

After The Fire

Carmen Gonzalez

Angelo Merluccio - Here

Here's To The Crazy Ones

Angelo Merluccio

Angelo Merluccio - Uncommented


Angelo Merluccio

Mike Deutsch - Empty Shell

Empty Shell

Mike Deutsch

Mike Deutsch - Six Houses

Six Houses

Mike Deutsch

Theodore Jones - NY Black

NY Black

Theodore Jones

Mike  Deutsch - From One To Another

From One To Another

Mike Deutsch

Angelo Merluccio - Structured Minds

Structured Minds

Angelo Merluccio

Mike  Deutsch - Alien Holding Pod

Alien Holding Pod

Mike Deutsch

Angelo Merluccio - Voices Of The Past

Voices Of The Past

Angelo Merluccio

Carmen Gonzalez - A boy and his guitar

A boy and his guitar

Carmen Gonzalez

Angelo Merluccio - Misty Morning Vapor

Misty Morning Vapor

Angelo Merluccio

Angelo Merluccio - Center Focused

Center Focused

Angelo Merluccio

Angelo Merluccio - Unfocused


Angelo Merluccio

Miriam Danar - Steam in the City

Steam in the City

Miriam Danar

Angelo Merluccio - The Grey Ghost #2

The Grey Ghost #2

Angelo Merluccio

Miriam Danar - Snow From My Window

Snow From My Window

Miriam Danar

Sara Trilla - Central Park Bench

Central Park Bench

Sara Trilla

PatriZio M Busnel - Old piers

Old piers

PatriZio M Busnel

Kendell Timmers - St. Paul

St. Paul's in the Snow

Kendell Timmers

Susan Candelario - Gapstow Bridge BW

Gapstow Bridge BW

Susan Candelario

Miriam Danar - Graffiti Noir

Graffiti Noir

Miriam Danar

Ami Fazchas - Ephemeral Bancroft

Ephemeral Bancroft

Ami Fazchas

Regina Geoghan - NY High Line Park View

NY High Line Park View

Regina Geoghan

Christy Gendalia - Homeless in New York

Homeless in New York

Christy Gendalia

Kendell Timmers - Subway Seller

Subway Seller

Kendell Timmers

Robert Riordan - Afternoon in the Park

Afternoon in the Park

Robert Riordan

Nate Heldman - Analog News

Analog News

Nate Heldman

Angelo Merluccio - Blinded


Angelo Merluccio

Kendell Timmers - Freedom in Fog 3

Freedom in Fog 3

Kendell Timmers

Georgina Gomez - New York Bridge

New York Bridge

Georgina Gomez

Ami Fazchas - Columbia 1

Columbia 1

Ami Fazchas

Nate Heldman - High Line Cubism

High Line Cubism

Nate Heldman

Sandra Kelly - Taxi


Sandra Kelly

Steven Macanka - All Metal

All Metal

Steven Macanka

Steven Macanka - Paradise Hell

Paradise Hell

Steven Macanka