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No Place Like Home



Group Administrator

Jenny Revitz Soper

Santa Clarita, CA

United States

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This group was started on April 19th, 2016 and currently has:

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No Place Like Home

About This Group

Welcome all to the No Place Like Home group depicting Hometowns, wherever in the world they may be! Whether you live there now, or have lived there in the past, or just have an affinity for a certain city, town or region, post those hometown images you love!

ART LOVERS AND VISITORS, this group specializes in artwork depicting PLACES; cities and hometowns you know (Honolulu, Hawaii USA, Vancouver, BC Canada, Las Vegas, Nevada USA) and cities and hometowns you may not know (Falmouth, Cornwall - UK, Montevideo, Uruguay, Port Orange, Florida, USA). An incredible road trip.... Check out the group images, the contests and the discussion pages to assist you in finding that perfect image.

Nicola Simeoni of Cassacco, Udine - Italy. 'I'm a nature, art and macro photographer, however I'm always open to new experiments....'

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New York New York by Marvin Spates
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Raining Bolts by Quinn Sedam
Photography Prints

London Medley by Callen Percy
Photography Prints

Group Protocol:

1) All media accepted*, family-friendly, no nudes.

2) You must identify the place depicted in the description, the tags (keywords) and/or the title of all art submitted to the group. Think of it as a travelogue or a road trip through images.

3) No macros or fractals. General images of flowers, animals etc. will not be accepted unless they are special to a PLACE with an explanation. Just because the tag or description mentions a place does not make it an image ABOUT that place.

4) I am the final word on whether the image conforms to the group. :-)

Our logo image is Sahara Sunset by Lindley Johnson

Do not forget there are several discussions to participate in... Some for self promotion, some for promotion of others and some for both! Participation in discussion increases our visibility on FAA! Please post your image in the pertinent regional discussion thread, so those folks looking for specific cities or towns can find it easily.

Hope everyone has fun!

Jenny Revitz Soper

*Please do not pass off someone else's work as your own. This includes, but is not limited to, your use of free stock photography, including but not limited to, those released under Creative Commons CC0 or PDD, to create art which is indistinguishable from the prior work in any meaningful manner. No Place Like Home expects independent creation plus a modicum of creativity. This applies to all members but especially those who know what I am talking about.

Featured Images

Michael Morse - Seasonal Layers

Seasonal Layers

Michael Morse

William Moore - Sunrise Miami

Sunrise Miami

William Moore

Norman Johnson - Waiting For A Sale

Waiting For A Sale

Norman Johnson

Ramon Martinez - Flickan med hopprep

Flickan med hopprep

Ramon Martinez

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Mount Rundle

Mount Rundle

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

David A Litman - Carmel River

Carmel River

David A Litman

Andrew Wilson - St Ives At Low Tide

St Ives At Low Tide

Andrew Wilson

Teresa Ascone - Asilomar Reverie

Asilomar Reverie

Teresa Ascone

Scott Pellegrin - Bright Time on the River

Bright Time on the River

Scott Pellegrin

Paul Quinn - Big horn sheep

Big horn sheep

Paul Quinn

Robert Bales - Wonderful Morning

Wonderful Morning

Robert Bales

Daniel Houghton - Blackwater River

Blackwater River

Daniel Houghton

Kevin Anderson - Sunny Sunflower Sunset

Sunny Sunflower Sunset

Kevin Anderson

Beverly Guilliams - Autumn Sounds in the Air

Autumn Sounds in the Air

Beverly Guilliams

Lynn Bauer - Trees of Gold

Trees of Gold

Lynn Bauer

Roberta Byram - On a Cold Winter Day

On a Cold Winter Day

Roberta Byram

Jennifer Myers - FAll Barn

FAll Barn

Jennifer Myers

Pamela Williams - 11000 Lonely Tree

11000 Lonely Tree

Pamela Williams

Dianne Cowen - Charismatic


Dianne Cowen

Nancy Worrell - Night Village

Night Village

Nancy Worrell

Marty Saccone - Autumn Birch

Autumn Birch

Marty Saccone