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No Place Like HomeWelcome all to the No Place Like Home group depicting Hometowns, wherever in the world they may be! Whether you live there now, or have lived there in the past, or just have an affinity for a certain city, town or region, post those hometown images you love! Anywhere is someone's hometown.

ART LOVERS AND VISITORS, this group specializes in artwork depicting PLACES; cities and hometowns you may know and those you may not know. An incredible road trip.... Check out the group images, the contests and the discussion pages to assist you in finding that perfect image.

Our January Logo image is Harbor Sunset by Eric Albright

Group Protocol:

1) All media accepted*, family-friendly, no nudes.

2) The main rule is to be sure that the title, the tags (keywords) and/or the description lets the group know where in the world is depicted i.e. the specific town or city, region and/or the country. . It is not enough to write general description such as 'farmland,' 'park,' or 'my neighborhood.' Please write something like 'Central Park, New York City, New York.' Please identify the place, the city and state and/or country. If it is not in a city, the region and country is also fine. If it is a state or national park, please identify the park and the state. Think of it as a travelogue or a road trip through images.

3) General images of flowers, animals, birds etc. will not be accepted unless they are special to a PLACE with an explanation in the description. Just because the tag or description mentions a place does not make it an image ABOUT that place. Don't make it hard to find.

4) I am the final word on conformity.

Do not forget there are several discussions to participate in... Some for self promotion, some for promotion of others and some for both! Participation in discussion increases our visibility on FAA! Please post your image in the pertinent regional discussion thread, so those folks looking for specific cities or towns can find it easily.

Hope everyone has fun!

Jenny Revitz Soper

*Please do not pass off someone else's work as your own. This includes, but is not limited to, your use of free stock photography, including but not limited to, those released under Creative Commons CC0 or PDD, to create art which is indistinguishable from the prior work in any meaningful manner. No Place Like Home expects independent creation plus a modicum of creativity. This applies to all members but especially those who know what I am talking about.

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Jenny Revitz Soper

Independence, KS

United States

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This group was started on April 19th, 2016.