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ONE TREE - NOT TREES - Office safe viewing

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One Tree -  Not Trees - Office Safe Viewing Welcome!

Welcome Customers and Artists,

Customers please feel free to look around and contact the artists by clicking on the image you like.

This group is all about ONE TREE and its character. Our photographs, recently allowing all mediums, focus on the amazing grandeur of the singularity of one tree. So instead of a forest, we submit photos of the one tree that has captured our attention for one reason or another. With your love of ONE TREE and the feelings or emotions that our works provide, your home or office would be the perfect place to share our gorgeous and powerful images with you and those around you. Please enjoy your visit and feel free to click on the images tab to find more beautiful photographs and the power of one tree and its stunning beauty.

Allowed: TRY TO KEEP IT '1 TREE', PLEASE.1 tree with or without fruits and flowers. Dead wood is allow but only if it is outstanding, paintings, digital art or mixed medium. Only TALL desert Cacti. 1 tree, 1 tree minus all other trees and bushes. Background trees must be very small. Fruit/flower in the spring time only but on the entire tree.
NOT ALLOWED: Forest, more than 1 tree, just tree limbs with or without leaves, shrubs, 1 tree with lots of background trees. No plain looking dead trees. No tree holes, 1 image of a tree of the trunk only. No Cacti forest. No bushes. No bird/s on 1 tree limb. No just flowers from a tree. No just leaves from a tree. No just bark/macro bark or macro fruit/flower from a tree. Not fruit/flower just on the limbs.



Spring - March Equinox to June Solstice;
Summer - June Solstice to September Equinox;
Fall (autumn) - September Equinox to December Solstice; and,
Winter - December Solstice to March Equinox.



FAA Artist's Group Rules.
1) Follow FAA rules.
2) By joining, you agree to FAA terms.
3) Photos of ONE TREE PHOTOGRAPHS only but other mediums are welcome ONLY in discussions area under artist's name.4) Admin has the final say.
5) no rude, disruptive and violence of any kind.
6) no nudes or like images in support of OFFICE SAFE VIEWING.
7) no posting limit for now but subject to change.
8) no famous people.
9) art must by your own and not from royalty free, or paid for, images.
10) see '00----' for more rules in the discussions area.
...under construction; I just got this group. 5/1/2017
Meaning I'm currently making changes.
11) Artist's are welcome to open there own discussions in the discussions area under SELF PROMOTING TOP 10 images where all mediums are welcome.
Submissions are unlimited.
I will try to add your images daily. Meaning no weeks of waiting.

...these are the top main rules so also see the discussion are for rules and other information.

Be wonderful,
A FAA group administrator for the following groups.

SPECIAL SELF PROMOTION from Delynn Addams Art Group Administrator.
Here are a few links to help self promote off FAA. Please read terms of host and group.

FB requires membership approval.
Interior Design Ideas Facebook Art Group.
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Google+ does not require approval to post image.


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2017 9/30 Recent Art Group Winners.
Please congratulate the winner in your group listed below by clicking on their image and leaving a big 'CONGRATULATIONS' in the comments. The contestants won out of 352 Members and 609 Pieces of Artwork.

1st Place and Logo Positions.
Lone Pine Tree by Brian Jannsen
Sell Art Online

2nd Place.
Lone Bonsai Tree - Square by Alan Socolik
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3rd Place.
The Winter Sentryby John Haldane
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********** 2017 HOLIDAY LIST **********

Arbor Tree Day dates.
2017 Friday April 28th
2018 Friday April 27th
2019 Friday April 26th
2020 Friday April 24th
2021 Friday April 30th

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Monthly Feature.
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Delynn Addams

Fargo, ND

United States

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This group was started on January 10th, 2015.