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Photographic Camera ArtGroup Administrator as of Sept. 30th 2018 - Don Columbus

PLEASE REMEMBER THAT FAA STANDS FOR FINE ART AMERICA and Art as well as Photography have proven Methods That Work to become successful.

FYI: This Administrator like a buyers does not care how many other artists have Liked, Commented On, Voted for or Favorited your images. I am interested only in the quality and presentation of the image itself.

Your job as a photographer goes beyond snapping a picture. Your images should be well thought out and composed. Think about Rule of Thirds, Horizons, Balance, Point of View, Angles, Geometric shapes, Leading lines, Clipping, Gesture. Does the work tell a story, have impact, emotionally move the viewer, etc.. Keep in mind that Center Focus is often boring and Filling the Frame doesn't mean zooming in to the limit of your lens.

Check out the Discussion Pages which are being Reformatted by the New Administrator.

Revised Rules:
- Family Friendly (no nudity)
- Photographic Camera - Digital Enhancements Allowed and Expected.
- Titles that work best are four or fewer words and should relate to the work but not totally describe it. I will Reject images with File Names, version numbers above 3.
- To retain your features, please post in the 2018 Featured Discussion Thread.
- Administrator Reserves the Right to Remove Any Images.
- Include Keywords they are Required.
- Descriptions also Required, should be at least two sentences about the work. Not a sales pitch, not camera settings or technical info and not more than two short paragraphs.
- Must be original art from the artist.
- Please Do Not Post Pictures Of Birds In This Group unless they are Abstract or Very Artistic in Nature. I run 3 Bird Groups where Bird images are welcome, 'A Birding Group Wings, Birds In Focus and Coastal Water Birds-Shore Birds'.

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Don Columbus

Naples, FL

United States

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This group was started on November 14th, 2017.