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Pretty In Pink Blue Or Purple



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Femina Photo Art By Maggie

Rutherford, NJ

United States

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This group was started on June 27th, 2017 and currently has:

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Pretty In Pink Blue Or Purple

About This Group

BUYERS: : This group is for any image that is predominantly pink, blue or purple, or a combination of these beautiful colors. In addition to the special featured images on the home page, there is a truly vast assortment of beautiful work in our discussion threads. If you see any image that interests you, please click on it to see it enlarged, as well as all the products on which the image can be imprinted.

I would like to thank DOUG NORKUM: for my inspiration for this group. He has many beautiful images in his portfolio 'Flowers' with combinations of these colors.

Our beautiful logo is by ROBERTA BYRAM , posted with her permission, ©2017 Roberta Byram. To see more of her work go to

ARTISTS: : Photography, painting, abstracts and digital art are all acceptable. Only images from group members will be accepted. Family friendly - meaning no nudes whatsoever. Some people are offended by them and that is not what this group is about.

****I am looking for quality work in addition to the colors, in order to make for a quality group. So your work may have the correct colors but not be accepted because I think that that particular image would not be appealing to a buyer. . This of course is my own opinion.There is no offense intended, and please do re-submit your best work, as I work very hard to make a lovely view of the featured images for the buyers. Please, no snapshots.


Thank yous are not necessary, but if you'd like to take a look at my portfolio and promote something there that would be much appreciated.

11/24/28 HIGH SELLERS INTERVIEW Norma Brandsberg
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HONORED GROUP ARTIST : 11/30/18 Kay Brewer
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DISCUSSION GROUPS GEM 11/30/18 Toni Abdnour
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SPECIAL FEATURE: 11/30/18 Meryl Goudey
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Administrator's Pick: 11/30/2018 Az Jackson
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Featured Images

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Red Spotted Purple 2

Red Spotted Purple 2

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Karen Regan - Wellfleet Swish

Wellfleet Swish

Karen Regan

Sharon McConnell - Pink Lilies

Pink Lilies

Sharon McConnell

Bruce Bley - From the Heart

From the Heart

Bruce Bley

Aicy Karbstein - Cobra in Autumn

Cobra in Autumn

Aicy Karbstein

Raven Deem - Glasses To Go

Glasses To Go

Raven Deem

Elisabeth Lucas - Fantasy Journey

Fantasy Journey

Elisabeth Lucas

Cheryle Gannaway - Footprints in the Snow

Footprints in the Snow

Cheryle Gannaway

Az Jackson - Happy Again

Happy Again

Az Jackson

Bill Tomsa - Moderne Phare

Moderne Phare

Bill Tomsa

Neal Alicakos - Abstract ZZZ

Abstract ZZZ's

Neal Alicakos

Jessica T Hamilton - Jacaranda Road

Jacaranda Road

Jessica T Hamilton

Raven Deem - Wavy Shadows

Wavy Shadows

Raven Deem

Jeff Iverson - Laugh Out Loud

Laugh Out Loud

Jeff Iverson

Mary Ann Artz - Beautiful Bluebird

Beautiful Bluebird

Mary Ann Artz

Karen Nicholson - Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

Karen Nicholson

Az Jackson - Beautiful Blues

Beautiful Blues

Az Jackson

Brenae Cochran - A Chain of Stars

A Chain of Stars

Brenae Cochran

Kume Bryant - Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden

Kume Bryant

Sabrina L Ryan - Orchid Whisper

Orchid Whisper

Sabrina L Ryan

Bella Reyna - River at Dusk

River at Dusk

Bella Reyna

Michael Durst - Mystical Rose

Mystical Rose

Michael Durst

Nancy Forehand - Blue Fish

Blue Fish

Nancy Forehand

Bill Swartwout Fine Art Photography - Blue Bridge in the Rain at Indian River Inlet

Blue Bridge in the Rain at Indian River Inlet

Bill Swartwout Fine Art Photography