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Promote Your Work Here And Get NoticedHello, and welcome to “Get Noticed”. This group is designed to be another group focused on generating Likes, Favorite, Comments, and Cross-Promotions of your art work. I know there are other sites on Fine Art America that do the same things as here, however; the more groups you post your images to means the more it has a chance to be viewed by a potential buyer. And I will be the first to say it, I like money, and I love it when people buy things from me! I have had several sales on another web site before coming back to Fine Art America, and I can say, even more than the realization that I am receiving money for someone buying a piece of my work, I LOVE the fact that someone now has my work in their home, or will be giving it to someone (such as a greeting card)

The Rules here?


1. Have fun!
2. Only 1 image upload per day.
3. Be Respectful of others.
4. If you can, provide help if others ask, especially newbies. We have all been there before!
5. Political and Religious conversations do not belong in this group.
6. Nor does any images involving Violence, Hate, or Death.
7. If you are going to post a nude, please CLEARLY state the image is a nude. There are people here who check the discussion boards from work.
8. And again, HAVE FUN!

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James Turnbull

Leominster, Massachusetts

United States

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This group was started on April 5th, 2019.