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Scenery Of Any Kind



Group Administrator

Christopher Shellhammer

Monroeville, PA

United States

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This group was started on December 30th, 2013 and currently has:

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Scenery Of Any Kind

About This Group

Here is a collection of member's beautiful artworks that expressed the array of styles and beauty in landscape, cityscape and seascape in all medium. Please NO CLOSE UP FULL VIEW of main subjects as flower, still life, portrait or close up works in this group and it should include 50% of background with close up subject(s). Let's focus on anything associate with the main subject of land and/or water in the broad sense so the Art Collectors will know what they are looking for in this group of art. Five images download per day to make room for all the members. In this manner, choose your favorite or want to be seen images first.

Sponsors by and, the artist Christopher Shellhammer is the award winning artist and the national winner 3 years in a row from 2013 to 2015. (See artist's profile for details).
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Featured Images

Bette Orr - Autumn Intrigue

Autumn Intrigue

Bette Orr

Scott Hafer - The Dream

The Dream

Scott Hafer

Michael Frank - St. Louis Riverfront

St. Louis Riverfront

Michael Frank

Mark Papke - Crossing Over

Crossing Over

Mark Papke

Joseph Baril - Reflections Of Time

Reflections Of Time

Joseph Baril

Teresa Ascone - Cozy Cabin

Cozy Cabin

Teresa Ascone

Stuart B Yaeger - Venice Canal

Venice Canal

Stuart B Yaeger

Stuart B Yaeger - Vermont Summer

Vermont Summer

Stuart B Yaeger

Stanza Widen - Autumn Valley Mist

Autumn Valley Mist

Stanza Widen

Christopher Shellhammer - Birch tree along the road

Birch tree along the road

Christopher Shellhammer

Christopher Shellhammer - Blazing Sun on Farmland

Blazing Sun on Farmland

Christopher Shellhammer

Donna Doherty - Birch Woods Hike

Birch Woods Hike

Donna Doherty

Christopher Shellhammer - City of Pittsburgh at the Point

City of Pittsburgh at the Point

Christopher Shellhammer

Laurine Baumgart - Deer in Crete

Deer in Crete

Laurine Baumgart

Barbara Barber - Stevens House

Stevens House

Barbara Barber

Robie Benve - Field of Poppies

Field of Poppies

Robie Benve

Steven Bateson - Plaza Lights At Sunset

Plaza Lights At Sunset

Steven Bateson

James Guentner - Bolan

Bolan's Candies

James Guentner

Shirley Sirois - Serene Mountain Moment

Serene Mountain Moment

Shirley Sirois

Priya Ghose - Aspen Lane

Aspen Lane

Priya Ghose

Shirley Sirois - Mysterious Reflections

Mysterious Reflections

Shirley Sirois

Robie Benve - Autumn Walk

Autumn Walk

Robie Benve

Pixel Chimp - Abstract lift off

Abstract lift off

Pixel Chimp

John Malone - City in Snow

City in Snow

John Malone

Mary Timman - A Summer

A Summer's Dream

Mary Timman

Mary Timman - Country Barn

Country Barn

Mary Timman

Miguel Winterpacht - Lost in the Fog

Lost in the Fog

Miguel Winterpacht

AnnaJo Vahle - Three Gators

Three Gators

AnnaJo Vahle

Sheila Diemert - Winter Shadows

Winter Shadows

Sheila Diemert

Nina Stavlund - Winter...


Nina Stavlund

Doc Braham - Jaffa at Night

Jaffa at Night

Doc Braham