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Seen But Not Noticed



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Terry Cobb

Hernando, MS

United States

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This group was started on January 22nd, 2014 and currently has:

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Seen But Not Noticed

About This Group

I have an affinity for the every day items that we frequently see but seldom notice. They are an integral part of our daily lives but are taken for granted most of the time. The purpose of this group is to bring these things into focus, to show their importance and more importantly, to show their simple beauty.

This is a family oriented group so no nudity. People or animals are not the focus here and should not be included. I reserve the right to reject submissions that do not fit the group criteria. Clarification on submissions - the following will 'usually' not be accepted for this group: landscapes, seascapes, birds, pets, animals, people, images without a description or abstract impressions. If you feel your image has special meaning to the group, please include that information in the description.

The concept is to have fun and share the unique every day things that capture our eye. Photography is the medium of choice but it is open to any medium that meets the criteria.

Please - only two submissions per day by group members only (if not a member, we welcome you to join us).

Discussions and comments are welcome and encouraged.

Featured Images

Kathleen K Parker - Vase Hanging - Nola

Vase Hanging - Nola

Kathleen K Parker

Alana Thrower - Treasures in the Snow

Treasures in the Snow

Alana Thrower

Allen Beatty - Water Reflections 1

Water Reflections 1

Allen Beatty

Debra Banks - Fisherman

Fisherman's Traps

Debra Banks

Bill Morgenstern - Sabbaday Brook

Sabbaday Brook

Bill Morgenstern

Teresa Zieba - Snake Door Handle

Snake Door Handle

Teresa Zieba

Steven Ralser - Ghost Leaves

Ghost Leaves

Steven Ralser

Jennifer White - Rock Wall Window

Rock Wall Window

Jennifer White

Caitlyn  Grasso - What

What's Your Number?

Caitlyn Grasso

Steven Ralser - Fence


Steven Ralser

Lisa Lemmons-Powers - Mack Bull Dog

Mack Bull Dog

Lisa Lemmons-Powers

Alana Thrower - Hay Hooks

Hay Hooks

Alana Thrower

Carol Lloyd - Retro Look

Retro Look

Carol Lloyd

Carol F Austin - The Stretch

The Stretch

Carol F Austin

Lisa Knechtel - Raindrops Rejuvinate

Raindrops Rejuvinate

Lisa Knechtel

Kathy Barney - The Brew Wall

The Brew Wall

Kathy Barney

Marcus Dagan - Arches In Rhodos

Arches In Rhodos

Marcus Dagan

Karen Stahlros - Legs


Karen Stahlros

Kevin Anderson - The Lasting Impression

The Lasting Impression

Kevin Anderson

Glenn McCarthy Art and Photography - Back In My Days - California U S 395

Back In My Days - California U S 395

Glenn McCarthy Art and Photography

Marty Saccone - Reflections


Marty Saccone

Tom Druin - raw steel No.2

raw steel No.2

Tom Druin