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Sky Shots



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Al Powell Photography USA

Alligator Alley, Fl

United States

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This group was started on March 24th, 2011 and currently has:

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Sky Shots

About This Group

See and Share Clouds, Lightning, Sunrise, Sunset, Stars and Moon Photographs in this group.

* Photographs should be composed or cropped so that 1/4 or more of the Image contains sky.


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' When the occasion arises, you should go explore;
an abundance of surprises is what nature has in store.'

~Al Powell~

Featured Images

Jenn Hicks - Blue Sunrise

Blue Sunrise

Jenn Hicks

Kimberly Scott - Colorful Sky

Colorful Sky

Kimberly Scott

Melinda NesSmith-Picard - Pink and Purple Sunset

Pink and Purple Sunset

Melinda NesSmith-Picard

Heidi Fickinger - Evening Glow

Evening Glow

Heidi Fickinger

Vicki Been - Sunset


Vicki Been

Patrick Burke - Bridge in Cincinati

Bridge in Cincinati

Patrick Burke

Lisa Lemmons-Powers - Rising Moon

Rising Moon

Lisa Lemmons-Powers

Regina Geoghan - NYC Post-Storm Sunrise

NYC Post-Storm Sunrise

Regina Geoghan

Michael Scott - Bay Light

Bay Light

Michael Scott

Rod Stewart - Atlantic sunrise

Atlantic sunrise

Rod Stewart

Liesl Walsh - Dreams of Tomorrow

Dreams of Tomorrow

Liesl Walsh

Cory Berger - Sunset


Cory Berger

Photography By Phos3 Kathryn Parent and Dave Paddick - 3 Lightning Bolts Through The Clouds

3 Lightning Bolts Through The Clouds

Photography By Phos3 Kathryn Parent and Dave Paddick

Michele Hancock - Sky Free

Sky Free

Michele Hancock

Edie Ann Mendenhall - Sunrise On Lake Woodruff

Sunrise On Lake Woodruff

Edie Ann Mendenhall

Doug Long - Sunset-1


Doug Long

Manuel Huss - Heart Nebula

Heart Nebula

Manuel Huss

Johann Brown - Beautiful Sunset

Beautiful Sunset

Johann Brown

Mustapha TAABA - Laghouat Moon

Laghouat Moon

Mustapha TAABA

Konstantinos Chatziamallos - Just look up

Just look up

Konstantinos Chatziamallos

Travel Pics - Taj Mahal Detail

Taj Mahal Detail

Travel Pics

Leonie Christian - The Road Home

The Road Home

Leonie Christian

Flying Z Photography By Zayne Diamond - Storm Light Beam, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Storm Light Beam, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Flying Z Photography By Zayne Diamond

Martina Rall - Vienna sky

Vienna sky

Martina Rall

Jeff Roney - Turbulent Sky

Turbulent Sky

Jeff Roney

Vyacheslav Isaev - Moon symphony

Moon symphony

Vyacheslav Isaev

Alex Herrera - Light in the fire

Light in the fire

Alex Herrera

Bill Tiepelman - Lunar Light Turn

Lunar Light Turn

Bill Tiepelman

Rayne Van Sing - Day Dawns

Day Dawns

Rayne Van Sing

Jeni Dieringer - Strawberry Mountain

Strawberry Mountain

Jeni Dieringer

Harrison Hayes - Nocturnal Nudge

Nocturnal Nudge

Harrison Hayes

Lena  Owens OLena Art - On the Angel

On the Angel's Wings

Lena Owens OLena Art

Stephen Stookey - Daylight

Daylight's Last Gasp

Stephen Stookey

Kathryn Jinae - Birmingham, AL

Birmingham, AL

Kathryn Jinae

Gerald London - Behind the clouds

Behind the clouds

Gerald London

Veronica Smith - Alaska Colors

Alaska Colors

Veronica Smith

Vera Little - Into The Storm

Into The Storm

Vera Little

Marc Nader - Just a Sunset

Just a Sunset

Marc Nader

Lorenzo Delarosa Loera - Barbershop 2

Barbershop 2

Lorenzo Delarosa Loera

Diana Chase - Fiery Sunrise

Fiery Sunrise

Diana Chase

Brian Gonzalez - Maro Island Lightning

Maro Island Lightning

Brian Gonzalez

Winter Frieze - Morning Flight

Morning Flight

Winter Frieze

Mike Deutsch - Church Lightning

Church Lightning

Mike Deutsch

J L Hodges - Pretty Dangers

Pretty Dangers

J L Hodges

Blake McKinney - Formation 1

Formation 1

Blake McKinney

Miodrag Zugic - Clouds


Miodrag Zugic

Linda Benoit - Moonglow


Linda Benoit

Benjamin Weilert - Blood Moon Over Downtown

Blood Moon Over Downtown

Benjamin Weilert

Eoin Carey - City Park Sunset

City Park Sunset

Eoin Carey

Paraschiv Alexandru-Serban - Fairy Tale House

Fairy Tale House

Paraschiv Alexandru-Serban

Al Powell Photography USA - Sky Stork

Sky Stork

Al Powell Photography USA

Barbara Dudzinska - Sun Rays

Sun Rays

Barbara Dudzinska

Sverre Andreas Fekjan - Pastel sunset

Pastel sunset

Sverre Andreas Fekjan

Evgeni Ivanov - Lake sunset

Lake sunset

Evgeni Ivanov