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Sprinkles of Creativities

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Sprinkles Of Creativities The absurdity of the world has always been fascinating to me. All these unconscious conclusions, standards and boundaries that have constantly been set by society - yet also driven by nothingness; has led me to wanting to show the 'leaks' of the world through my work. By showing through my slightly wild imagination through camera lens and with the assistance of post-production to complete my story-telling.
So through here, I am hoping to be inspired by people from all around the world daily and also hoping to inspire you guys, and connecting as a whole. Especially, there are many unconscious standards in the photography world. I am looking forward to see how you use your 'slightly' wild imagination combining with photography to creating something that share a rather 'absurd'/ joyful, and empathetic experience.


Gail So

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong

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This group was started on March 22nd, 2020.