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Square Format Photography

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Square Format PhotographyVISITORS - Welcome to Square Format Photography - Artist Group


This group displays Fine Art of Square Format Photography only. Scroll down to view the weekly Featured Artworks available. Then, for a larger collection. click the IMAGES tab above. Still, click the Contest tab to view past group Features archive.

All are welcome to join the group; view images; use the share buttons; post the link in blogs; post topics relating to art and/or the groups topic in the discussion forum; subscribe to RSS feeds; etc.

All images are available for sale. Click on the image of your choice for more details.


ARTISTS -- Two and only two main rules (the rest are guidelines): 1) the Artwork should be Square Format. 2) No, your artwork will not be removed if its size is 495x500px.

Please only exhibit your very best!! The more distinctive and unique, with strong composition, the better chance of being a Feature.

It is suggested the keywords for your image contain the word - SQUARE - your submission would then be accepted almost daily instead of weekly. Photographs and Artwork of all mediums accepted, but the image must speak of the theme consisting of the subject of the group.

The purpose of groups is to exhibit a sample of your works and lead a collector back to your own profile page. This group will try to feature 1 artwork from each group member around the Wednesday of each week, however only feature the best works from the previous 7 days ==== but only 1 PER DAY, please!

Nudity will generally not be accepted unless it is used to complete the story telling. Nudity will then be accepted and featured, but then moved inside the group, and not as a featured artwork on the front homepage. This is to mark the image with the group feature icon, though it will not remain on the homepage.

==== artists who repeatedly ignore the guidelines will sadly have to be removed from this group without notice ====

HERE IS A TIP: If you want to control what images of yours I consider to be featured, then only submit one image per week. If you want me to curate your images to be featured, then submit more than one per week up to the group image limit. To do this, you can add and remove images as much as you like.

The key is to follow good group behavior to 'earn our keep' as group members … very simple to do.

Enjoy your day.

Frank J Casella
Administrator, Square Format Photography - Artist Group

Group logo by Frank J Casella, Group Administrator, to see more click his avatar above.



Frank J Casella

Homewood, IL

United States

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Group Overview

This group was started on March 7th, 2019.