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Story ART and Allegorical ART

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Story Art And Allegorical ArtThis group is for those who love creating art that is allegorical - that is, an art piece that represents symbolism and narrative. The viewer should be inspired and uplifted in some way by the hidden concept imbedded in your art. Your art needs to be illustrative in some way so that a story is formed in the viewers mind as they observe the art piece.

Many of us thrive with a good story. I believe that is what art should do. Can you submit art that holds a plot, a climax, a great mood, tells a short story? Kids are invited to submit their artwork too!

This is adult and child friendly. All viewers should love looking at these story piece artworks! It should be a delight to enter into your world of allegorical art , a place of excitement, beauty and mystery.

So - no provocative or nude images, profanity, haunted or psychedelic art.

ACCEPTING art work you have DRAWN or PAINTED with your own hands, using a variety of art mediums. (paints, pencil, pen, ink) Can't wait to see submissions! NOW ALSO accepting photographic, manipulated, 'story' images.

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Amy Barrow and Sons - Luke and Tom Barrow

Williamsburg, Va

United States

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This group was started on September 2nd, 2016.