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The Best Of Dynamic Auto-painter



Group Administrator

Greg Collins

Bowie, MD

United States

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This group was started on March 20th, 2014 and currently has:

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The Best Of Dynamic Auto-painter

About This Group

This group showcases only the BEST of best, the cream of the crop, the tip of the top of paintings produced using MediaChance Dynamic Auto-Painter (DAP). Other software can be used as well (i.e. such as Photoshop, Topaz Labs and Akvis, Alien Skin, etc.). Only submit the highest quality demonstrations of what DAP can achieve.

Paintings will be rejected (please don't be offended) if they:
Still look essentially like a photograph
Looks too much like it was simply run through DAP with no other thought
Contain nudity of any kind
Are gross or disgusting
Otherwise do not satisfy the administrator as being examples of the best

If your painting is rejected, don't be discouraged, you can always submit another one. Also you can submit your DAP paintings to the more general 'Created with Dynamic Auto-Painter' group.

Limit to 3 paintings added per day per member.

Featured Images

Jack Zulli - Nautilus


Jack Zulli

Greg Collins - Ortschaft


Greg Collins

Jack Zulli - Colorful Rooster

Colorful Rooster

Jack Zulli

Mario Carini - A Winter Sunset

A Winter Sunset

Mario Carini

Jack Zulli - Single Rose

Single Rose

Jack Zulli

John Pelosi - Venice Stroll

Venice Stroll

John Pelosi

Greg Collins - On the River

On the River

Greg Collins

Catherine Alfidi - Colorful Ballerina

Colorful Ballerina

Catherine Alfidi

Tanya Gordeeva - Walter


Tanya Gordeeva

Greg Collins - Utsukushi


Greg Collins

Greg Collins - Natsu


Greg Collins

Greg Collins - Winter

Winter's End

Greg Collins

Jack Zulli - Ripple


Jack Zulli

Mario Carini - Natural Views

Natural Views

Mario Carini

Mario Carini - Avian Illustrious

Avian Illustrious

Mario Carini

Jack Zulli - Bongo


Jack Zulli

Suzanne Williams - California Poppies

California Poppies

Suzanne Williams

Suzanne Williams - Dragon Fly

Dragon Fly

Suzanne Williams

Greg Collins - Brightly Beams

Brightly Beams

Greg Collins

Greg Collins - Born to Fly

Born to Fly

Greg Collins

Greg Collins - Parting


Greg Collins

Theresa Campbell - Symphony


Theresa Campbell

Dan Carmichael - Blue Ridge Picnic AP

Blue Ridge Picnic AP

Dan Carmichael

Jim  Nooney - Out For A Ride

Out For A Ride

Jim Nooney

Wendy J St Christopher - Time Well Spent - Medina Lake

Time Well Spent - Medina Lake

Wendy J St Christopher

Greg Collins - Duha Obloha

Duha Obloha

Greg Collins

Yury Malkov - Venice Carnival 12

Venice Carnival 12

Yury Malkov

Mario Carini - Oriental Moon

Oriental Moon

Mario Carini

Paulette B Wright - Stevie Ray

Stevie Ray

Paulette B Wright

Greg Collins - Rue du Doyenne

Rue du Doyenne

Greg Collins

Yury Malkov - A Bottle of Wine

A Bottle of Wine

Yury Malkov

Yury Malkov - The Autumn Boat

The Autumn Boat

Yury Malkov

Annie Snel - Arrangement


Annie Snel

Teresa Zieba - Painted Basilica

Painted Basilica

Teresa Zieba