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The Road Less Traveled

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The Road Less TraveledYour best photos and artwork of the lonely roads and byways. The road, whether a two tracks, lane, dirt, rock, gravel, alleys or paved (but not more two lanes,) must be the subject of the piece. Vehicles, if present, must not get in the way of the view of the road, the same with bridges, the point is we must see the ROAD.

Please no sidewalks, boardwalks, jetties. footpaths, walking trails, railroads,

Limit of three photos per 24 hr period.

Absolute rules:
1: It must have a ROAD, not a foot path or sidewalk, as the subject. It can be unpaved or paved, but no more than two lanes.
2: NO railroad tracks as a road.
3: City streets must look less traveled NOT busy with lots of vehicles
4: The majority of the road or roads should not be be obscured by people,vehicle/s or bridges if present. We must SEE the road.
5: No nudity, this should be kept family friendly, besides, it would detract from the subject.

Featured photos are of my own discretion and will uphold the theme and there e a limit of 50 featured images at a time, so as new ones come along the old ones will be removed. Being removed from the featured page does not remove your image from the group, nor does it remove the featured designation from your image

Lets see your Roads Less Traveled!
Kevin Anderson - The Back Roads Photographer

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Kevin Anderson

Merriam, KS

United States

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This group was started on December 12th, 2014.