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The T-Shirt Design Studio

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The T-shirt Design StudioGreetings and welcome to this Group.

As you can see by the Group Name ! You have a very Clear idea what this Group is all about.

One of the Product Lines inside FAA is T-Shirts.

And i am absolutely sure you have not 1 but 10 Plus nice T-Shirt Designs you would love to share with the rest of us. But first we need to get more members to this group.

Please share this group and lets get the member count up so we all can benefit from it.

Rules of Group

1. Please join Group ( Thank You )
2. Please share Group and help us get more members
3. Click on the Shirt pic of the person above you in the comment section.
4. Like, Fav, Share and Comment Please ( What you give you will get ) Thanks
5. Post Your T-Shirt design so we can go have a look at it and help you promote it
6. You can do this once every day so we can give all active members a chance.
7. Stay Positive and Just be Happy
8 Thank You

T's & C's Apply

Admin has the right to remove any T-Shirt that has low standers.
If you do not know what that means, you may remove your self
from this group ASAP. ;-)

Thanks for making this a fun and Awesome Experience for all Members of this Group

from Jaco Pieterse
iBank Business Solutions

And as a thank you please get your FREE e-book on promoting sales online here:

Free e-Book Link : https://goo.gl/Fn3cwT
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Jaco Pieterse

Cape Town, Saldanha

South Africa

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This group was started on July 4th, 2017.