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The Wilderness Painters Group



Group Administrator

Frank Wilson

Paradise, CA

United States

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This group was started on May 31st, 2008 and currently has:

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The Wilderness Painters Group

About This Group

This group is juried. Selections are made from submitted works by the Administrator.

ATTENTION VISITORS! In this group you will find some of the FINEST WILDERNESS PAINTINGS done by very accomplished artists in their field. The work shown herein is breathtakingly beautiful and captures the fast disappearing wilds of nature. Browse through this online exhibit and contact the artist whose work you would like to own! Scroll down to see the featured works from selected artists!

Please join if you PAINT in a realistic or impressionist style and your subject is the WILDERNESS LANDSCAPE. LIMIT 4 SUBMISSIONS per day

While I have deep respect for, and love the media of photography, I ask that no photography or digital art be entered as this group is for those that create their images with paint not pixels. Thank you!

I also ask that there be no man made elements in your submissions. Welcome painters of deserts, mountains, prairies, glaciers, wild sea shores, and swamps, wherever man has not left more than a rutted trail behind. Please, no barns, lighthouses, covered bridges, etc. not even a country road. Wildlife and human figures are acceptable IF they are not the dominant 'focal point' of the painting and are placed to give scale.

Paintings that do not meet the criteria of the group or are not of the median quality of the other exhibitors will be removed.

Let us keep true to the groups name. Hiking and horseback trails are OK as they are often the only means to access the wilderness. Lets see how many interpretations of the wilderness areas of this beautiful earth our members have captured in paint.

If you join The Wilderness Painter's Group, please have some appropriate work posted in the group!

As you browse among the paintings enjoy your trip through the wilderness!

Frank Wilson - The 'Painter Of Dreams'

Featured Images

Cody DeLong - Evening Advances

Evening Advances

Cody DeLong

Jake Vandenbrink - Untouched


Jake Vandenbrink

Teresa Ascone - Winter Filigree

Winter Filigree

Teresa Ascone

Teresa Ascone - Aurora Dance

Aurora Dance

Teresa Ascone

Jake Vandenbrink - Spirit Island Escape

Spirit Island Escape

Jake Vandenbrink

Cody DeLong - Around the Bend

Around the Bend

Cody DeLong

Jake Vandenbrink - Summer Mist

Summer Mist

Jake Vandenbrink

Jake Vandenbrink - From High Above

From High Above

Jake Vandenbrink

Cody DeLong - Deep in the Canyon

Deep in the Canyon

Cody DeLong

Terry Perham - Triangle Peaks

Triangle Peaks

Terry Perham

Karon Melillo DeVega - New Jersey Marsh

New Jersey Marsh

Karon Melillo DeVega

Kenneth Shanika - 110128-912  Autumns

110128-912 Autumns' Gift

Kenneth Shanika

Mia DeLode - Utah


Mia DeLode

Cody DeLong - Carving Castles

Carving Castles

Cody DeLong

Jake Vandenbrink - Hidden Treasure

Hidden Treasure

Jake Vandenbrink

Conrad Mieschke - Edge of the Forest

Edge of the Forest

Conrad Mieschke

Paul Gauthier - Arctic Ice Breakup

Arctic Ice Breakup

Paul Gauthier

Liron Sissman - Evening Glow

Evening Glow

Liron Sissman

Kevin Lawrence Leveque - Sangre deChristos

Sangre deChristos

Kevin Lawrence Leveque

Jake Vandenbrink - Where the River Flows

Where the River Flows

Jake Vandenbrink

Terry Perham - Cool Mountain Water

Cool Mountain Water

Terry Perham

Kenneth Shanika - 101117-68  Breathing Room

101117-68 Breathing Room

Kenneth Shanika